Why Fans Are So Important

Cornielius Jackson-EdwardsCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

Fans are the most important part to the team because they’re the reason why the players, staff, and coaches make money.

They give the players confidence, and whoever their favorite team is, they really love that team.

There is a difference between loyal fans and bandwagon fans. Loyal fans like their team during good or bad seasons, support them in the big games, and always stay on top of how they’re doing by watching on T.V., listening on the radio, being at the game, checking the Internet, having messages being sent to their phones, etc. Some fans travel to see their team  play when they're away because they really love that team.

Bandwagon fans are terrible fans because they only like the team that’s good. If a team isn’t doing well, they say they hate that team, or they’re not gonna do it. The Tampa Bay Rays had a lot of bandwagon fans because Tropicana Field was crowded the year the Rays were really good, but when they were bad most people wouldn’t go support them. Bandwagon fans aren’t real fans.

Every team has loyal or bandwagon fans. New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Boston are known for having super fans, but there are a lot of places with loyal fans.

If a team had absolutely no fans, they would go out of business. Fans are really that important.

Some fans have been known to bother the fans of the opponent or rival of their favorite teams. Also, some fans only care about their team and nothing else (including family, special services, etc.). That’s not good. It’s good to have big fans, but not fans who bother other people for what jersey, hat, t-shirt, etc. they have on.