Breaking Down Notre Dame's BCS Championship 2013 Gloves

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistJanuary 7, 2013

Courtesy of Adidas (via Twitter)
Courtesy of Adidas (via Twitter)

A few days after Nike and Alabama unveiled the Crimson Tide's sporty new jerseys for the BCS National Championship Game, Adidas and Notre Dame have released the gloves the Fighting Irish will be wearing on Monday night. 

Notre Dame will also be debuting new cleats during the game. These games have become a great marketing showcase for companies to get their new products out there, and these gloves represent a new step for the Fighting Irish. 

As we count down the hours to the BCS title game, here are our impressions of the Adidas 5-Star gloves that Notre Dame will be wearing in Miami on Monday night. 

"Wow" Factor: 8.5 out of 10

Even though we have seen these kinds of gloves for a few years now, they still impress with the way they can pop out at you and somehow stay so true to the spirit of what a glove is supposed to be for a football player. 

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I love the Notre Dame lettering. The "Fightin' Irish" really gives it a nice touch. Adidas could have gone with the fighting leprechaun, but there is something special and old school about this direction. 

Oftentimes companies will try to go big to get more attention for the product. This is a much more subtle and laid-back glove that looks great and still serves its purpose. 

Design: 7 out of 10

There is nothing spectacular or revolutionary about the design of these gloves. Not everything has to be like the Oregon Ducks' football jerseys. 

But since the design doesn't try to change too much, we have to knock it down a few points. These gloves are a lot like a Sam Mendes movie: They won't be the best thing you will see, but you will get solid entertainment and not feel cheated at the end of the day. 

Sometimes having a strong, solid performer is all that you need. Besides, these are just gloves. How much attention do you really pay to a glove during a game?

Overall: 8 out of 10

In case you couldn't tell, I am a fan of keeping things simple. I think the high-concept designs that seem to have taken over the sports world are a problem.

We want to use so many smoke and mirrors to get people to pay attention that we forget why we are watching games in the first place. 

These gloves incorporate some elements of the new-school mentality. They still have a flashy look, but without trying too hard to get you to notice them. When players wear these gloves, they want to know that they are getting a quality product that will help them grip the ball. 

Notre Dame's BCS attire is a solid entry into the college football wardrobe and will be able to stand the test of time when Adidas starts to make more upgrades to its product. 


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