FC Barcelona: Will Pep Guardiola Try to Lure Barcelona Players to Bayern Munich?

Tre' Atkinson@@TreAtkinsonFeatured ColumnistJanuary 17, 2013

FC Barcelona: Will Pep Guardiola Try to Lure Barcelona Players to Bayern Munich?

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    Since the news first broke that Pep Guardiola would be joining Bayern Munich, the world of football slowed down (via Goal). Questions are being asked, futures are being determined, and predictions are being made.

    However, Barcelona fans might have a few more questions regarding Guardiola joining Bayern Munich than most other football followers.

    Why Bayern Munich? Why Germany? What will his vision be? Will Bayern be the biggest challengers to Barcelona in Europe?

    Yet the biggest question that Culés may have will be regarding Guardiola’s former players: Will Guardiola look to bring Barcelona players to Germany?

    It is a question being asked, and it will be a worry to some. In this article, we will take a look at the factors that will determine the answer to this question.

    Continue reading to find out if Pep Guardiola will attempt to lure Barcelona players to Bayern Munich.

Players That Would Be Targeted

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    When looking at the possibility of Guardiola targeting current Barcelona players, the biggest question will be regarding which players he will focus on.

    To be completely honest, no one should expect any of the Blaugrana stars to leave the club. Their loyalty is something that anyone can easily recognize, but not every player at the Catalan club is a superstar.

    If there are any players that have the slightest chance of leaving Barcelona for Germany, it would be the fringe players.

    Performers such as David Villa, Alexis Sanchez, and possibly even Javier Mascherano would be the most likely to be targeted by the new Bayern Munich boss.

    Guardiola knows that the stars are happy at Barcelona and that he stands very little chance, if any, in trying to persuade them to leave. The players have a much stronger allegiance to the club than to their former manager.

    However, Guardiola could look to the Barcelona academy for potential transfers.

    Again, it would be fringe players that would be targeted. The likes of Sergi Roberto, Sergi Gomez and Carles Planas would be likely candidates, as their future with Barcelona does not likely hold a starting spot.

    Barcelona fans should not be worried about the stars of Barcelona or the academy being lured away. If anything, it would be the secondary performers that would be targeted.

    But even then, will they still be looked at?

Bayern Munich's Academy Is Successful

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    While many could begin to wonder about the rising stars of Barcelona being lured away, it is important to realize that Guardiola will already have a great academy at his disposal.

    The academy of Bayern Munich may very well be the second best in the world, and the club is known for using homegrown Germans. With such a great institution already in place, it is highly unlikely to expect that Guardiola will need to bring in youth from Barcelona.

    Simply put, the Bayern academy system and its usage is very similar to that of Barcelona (via Goal).

    Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm and Toni Kroos are all wonderful examples of what the Bayern academy can produce, and with the likes of Emre Can coming up, the academy looks to be continuing its great success.

    Goal reported from an interview with Guardiola’s agent, Josep Maria Orobitg, that Bayern was chosen “because of the potential he sees and because of their great footballers.”

    This certainly does not sound like a club at which Pep Guardiola will need to bring in external youthful talent.

    So as far as Guardiola and the youth of Barcelona is concerned, do not expect any form of La Masia targeting. 

Guardiola Will Already Have a World Class Squad

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    In taking command of Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola already knows that he is getting one of the best squads in the world of football.

    This fact, in itself, should cause every Culé to relax. Guardiola will not be in need of bringing in any major player from Barcelona. In fact, the Bayern Munich system would not even suit most at the Catalan club.

    The fact of the matter is that almost any player from Barcelona would struggle to find a place at the German outfit.

    Bayern Munich is a complete squad at every position and is also very deep. So why would Guardiola even need to bring in members from his former club?

    Had Guardiola taken command of an English club, the argument could be made that a Barcelona player might strengthen that club. But Bayern has been in two of the last three Champions League finals, and this is certainly not a club that needs an overhaul.

    Of course, Guardiola will look to make minor changes to strengthen his new club as he sees fit. But with an impressive and deep squad already, targeting the Catalan club would be over doing it.

    Rest easy, Culés. Not only will La Masia be safe, but the first team will be as well. Guardiola will not target Barcelona for the simple fact that he has no need to.

Pep Guardiola's Relationship with Barcelona

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    In Barcelona’s farewell celebration for Pep Guardiola last year, many tears were shed. Culés can remember the moment very well and there was obviously many feelings involved.

    But one feeling that stood out above all others is that Guardiola was leaving home.

    Pep thanked the fans as tears rolled from his eyes and anyone watching could easily tell that he was saddened to be saying goodbye. Barcelona is Guardiola’s home, and it will always be in his heart.

    The same manager that Culés will always love and praise will continue to be the man we all know. We should all expect Guardiola to respect Barcelona, and that respect will keep him from any thoughts of luring players away.

    One day Pep Guardiola will return home, but until that day, he will not try to hurt his home. Though Barcelona and Bayern Munich may now enter into a great relationship, it will be one of deserved respect on both sides.

    The video above is the farewell celebration for Pep Guardiola. Though it may be difficult to watch, it is the greatest proof that exists for why Guardiola will not target Barcelona.

    For Pep Guardiola, the business of football will never come in between his love for his home and the relationships that he has built. That is what Pep Guardiola has shown us about his character.

No Need to Worry

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    After looking at all the facts, Culés need not worry. Barcelona is safe and it will continue to be.

    Instead of worrying about ourselves, this is a time to praise Pep. He is joining a fantastic club and will undoubtedly achieve success at Bayern Munich.

    Culés must see this move as what it means for Guardiola.

    The move is a new test. It is his chance to prove how great of a manager he is, and for that reason, we must all be happy for Pep.

    Though it will be difficult to see him on another bench, Barcelona fans must show their appreciation for the famous boss by being happy for him and his family.

    Barcelona players are faithful, and the club will always be in good hands. So for now, I hope for a new era of friendship between Barcelona and Bayern Munich, quite possibly the two greatest clubs in the world at the moment.

    Here is to the past, the present, and future.

    Gracies Pep. Bona sort.

    Thank you Pep. Good luck.

    What are your thoughts? Is there really any reason to expect Pep to target Barcelona players? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments below.

    Tre’ Atkinson, The Catalan Blood of Bleacher Report. 

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