WWE TLC 2012: Why Wade Barrett Needs to Win the Intercontinental Title

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIDecember 5, 2012

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

For the second time in his career, Wade Barrett will have the opportunity to become WWE Intercontinental Champion at the TLC pay-per-view.

It is imperative that Wade Barrett defeats Kofi Kingston in Brooklyn for his first title since returning from injury.

Why does Wade Barrett need to win the Intercontinental title?

Here are three reasons:

He Beat Kofi For It Once Before

In March of 2011, Wade Barrett won his first singles title in WWE.

In fact, it was the Intercontinental Championship, and the man he won it from was none other than Kofi Kingston.

Fast-forward to December 2012 and Wade Barrett is in a similar situation, but this time it’s even more important for him to win.

If WWE is looking to build Wade Barrett as a future main-eventer—and I hope that they are—he can’t lose to someone he has already defeated for the same title.

Beat him once, good. Beat him twice, even better.

Stepping Stone to a World Title

It should come as no surprise that I think Wade Barrett is a future WWE World Champion; it's a popular thought among WWE fans like myself.

Think back to past World Champions like Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and the Rock—what did they all have in common?

Not only did they hold World Titles in WWE, but the Intercontinental Championship beforehand.

The Intercontinental title has always been looked at as a stepping stone to a World Title, and the Intercontinental Championship will most likely be the highest level of success for Kofi Kingston in WWE.

For Wade Barrett, the Intercontinental title is just a small step towards the top of the heap.

Losing Would Make Him Look Weak

If you are trying to build someone to be a main event-level superstar—and future World Champion—you cannot book him to lose.

Some may argue that isn't the case, but it comes down to who the match is against.

We have witnessed Barrett in recent matches against the likes of Sheamus and Randy Orton; occasionally, he is unsuccessful in defeating these top baby-faces.

However, when you compare Barrett to a superstar such as Kofi Kingston, a loss would make Barrett look incredibly weak.

Kofi Kingston is a lifetime mid-card superstar, while Barrett is only beginning his career in WWE.

As Wade Barrett prepares for another championship opportunity in less than two weeks, a win will be a step in the right direction. A loss, however, would be a step back from where Wade’s career in WWE needs to be going.

The Barrett Barrage is coming for you, Kofi Kingston, and a wind of change is certainly in the air.

Do you think Wade Barrett needs to win the Intercontinental title at TLC? Why or why not? Please leave your comments and suggestions in the section below.

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