WWE Fantastic Finishers: WrestleMania 28 to SummerSlam 2012

Jeff D Gorman@@JeffDGormanSenior Writer IAugust 18, 2012

WWE Fantastic Finishers: WrestleMania 28 to SummerSlam 2012

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    Here’s my gift to the WWE Universe: an annual award for the finishing move that leads to the most success in the ring.

    You’re welcome.

    I call it Jeff Gorman’s Fantastic Finishers, and it’s not only a blatant attempt to call attention to my skills as a wrestling announcer, it’s a real honor that wrestlers can add to their resumes.

    Scoring is very simple. You hit your finisher, you win the match, you get the points.

    Pay-per-view matches are worth five points. Raw and Smackdown wins are worth three points. A victory on WWE Superstars will earn one point. Tag team and multiple-man matches count as well.

    The fun part of this contest is that divas and tag teams can compete right along with the main WWE superstars. 

    But first, because I’m also an MMA announcer and love a great submission hold, we have an additional award to kick things off called…

Jeff Gorman’s Terrific Tapouts Leader: Alberto Del Rio

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    Daniel Bryan started out with the lead, but Alberto Del Rio really started racking up submission wins with the Cross Arm Breaker as he campaigned to chase down Sheamus and the World title.

    1. ALBERTO DEL RIO – Cross Armbreaker – 27 points

                Raw: Ryder (2), Kofi, Santino (2), Christian

                SD: Khali, Christian, Sin Cara

    2. DANIEL BRYAN – Yes/No/LeBell Lock – 17 points

                PPV: Sheamus (Extreme Rules: Fall 2)

                Raw: Kofi, Lawler

                SD: Big Show, Ryder

    3. JOHN CENA – STF – 9 points

                Raw: Otunga (2), Big Johnny (handicap)

    4. JINDER MAHAL – Camel Clutch – 8 points

                Smackdown:  Unnamed Handicap match opponent

                Superstars: E. Jackson, Tatsu (2), Riley (2)

    5. CM PUNK – Anaconda Vise – 5 points

                PPV: WM 28 over Jericho

    6. CHRIS JERICHO – Walls of Jericho – 3 points

                Raw: Kofi

    7. NATALYA – Sharpshooter – 1 point

                Superstars: A. Fox

9t. Antonio Cesaro: Neutralizer (20 Points)

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    Antonio Cesaro has been on a hot streak since joining forces with Aksana on the Smackdown roster. His Neutralizer could result in the U.S. title being around the waist of someone "Very European."

                SD: T. Kidd, Riley, Jimmy Uso, Santino (2), Ryder

                Superstars: T. Kidd, Riley

9t. Kane: Chokeslam (20 Points)

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    Even though Kane has been in and out of the WWE title picture, he consistently picks up wins with the trusty chokeslam.

                PPV: Orton (WM 28), Ryder (Over The Limit)

                Raw: Big Show, Punk

                SD: Bryan

                Superstars: Slater

8. Damien Sandow: Illumination Neckbreaker (25 Points)

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    Now that the “Intellectual Savior” of the WWE is gaining notoriety on Raw, expect him to start picking up more wins with his double-arm neckbreaker on nights other than Friday.

                Raw: Christian

                SD: Tatsu (2), E. Jackson, T. Kidd, Ryder (2), Gabriel

                Superstars: Gabriel

7. Santino Marella: The Cobra (27 Points)

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    Many fans think Santino should be positioned more strongly as the U.S. champion, but he has managed to rack up a lot of wins after The Cobra strikes.

                Raw: Swagger (three-way), Otunga, Primo (tag), Swagger, Otunga (8-man)

                SD: Rhodes, Ricardo, Hunico (6-man)

                Superstars: Reks (tag), Mahal, McGillicutty

4t. R-Truth: Little Jimmy (29 Points)

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    R-Truth has carried his weight with Kofi Kingston as tag team champions, using his version of the Flatliner/Downward Spiral to keep possession of the gladiator belts.

                PPV: Camacho (tag)

                Raw: Rhodes, Titus (tag), Slater

                SD: Camacho (tag), Swagger, D. Young (tag), Swagger (tag)

                Superstars: Slater, Swagger, JTG (tag)

4t. Randy Orton: RKO (29 Points)

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    Despite a 60-day suspension, the Apex Predator has still managed to score enough points to make the top 10. Don’t be surprised he moves up to challenge for the Fantastic Finisher Award by the time WrestleMania 29 rolls around.

                PPV: Kane (Extreme Rules)

                Raw: Swagger, Slater

                SD: Kane, Henry (6-man), Cody (tag), Bryan

4t. Layla: Layout Neckbreaker (29 Points)

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    Here’s the Divas champion, right in there with the guys. She hasn’t just dominated the other Divas with rollup finishes; she’s been hitting the Layout consistently, especially on pay-per-view.

    PPV: N. Bella (Extreme Rules), Phoenix (Over The Limit and No Way Out)

                    Phoenix (6-diva tag at Money in the Bank)

                Raw: Maxine (tag)

                SD: Natalya, Aksana (mixed tag)

3. Brodus Clay: What the Funk Splash (43 Points)

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    The Funkasaurus hasn’t just been making moves on the dance floor. He has the perfect old-school finisher: a big guy squashing all of his weight onto his opponent. King Kong Bundy would be proud.

                PPV: Ziggler (Extreme Rules), Miz (Over The Limit)

                Raw: Ziggler (tag), JTG, Miz, Miz (6-man), McIntyre, JTG, Swagger

                SD: Hunico (2), Bateman, Slater

2. Sheamus: Brogue Kick (68 Points)

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    If it weren’t for The Ryback Rampage, Sheamus would have won this award easily, as he’s been kicking opponents’ heads off left and right. Sheamus is the rare big man with a high-impact strike for a finish.

    PPV:  Bryan (WM 28, Extreme Rules fall 3), Ziggler (No Way Out),

                      Alberto Del Rio (Money in the Bank)

                Raw: Otunga, Ziggler, Tensai, Kane (tag), Swagger, Jericho (6-man), Bryan

                SD: Bryan (tag), M. Henry, Bryan, Swagger, Ziggler (2), Jericho, Rhodes, Tensai

1. The Ryback: Shell Shocked (99 Points)

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    “The Ryback,” as Daniel Bryan calls him, has been eating up the competition and asking for more. He gets two bonus points* for every time he hit his version of the Muscle Buster on both opponents at the same time in a handicap match.

                PPV: Aaron Relic & Jay Hatton* (Extreme Rules), Camacho (OTL),

                              Dan Delaney & Rob Grymes* (No Way Out),

                             T. Reks (Money in the Bank handicap match)

                Raw: Arthur Rosenburg & Stan Stansky*, Willard Fillmore & Rutherford Hayes*,

                               Hawkins (handicap), JTG

    SD: Barry Stevens, Benny Camer, Danny Lerman, Jacob Kaye, Bateman, Slater,

                Brian Edwards & Kevin Bendol*, Ryan Shelton & Chris Lyons*,

                Tony Andriotis & Kevin Mahoney*, Ari Cohen & Mike Testa*,

                Frank Venanzia & Jared Walker*, Dan Barone & Brendan Burke*,

                Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks

Others Scoring Points

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    DOLPH ZIGGLER– Zig Zag – 19 points

                Raw: Kofi, Christian (four-way), Swagger, Jericho (three-way)

                SD: Riley, Santino (tag)

                Superstars: Mason Ryan

    KOFI KINGSTON – Trouble in Paradise – 17 points

                PPV: Ziggler (tag-OTL)

                Raw: Rhodes, Epico (tag title win), Hawkins (tag)

                Superstars: Hawkins, McGillicutty, Rob Cabildo

    SIN CARA – La Mistica – 17 points

                Raw: Hunico, Hawkins, Slater

                SD: Hunico, Slater

                Superstars: McIntyre (2)

    JOHN CENA – Attitude Adjustment – 17 points

                PPV: Lesnar (Extreme Rules)

                Raw: Tensai, M. Cole, Bryan, Bryan (tag)

    CHRISTIAN – Frog Splash  - 16 points

                Raw: Mahal, Miz

                SD: Hunico, Ziggler, Swagger

                Superstars: McIntyre

    TENSAI – Baldo Bomb – 16 points

                Raw: Riley, Tatsu, Cena, R-Truth, Punk (tag)

                Superstars: Riley

    CM PUNK – Go To Sleep – 16 points

                PPV: Jericho (Extreme Rules), Kane (No Way Out three-way)

                Raw: Rhodes (tag), Kane (three-way), Mysterio

    THE MIZ – Skull-Crushing Finale – 15 points

                PPV: WM 28 over Ryder (Team Johnny)

                Raw: Ryder, Santino, Christian

                Superstars: Riley

    BETH PHOENIX – Glam Slam – 13 points

                Raw: A. Fox , Kelly, Layla (tag)

                SD: A. Fox

                Superstars: A. Fox

    BIG SHOW – Chokeslam – 12 points

                Raw: Epico (tag), Rhodes (tag), Kane

                SD: Slater

    DARREN YOUNG – Gutbuster– 12 points

                PPV: Primo (4-way tag at No Way Out)

                SD: Primo (8-man), R-Truth

                Superstars: Epico

    ZACK RYDER– Ruff Ryder – 9 points

                SD: Slater

                Superstars: McGillicutty (3), Slater, McIntyre, Swagger

    BIG SHOW – WMD Knockout Punch – 8 points

                PPV: WM 28 over Rhodes

                SD: Khali

    CODY RHODES – Cross Rhodes – 8 points

                SD: T. Kidd, Christian

                Superstars: Riley, Gabriel

    THE GREAT KHALI – Punjabi Plunge – 7 points

                Raw: Primo (tag), Rhodes

                Superstars: Mahal

    PRIME TIME PLAYERS – Ghetto Blaster (Demolition Drop) – 7 points

                SD: Santino & Ryder, Usos

                Superstars: Usos

    TENSAI – Running Senton – 7 points

                Raw: T. Kidd (tag)                            

                SD: Gabriel

                Superstars: Ryder

    AJ – Shining Wizard – 6 points

                Raw: V. Guerrero (mixed tag)

                SD: Kaitlyn

    CHRIS JERICHO – Codebreaker – 6 points

                Raw: Sheamus (tag), Miz (tag)

    USOS – Superfly Splash – 6 points

                SD: Slater/T. Kidd

                Superstars: Hawkins & Reks, Curtis & Bateman, Curtis & McGillicutty

    UNDERTAKER – Tombstone Piledriver – 5 points

                PPV: WM 28 over HHH

    CHRISTIAN – Killswitch – 5 points

                PPV: Cody (OTL)

    THE ROCK – Rock Bottom – 5 points

                PPV: WM 28 over Cena

    CHRISTIAN – Spear – 3 points

                Smackdown: Cesaro

    EPICO – Backstabber – 3 points

                Raw: D. Young (tag)

    KELLY KELLY – Huracanrana – 3 points

                Raw: Eve

    TYSON KIDD – Blockbuster– 3 points

                SD: Swagger

    REY MYSTERIO – Top Rope Splash – 3 points

                SD: Rhodes

    TITUS O’NEIL – Clash of the Titus Spinebuster – 3 points

                SD: Jimmy Uso

    ALICIA FOX – Northern Lights Suplex – 3 points

                SD: B. Bella (6-person tag)

    CURT HAWKINS/TYLER REKS – Powerslam/Neckbreaker combo - 3 points

                SD: Unnamed opponents

    EVE – Moss-Covered, Three-Handled Family Credenza – 3 points

                SD: Kaitlyn

    HUNICO – Swanton Bomb – 2 points

                Superstars: Tatsu, E. Jackson

    HUNICO – Olympic Slam – 2 points

                Superstars: Tyson Kidd (2)

    TYSON KIDD – Code Blue blockbuster– 2 points

                Superstars: Reks (tag), Slater

    KELLY KELLY – K2 famouser– 1 point

                Superstars: Maxine     

    DREW McINTYRE– Future Shock DDT – 1 point

                Superstars: E. Jackson

    HEATH SLATER – Back Suplex into Facebuster – 1 point

                Superstars: Riley

    TENSAI – Claw-Assisted STO – 1 point                             

                Superstars: T. Kidd

    JACK SWAGGER – Doctor Bomb – 1 point

                Superstars: Ryder

    TYSON KIDD & JUSTIN GABRIEL – Block/Spine Buster - 1 point

                Superstars: Hawkins & Reks

    TYSON KIDD & JUSTIN GABRIEL – Springboard Elbow - 1 point

                Superstars: Hawkins & Reks

    LAYLA – Nasty Kick – 1 point

                Superstars – Natalya

    ALEX RILEY – Final Score – 1 point

                Superstars: McIntyre

Final Notes

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    Note that CM Punk and John Cena didn’t make the top 10. That’s because they are facing the very best competition and their matches sometimes end in DQ or no-contest finishes.

    Also, you’ll find some wrestlers like Christian and Tyson Kidd who experimented with different finishers. If they establish which is clearly their finisher, the others will drop off the list.

    We will check in on the standings again at the end of 2012 before announcing the winners after WrestleMania 29. Season 2 will begin on the Raw episode after WM 29.

    (Jeff Gorman is the only announcer to work for one of the Big 3 wrestling companies and to call a live, global MMA pay-per-view. Follow him on Twitter or e-mail him at gormanwriter@yahoo.com).