20 Things Coaches Always Say

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 4, 2012

20 Things Coaches Always Say

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    Sometimes, coaches say the craziest things. Whether it is in a press conference following a huge loss or right after practice when he wants to rave about how great his team was during drills, coaches are never short on commentary. 

    They call it "Coach Speak."

    From the moment a coach is hired to the moment they are fired from their post, a coach is just as much responsible for satisfying the masses with comments, cliches and damage control. And some of the stuff that comes out of their mouths i just downright funny.

    This is a list made up of things we hear coaches say from week, but it is also a play of some of the greatest rants we have heard on television.

    These moments make us love the game even more and hearing some of the things that come out of coach's mouths are the stuff of legend.

    Please enjoy.

20. It Was Time to Make a Change

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    Never has this been so true as with the case of the New York Jets.

    Mark Sanchez has not been the model of inconsistency this year for the New York Jets. After his first two seasons of hope where he helped the team to two straight AFC Championship Games, the thought was he could be the savior that Jets fans have been waiting for since Joe Namath.

    Sanchez has been anything but Namath. And he hasn't even been close to Richard Todd or Ken O'Brien.

    Sunday, Sanchez was benched for Greg McElroy (sorry Tebow fans), which brings about a whole other can of worms that head coach Rex Ryan has now opened.

    Only in New York could a soap opera be this good.

19. We Have to Learn to Stop the Run

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars could make a team montage about this statement.

    After giving up over 250 yards on the ground against the Buffalo Bills this past weekend and proving they have had trouble stopping the likes of Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson this season, it is times like these that could drive a coach insane.

    Has Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey gotten to that point yet?

18. I'm Proud of the Way We Performed in Practice Today

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    Coaches are always proud of their teams, especially when they have to block against themselves, aren't as intense as real speed in a game, and the coverage in passing situations is not as tight as it is in game-time situations.

    It does not matter what team we are talking about in the NFL, practice makes average players like Pro Bowl performers.

    Teams like the Atlanta Falcons have been able to take what they have been successful at in practice and make it translate to wins on game day.

    Even with a change at the offensive coordinator position, the Falcons have shown they can get better by sticking to what was successful for them in the first place.

17. Whether He Plays or Not Will Be a Game Time Decision

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    The best cat and mouse game has been going on for years. Will he play? Is his injury that serious? Is he hurt or is he injured? 

    Whatever the case and the question, you know coaches do not want to tip their hat too soon and give the opponent a chance to make adjustments that could mean a win on Sunday.

    Bill Belichick is famous for playing the "injury" game and using his smug, monotone appearance to keep everyone guessing.

16. I'm Proud of the Fact We Kept Fighting out There

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    This is another way of saying the team got its butt kicked, but no coach would admit to that.

    Teams like New England, Baltimore and the New York Giants have all put their cleats on the throat of their opponents and caused a bit of pain.

    Coaches who have to grin and bear the consequences cannot always go before the media and proclaim their team was "awful," although it would be refreshing is they did.

    I am sure teams like Philadelphia, Kansas City, Jacksonville and Cleveland feel this way on a weekly basis.

15. We Did Not Score Enough Points to Win the Game

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    This is as easy to understand as a simple addition problem.

    If one team scores 20 and the other scores 10, there is one winner and one loser. 

    Plain, simple, easy. And this is one of the easiest things for a coach to explain. It's a matter of execution, lack of effort or just plain being outplayed. If the opposition cannot score, they in almost every case, they will be defeated.

14. We've Got to Keep Chopping Wood

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    I added this one because it is something I had never heard before until it was used in terms of football.

    And the mantra is great and means something when trying to motivate a team. But it also has some awful consequences.

    In 2003, then Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio used the mantra to motivate his team. He emphasized this with the use of a tree stump he placed in the middle of the team's locker room. He also placed an ax there for players to "chop" wood.

    Punter Chris Hanson took Del Rio's words to heart and tried to chop the stump in the middle of the room, but missed, causing him to injure himself.

    After his teammates had been taking swings at the wood with the ax, Hanson followed and ended up seriously wounding his non-kicking foot.He was placed on injured reserve, keeping him out the rest of the 2003 season.

    So much for a motivational tool.

13. One Game at a Time

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    It's so true in the NFL. There are only 16 games in a regular season, making it the shortest season of any professional sport. Every game is important each team. Baseball and basketball have a distinct advantage in this respect.

    Coaches can't look ahead on the schedule or decide which games they know they will win. And every game is about winning, never about losing.

    Teams that tend to look at the schedule and not the team generally tend to miss out on the playoffs.

12. Our Team Gives 110 Percent Every Time We Are on the Field

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    Isn't that what they are supposed to do?

    Seriously, it is one of the most overused cliches in all of sports. Not only is it used in terms of team concepts, but players use it to tell everyone that they are committed to playing hard and giving maximum effort.

    It is still something we expect every coach to say on a daily basis.

11. We Protected out Home Field

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    This is such a football comment.

    Football players tend to be more possessive and home-field advantage is critical, maybe more so than any other sport.

    Maybe it has something to with the fact football players have a "take no prisoners" attitude in the trenches and it happens to be the most physical of contact sports.

10. The Better Team Won Today

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    Another one of those comments made by a coach trying to put a positive spin on the loss.

    If you are behind and cannot make up for time, key injuries or even better play, then most likely your team is going to lose.

    Coaches also seem gruff when they speak about the "better team" or how they lost.

    It just comes with the territory.

And Now for Some Great Rants

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    The second half of this slider will be some of the great rants and comments made by coaches.

    The comments are stuff of legend and events we as sports fans still talk about.

    Hopefully, there will be more comments, rants and incidents that will surprise us even this season and become the stuff of legend that our children will talk about months and years from now.


9. You Got Sucked Right in

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    Bill Parcells is famous for his candor and his "love" of the media.

    "You got sucked in" is just that. The media gets sucked in to what the "Tuna" has to say and he just sits there, smug as he can be.

    It may not be one of his all-time classic rants, but it speaks to his ability to take command of the media in a news conference and control the situation.

8. The Dumbest Team in America

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    Bill Callahan never minced words. 

    When he was the coach of the Oakland Raiders, he claimed in an interview that his team was the "dumbest team in America" in terms of tackling during a game.

    Just so you know, Callahan was not long on coaching the Raiders. He was there two seasons.

7. You Play to Win the Game

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    When he was coach of the New York Jets, Herm Edwards let everyone know everyone in the media room the simplest lesson in coaching school.

    "You play to win the game."

    Edwards was charismatic, a great motivator and someone who was respected by the players. 

    He is now preaching the gospel on ESPN as a commentator.

6. Who's Got It Better Than Us?

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    Jim Harbaugh asks that of his team. They responded.

    This is such an awesome video and a great way for Harbaugh to prove he is one of the great "players'" coaches in the NFL.

    In a league where being a player's coach has not worked in the past for some former head coaches (Mike Singletary, Jack Del Rio) this one works so well.

    And if he can keep his ship headed toward the harbor, he should be a major contender for a Super Bowl berth.

5. They Were Who We Thought They Were

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    The Arizona Cardinals, under the guidance of the Dennis Green, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    And his postgame rant was something we remember like it was yesterday.

    Green was a head coach in the NFL with the Cardinals and the Vikings before that. He worked with the likes of Cris Carter and Randy Moss on some high-scoring teams in the NFL, but this rant may be his signature move and the one he is most remembered by.

4. Anything by Steve Spurrier

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    He is a reality program all to himself.

    Steve Spurrier is to college football what Vince Dooley used to be. And when he opens his mouth, there is always something to write home about.

    While Spurrier is as honest as the day is long, and when he speaks, he can trash talk with the best of them and insult his opponents in the "nicest" way.

    Just ask Phil Fulmer how many times Spurrier has gotten into his head.

3. Vince Lombardi: What It Takes to Be Number One

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    It's a gripping speech given by professional football's greatest of all time.

    Lombardi was a winner whose mantras were and still are part of sports and daily life. The leader of the Green Bay Packers, and then the Washington Redskins, spoke in such a way that made everyone stand up and take notice.

    This speech, although it is not spoken in his words but rather given to us in text, is one for the ages.

2. Dad Gum It!

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    Bobby Bowden has always prided himself as a man of God and a good southern boy raised on the principles of good living.

    You never heard him swear and he while he got mad at the way things went, he used what we at FSU called "Bowdenisms."

    Dad Gum It! was the most critical thing he could say at any one time. And whether it was in a game, in press conference or in some other social setting, when you heard Bobby say it, you knew he meant business.

1. Playoffs?

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    It is the single most poignant moment in rant lore.

    Jim Mora, the coach of the Indianapolis Colts at the time and someone who had been feeling the sting of how poorly his team had played, finally let loose and spoke his mind.

    Sometimes, that is not the best thing to do, as it eventually led to his downfall with the team. 

    Mora's rant has been played over and over again on radio talk shows and on SportsCenter highlights for years. It just goes to prove how disgusted a coach can get with the play of his team, especially when he thinks that have given up on the season.

    This rant is 11 years old and still makes me laugh every time I hear it.