Penn State, USC and 10 College Football Teams That Need Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

Peter Emerick@@peteremerickSenior Writer IISeptember 15, 2012

Penn State, USC and 10 College Football Teams That Need Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

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    Nike Pro Combat jerseys are all the craze these days, and for good reason.

    Pro Combat jerseys can help give teams an entirely new image and they can also simply add some flair to programs that need a spark of excitement.

    With all the great Pro Combat jerseys out there, like Oregon's matte/volt combos, and Virginia Tech's amazing threads, there are still a number of teams that desperately need to hop on the Pro Combat bandwagon. Teams like the Penn State Nittany Lions, USC Trojans, Clemson Tigers and Oklahoma Sooners could all benefit from some new jerseys. 

    Ahead is a list of 10 college football teams that desperately need new Pro Combat uniforms. 

USC Trojans

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    The USC Trojans have classic jerseys and that's why lots of people will disagree with this. But when you have a Trojan warrior as your mascot, there's no reason why you shouldn't have Pro Combat jerseys.

    Throw some black into the Trojans' jerseys and amp up their logo to something that looks a little more modern and the Trojans could have some of the coolest-looking Pro Combat uniforms in college football.

    It's difficult to get programs steeped in tradition to move towards Pro Combat, but sometimes a little change goes a long way. Getting Pro Combat uniforms would also help the new-look Trojans take a step forward, and away from a past haunted by NCAA violations. 

    Unofficial Nike Pro Combat Concept

East Carolina Pirates

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    Any team that has a pirate as their mascot absolutely must have Pro Combat jerseys; there's just no excuse that East Carolina doesn't.

    Nike sponsors East Carolina, so there's no reason to think that this partnership couldn't happen. While East Carolina's lack of success is a major reason for a lack of Pro Combat jerseys, the Pirates could still have some downright awesome jerseys.

    From all-black uniforms, to black with a purple fade and the use of a skull-and-crossbones, East Carolina has a lot of untapped potential with their connection to Nike. Getting Pro Combat jerseys should be motivation enough to turn around the East Carolina football program.

    Unofficial Nike Pro Combat Concept

Texas Longhorns

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    Don't get me wrong, burnt orange is a great color. The only problem is that there's just a little bit too much of it in the Texas Longhorns' uniforms.

    The Longhorns are another storied program with a lot of tradition, but that doesn't mean the addition of some black or even some grey would do the Longhorns bad here.

    Throw some burnt orange that fades to a dark grey on and the Longhorns will have some of the sickest-looking jerseys in college football. Nike could also do some work on their helmets, because with the Longhorn logo placed at the front of the helmet, Texas could have an awesome Pro Combat look.

    Unofficial Nike Pro Combat Concept

Clemson Tigers

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    The Clemson Tigers tried to make alterations to their jerseys by adding purple, but let's be honest, those looked absolutely atrocious.

    Instead of going with purple, the Tigers should've gone with—you guessed it—black or grey.

    While the Tiger is overused as a mascot it's still one of the coolest, and Nike could work some of its magic to help Clemson have some of the coolest jerseys in the game. Throw a tiger scratch down the jersey or some scratch marks on a matte helmet and you've got an answer to Oregon's incredible uniforms.

    If Nike can make the Ducks look cool, they shouldn't have an issue with the Tigers.

    Unofficial Nike Pro Combat Concept 

Toledo Rockets

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    Nike doesn't sponsor Toledo, so the responsibility of creating some awesome jerseys falls square on Under Armor's shoulders here.

    With a rocket as your mascot, it's inexcusable that your jerseys are bland and without any remnants of a rocket on it. Sure, there is a rocket on the helmet, but let's be honest, the rocket looks more like a faceless shark.

    Either way, Under Armor needs to step up its game here and shift their focus from their awful Maryland jerseys to revamping a team that has a usable mascot.

    Throw some fire into the mix, and take a step away from that awfully bland blue color, and Toledo could have some cool uniforms.

Penn State Nittany Lions

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    There's no better time than now for Penn State to move away from its classic, traditional jerseys and team up with Nike to help change the image of their football program. I mean they added names to their jerseys, so why stop there.

    Penn State has some great concept art out there when it comes to ideas for changing its uniforms, so Nike has a place to start.

    I can't think of a program in more need of a change than the Nittany Lions, and with the right jerseys, Penn State could help change its public image in the long run while also managing to add excitement to a program that at times has been underwhelming.

    Pro Combat uniforms would also help Penn State in recruiting, which is going to be a difficult task over the next few seasons to say the least.

    Unofficial Nike Pro Combat Concept

Syracuse Orange

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    While "the Orange" doesn't give Nike much to work with, it at least details the main color for Nike to run with, and we've seen Nike run with colors—just look at the Oregon Ducks' crazy color schemes.

    Nike could throw in some different orange color combinations with a fade to a white, grey, black or blue and it would be an immediate upgrade over the bland jerseys Syracuse currently has.

    At worst, grey should be Syracuse's secondary color because it would go far in accenting the bright orange that Nike could use. Syracuse might not be a national powerhouse in football, but they could have one of the coolest Pro Combat jerseys if Nike would just give them a chance.

    Unofficial Nike Pro Combat Concept

Iowa State Cyclones

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    Iowa State currently uses a combination of a bird and a tornado for its logo, and while that's not bad, the Cyclones really don't need the bird. A tornado is gritty enough.

    Nike could do a major overhaul to Iowa State's uniform combination, as long as Iowa State gives them freedom to do away with the bird part of their current logo.

    Tornado effects would look perfect on a helmet, in the shape of a cylinder, and they would also look impressive on a jersey as well. Imagine a spiraling tornado going down the leg of Iowa State's pants, and a fading red-to-yellow look for the jersey.

    There's just no way around the fact that a tornado is too cool to be left off the Pro Combat list here.

    Unofficial Nike Pro Combat Concept

Oklahoma Sooners

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    To be fair here, a "Sooner" isn't the coolest mascot for Nike to work with. If you don't know what a Sooner is, don't worry, you're not alone. Check out this link to find out.

    Nike would have to be creative with color combinations for Oklahoma, but the boring O and U is starting to get old. With a nice crimson color, Nike would have a great place to start.

    With the implementation of a matte helmet, consisting of a crimson-on-crimson color scheme and some black in Oklahoma's uniform, the Sooners could have some classy-looking uniforms.

    With Oklahoma being an elite program, Nike would be wise to find a way to get them to enter the "Pro Combat era" sooner rather than later.

    Unofficial Nike Pro Combat Concept

Miami Hurricanes

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    Nike already took a swing-and-a-miss at pro combat jerseys for the Miami Hurricanes. It's time for them to get up and try again though, because the Hurricanes are just too cool of a program not to have awe-inspiring Pro Combat uniforms.

    What Nike needs to realize is that it's possible to have too much of one color, if you don't fade it into another—which was their problem with Miami's recent Pro Combat threads.

    While I think the Hurricanes need to drop their stork-looking mascot, Nike can still resurrect Miami's uniforms by simply adding color combinations, like they've done with Oregon.

    With a bright orange and a new "volt-like" shade of green, Miami could enter the realm of being one of the coolest-looking programs in all of college football.

    Unofficial Nike Pro Combat Concept


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