3MB: Why They're One of the Most Entertaining Acts in WWE Right Now

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 17, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

One thing that can be safely predicted for 2013: Three Man Band—Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal—will continue to move up the card.

The act, which sees the trio position themselves as the world’s next big rock band in spite of their non-existent musical talent, is one of the best things going in WWE day.

Indeed, Three Man Band, or 3MB, are one of 2012’s under-reported success stories. 

What was essentially a lower-card rather silly comedy act for a bunch of seemingly randomly thrown together jobbers emerged as a wickedly entertaining group that has breathed new life into three stagnant careers.

So, what makes the Spinal Tap-like group such a success?

Well, a great deal of the praise has to be heaped on the ultra-talented Heath Slater, who takes on the role of 3MB’s front man. 

Sure, Slater—who was used mainly in a comedy jobber role prior to teaming up with McIntyre and Mahal—may never be a serious main-eventer.  But he’s still a quality wrestler with a distinctive heel personality, and it’s his great performances that are holding the group together.

In his various segments he exudes a narcissism and arrogance, playing the deluded musician to perfection.

McIntyre and Mahal, too, also deserve praise for their work.

While some wrestlers may have treated a comedy gimmick like 3MB as a big comedown and only begrudgingly went along with it, these two are obviously throwing themselves into the act with great enthusiasm.  

All three of them look to be having a good time with it and, consequently, the fans enjoy watching them. Who knows? A face turn may even be in their future. Certainly it’s easy to kids getting into their act and buying their merchandise.

The Three Man Band is also a rare example of WWE humor that works. Come on; how hilarious—and wittily written—are the segments with Slater, Mahal and McIntyre? In a show filled with lame and unfunny “comedy” (Khali, Hornswoggle…we’re looking at you), Three Man Band are a breath of fresh air.

Of course, while they are on the cusp of greatness, WWE certainly aren’t booking the trio like stars. Indeed they have been on a dreadful losing streak in recent times, often losing three-to-one to guys like Sheamus and Randy Orton.  

Yes: all three of them together are no match for the mighty Sheamus, who has destroyed them on recent episodes of Raw and SmackDown with relative ease.

Granted WWE need something for the aimless Irish star to do, but does he really have to completely destroy the credibility of one of their most promising up-and-coming acts? Of course not.  It’s simply poor long-term thinking on the company’s part.

However, even the sloppy efforts of the creative team doesn’t change the fact the group are still highly entertaining. Maybe WWE will finally catch on and start treating them better. A run with the tag titles may not be out of the question either.

And who knows, maybe they will finally getting around to releasing that album.


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