Tim Tebow Endorsing Headphones Because Sometimes the World Doesn't Make Sense

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 11, 2013

Photo Credit: Mashable
Photo Credit: MashableMatthew Stockman/Getty Images

I love CES, filled with gadgets which are completely useful if time, money and reality were no object. One of the devices being displayed are headphones launched by Tim Tebow

There is no word as to whether the headphones only slightly resemble headphones and are really meant to stay in the packaging, even in Jacksonville markets

Mashable reports on some peculiar proceedings at the current CES conference going down in Las Vegas.

It seems, "Tim Tebow launched a line of headphones on Thursday with audio accessories company Soul Electronics, featuring high-endurance models for athletes, as well as a business-inspired pair called the 'Jet.'"

Oh, so like Beats by Dre, only endorsed by a celebrity with no ties to the music industry and instead plays football, sort of. 

Back in December, we brought you word Tebow was going to be the face of TiVo, releasing a few commercials of him enjoying recorded TV while smiling. 

Because that smile sells, apparently. 

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Since that time, things have gone from mediocre to worse for Tebow.

The one team that was expected to jump at the chance of nabbing him if released from the Jets, the Jacksonville Jaguars, claim they wouldn't touch the back-up quarterback, via ESPN

In a turn that we didn't expect, Tebow has now launched a line of sweet-looking headphones. Unfortunately, these were released amid more laughter than amazed sighs. 

As the rumors of a Jets exit loom, one line of the headphones continues to be called, "Jet." The connection was not lost on Tebow. 

When asked if he regrets the name, he said: "It's also called the Jet because it's the executive line for people who fly across the country ... and are flying in jets." (More laughter followed).

The report also reminds us that the market is flooded with celeb-branded headphones—even Snooki released some. 

Still, there was a very real need, says Tebow. 

I was so interested in having something comfortable I could practice on the field in before games. So many headphones can feel good and sound great, but when you're warming up, they fall off and that is a big distraction. We came up with these Combat models to help you keep that focus.

If you want to warm-up like the man himself, get these headphones. 

Not that you can discourage Tebow, because it continues to be all about faith. 

People who try them out will hopefully believe in them. We have headphones for athletes who want to train and some for those who want to fly or even sleep. They are even great for moms who are doing the dishes and listening to their country or gospel music. Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, we have something that fits you.

I'm not about to sit here and tell you this is an awful idea, because Tebow may know exactly what's needed to release some amazing headphones that take the music from your iPod and stuffs it in your earholes. 

I just have no idea why he is diving into the headphones market. 

Knowing the enormous fanbase that continues to support the quarterback, I am sure these will be a hit with Tebow-ites everywhere. 

If you need some Soul, apparently Tebow is the man to see.

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