3 New York Giants Who Don't Deserve a Starting Job

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IIAugust 20, 2012

3 New York Giants Who Don't Deserve a Starting Job

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    Let's get into the New York Giants that don't deserve a starting job. 

    This article is in no way saying that they don't have the ability to truly earn their starting positions, but as of right now, they don't deserve it. 

    I'm leaving the linebackers and offensive line alone for now due to the shuffling and basically the huge mess the Giants have to sort out there. 

    I do believe all three of these players could very well earn their starting spots one day in not just my eyes, but the world's eyes.

    However, as of this very moment, they don't deserve their respective positions. 

Ahmad Bradshaw

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    I'm just going to start it off right here: Ahmad Bradshaw doesn't really deserve his starting job right now.

    He's basically getting it by default. You can't give the rookie the job outright with a veteran who can still play still on the roster, but Bradshaw isn't a running back that has complete job security.

    He has issues hanging on to the football, a lengthy injury past and he just suffered another injury in the preseason win against the New York Jets

    The hand contusion injury doesn't appear to be serious, as the X-rays were negative, but another injury is the last thing he needs. 

    Bradshaw needs to put up good numbers in the first three weeks of the season to get a little breathing room, and to earn his starting spot.

Prince Amukamara

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    Prince Amukamara is getting his job by default as well. Terrell Thomas would've been the starter, but he's having issues with his right knee again.

    Amukamara could easily earn his starting role with good play during the rest of the preseason and in the early weeks of the NFL season. 

    Even with Thomas healthy, Amukamara had a chance to be the starter if Thomas wasn't playing up to his full skill set. 

    However, this doesn't mean that Amukamara has or would've earned the spot. You have to perform in the NFL if you even want a roster spot, nonetheless a starting spot.

    We'll see what happens, but Prince still has a lot to prove. 

Martellus Bennett

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    Martellus Bennett basically wins the starting job for the New York Giants with his eyes closed; there's virtually no way he loses it.

    Bennett didn't get a chance to prove he deserves it yet, but as of right now, he doesn't.

    Jake Ballard had a great year, but injuries did him in. Bear Pascoe can't really challenge him either, so that leaves the door wide open for Bennett. 

    The G-Men obviously have faith in Bennett, as they choose to address the running back position with David Wilson over drafting Coby Fleener in the first round, but he still has to back up that faith every Sunday.

    Some people may call Martellus Bennett Jason Whitten's waterboy last year, but I'm seeing a guy who got to sit behind one of the best tight ends in the league and is now ready to be a starter in the NFL.

    It's up to him to prove it.