Ranking the MLS Home Kits from Crummiest to Coolest

John D. Halloran@JohnDHalloranContributor IIAugust 23, 2012

Ranking the MLS Home Kits from Crummiest to Coolest

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    The Major League Soccer season is now well past the halfway point with some teams separating themselves at the top of the pack, others struggling for those last few playoff spots and some clubs already giving up and preparing for 2013.

    As we hit the home stretch, let’s take a look at every MLS home kit, working our way from worst to first.

Toronto FC

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    A jersey that matches the team. Both are awful. It looks more like a house dress than a proper footballing jersey.

Philadelphia Union

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    I thought it was the worst kit in the league until I saw Toronto’s. What’s with those vertical stripes? And that color combination? Terrible.

Houston Dynamo

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    The ugliness of this jersey fails to capture the quality of the squad it represents. The underlying pattern looks almost as bad the jerseys the USMNT sported in the 1994 World Cup.

Chivas USA

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    I’m sure it’s by design, but this jersey looks like something fashioned for the Mexican league. I’m not a fan.

Chicago Fire

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    The Fire used to always have the best jerseys in the league with their trademark fire-engine red color.

    Compared to those old jerseys, this one’s an abomination.

    The color red they used is darker, which makes the jersey lose some of the beauty of the old kits. Plus, that awkward, mis-shaped stripe across the front just looks wrong.

L.A. Galaxy

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    The sash gives the Galaxy jersey a nice classic look, but unfortunately the checkered pattern on the sash makes it look like the bad tie you received on Father’s Day.

New England Revolution

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    This jersey looks like it came straight out of the 1990s, but I do have to admit I love the patriotic colors.

San Jose Earthquakes

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    This kit has a clean and simple design, yet it’s boring. It looks like the type of jersey you’d expect to see in your local U-14 league.

D.C. United

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    This jersey matches the club it represents, simple and classic—a nice overall effort.

Real Salt Lake

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    All at once, this jersey is simple, classic and bold. I like it.

New York Red Bulls

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    This jersey has a classic white design with the obvious tribute to the team’s namesake. I don’t love the logo, but it works.

Colorado Rapids

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    This jersey has a nice clean design. I’m not a huge fan of the color, but it is simple and a jersey Rapids players can be proud to put on.

Montreal Impact

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    I love the color blue they used, plus the pattern on the jersey pays homage to Montreal’s French heritage with the Fleur-de-lys.

Vancouver Whitecaps

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    I love the simple white design with the thin horizontal stripes. It gives the jersey a simple and classic design. But, why do the stripes have to narrow at the bottom? It gives the jersey an awkward feel.

Seattle Sounders

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    To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the lime green color or the Under Armor-like stripes on the sides, but for some reason it fits the Sounders perfectly.

Sporting Kansas City

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    The jersey has a simple design, but the blue shading adds something unique. It’s truly a jersey that matches a team’s quality. Plus, I love that collar.

Columbus Crew

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    Again a simple design, but the bold color makes it stand out. I love this collar, too.

FC Dallas

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    It has a nice clean design, plus with the U.S. teams sporting a similar style, those hoops are starting to grow on me.

Portland Timbers

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    Like the old Chicago Fire jerseys, the color choice just seems to fit a team called the Timbers. It has a classic look and I love the lime green highlights.

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