Carlos Cabrera: Giving Credit to the Hardest Working Announcer in WWE Today

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJanuary 10, 2013

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Carlos Cabrera is a name that every WWE fan should be familiar with. He is the guy who always has to work without a table after his gets smashed at ringside.

Carlos Cabrera began working for WWE in 1993, and over the past 20 years, he has become the Spanish voice of WWE all over the world.

Cabrera and his current partner, Marcelo Rodriguez, do commentary and voice-over work for every single episode of WWE Superstars, NXT, Raw and SmackDown.

This is on top of hosting an exclusive weekly show on WWE.com called WWE En Español and calling every PPV for the company, usually on-site.

Over the years, he has called many of WWE's now-defunct shows as well.

In most cases, the Spanish announce team records their audio from the WWE headquarters, so he doesn't have the hectic travel schedule of Michael Cole or Josh Mathews.

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The flip-side to that is Cabrera and Rodriguez calling many more hours of television than the other announcers each week.

Carlos Cabrera is not just known as a WWE announcer, though. He was an accomplished news anchor for both radio and TV before joining WWE in 1993, and he won many awards, including Ace awards for both mediums.

He is also a notable voice-over personality due to having one of the most recognizable voices in media. Major corporations who make Spanish language ads in the US and in Latin American countries frequently use him for his golden tones.

Carlos Cabrera is a hard-working veteran who has been with WWE for 20 years, and he is a staple in the company, whether you listen to his Spanish commentary or not.

Every PPV when Cole and Lawler throw to the Spanish announce table at the top of the show, you get a little taste of the enthusiasm this guy has for WWE. He really is a "company man" if I have ever seen one.

Being entertaining for that many hours a week while calling matches cannot be easy, and no other announcer in WWE history has done as much as he has done for as long as he has had to do it.

Even Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross never had to record as many hours of commentary as Cabrera has to do on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately for Cabrera and his fellow Spanish commentators, the Spanish announce table is almost always destroyed when it is used at ringside.

Because of this destructive gimmick, Cabrera has had to work countless hours without a desk, functioning monitor or even a place to keep a bottle of water.

Fans might take the kind of work Cabrera and the other WWE announcers do for granted. Doing it without a desk or monitor makes things that much more difficult.

Most wrestling fans do not know how much work goes into being an announcer, and Cabrera has certainly not gotten enough credit outside WWE's Spanish markets.

You don't have to speak Spanish to appreciate just how hard Carlos Cabrera has worked for WWE over the past 20 years.

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