John Cena's Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Puss and Other Unflattering WWE Nicknames

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2013

John Cena's Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Puss and Other Unflattering WWE Nicknames

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    WWE fans connect with superstars in ways that range from adoration to sarcasm. 

    This list of nicknames celebrate the latter. 

    At times, fans will start a chant, either organically or forced upon them, to direct toward a villainous superstar.  Some have been more popular than others.  Most have been quite hilarious. 

    Unflattering nicknames directed at certain WWE superstars are best when the chant is able to be sustained—maybe even part of a storyline or promotion. 

Honorable Mention: Cookie Puss

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    The "Cookie Puss" chant directed toward CM Punk hasn't quite caught on the way The Rock's "Fruity Pebbles" moniker for John Cena did. 

    Perhaps CM Punk is too cool of a heel, or maybe Rock just had lightning in a bottle by comparing Cena's colorful outfits to a prehistoric cereal. 

    In any event, the chant still has time to develop as Punk and Rock find themselves knee-deep in a compelling, main-event feud. 

5. Elroy

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    Crash Holly was billed as the nephew of Hardcore Holly.  His boyish disposition and blonde hair earned him the nickname Elroy—due to his striking resemblance to Elroy Jetson—which caught on among WWE fans during the Attitude Era. 

    It was easy to be fooled by such a soft nickname.  Crash Holly is widely recognized as one of the greatest WWE Hardcore champions of all time. 

4. Nugget

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    The late Owen Hart was referred to as a nugget by Triple H during their feud in the late '90s.  The fans ate it up, chanting "nugget" every time the heel Owen Hart would show his face. 

    Hart would respond in-kind, as the term "I am not a nugget!" would become one of his regular catchphrases. 

    Imagine if the term "nugget" trended on Twitter with no help from the NBA or the city of Denver. 

3. Burger King

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    While Jerry Lawler served as a heel color commentator, the fans gave him a hard time by chanting "Burger King." 

    Lawler fancied himself the king of Memphis, Tenn. during his legendary days as a top performer in the Memphis territories. 

    Fans would later make light of the self-aggrandizing nickname with their own, high-calorie version of a royal namesake. 

2. Fruity Pebble

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    John Cena's detractors were armed with a potent anti-Cena chant following The Rock's 2011 return to the WWE. 

    During a wonderful rant against Cena, Rock had the following to say about John Cena's wardrobe:

    "You come out here with your bright-ass purple shirt, and before that, your bright green shirt, before that your bright orange shirt, you run around here looking like a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles!"

    The dig caught on almost overnight, with fans chanting the term "Fruity Pebble" during John Cena promos and matches. 

    Always one to exploit, the WWE made the best out of the situation by teaming up with Post to feature John Cena on the cover of Fruity Pebbles cereal in a promotional effort. 

1. Weasel

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    Bobby "The Brain" Heenan was widely considered the greatest wrestling manager of all time.  Few, if any, non-wrestling performers possessed the ability to make others matter through their own vicarious heat. 

    As a show of their animosity toward the sneaky manager's underhanded tactics, fans would chant "weasel" toward Bobby Heenan.  The term was used interchangeably with Bobby Heenan's name due to its popularity. 


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