Budweiser Hopes Taste Sells with Black Crown Super Bowl Commercial

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 4, 2013

Budweiser unveiled their new beer in a Super Bowl commercial that is hoping beer drinkers care about how their beer tastes. 

A novel idea. 

The Super Bowl is about far more than football. Seriously, just check the temperature in your own respective living rooms and you will notice every single person is intrigued for a different reason. 

It could be the halftime show, the festivities, the food or the commercials. Hell, some people still care about the actual game. 

Crazy, I know. 

Budweiser chose the perfect time to unveil their new beer to a general public watching, and no doubt drinking, from home. 

The commercial features a beautiful woman walking down the corridor of a swanky locale only to happen upon a party celebrating a beer that tastes good. 

That's when some bartender-leader-beer-dude proclaims, "Here's to taste."

Um, so we wonder what they were doing with every other beer sold. Did it take them decades to consider selling a great-tasting beer was something worthwhile?

Now, I love my Budweiser, but find it funny the beer company decided to throw out a commercial that basically says, "Just kidding for the last century—this is the beer we want you to drink."

I'll bite—err, drink. 

I am always inclined to try a new beer—especially one that tastes delicious. Remember, Budweiser. You promised. 

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