College Basketball: One Thing to Love About the Nation's Top 10 2013 Recruits

Matt Overing@@MOveringContributor IIIAugust 7, 2012

College Basketball: One Thing to Love About the Nation's Top 10 2013 Recruits

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    The 2013 recruiting class has taken center stage in college basketball. Summer camps are prevalent, and players are given the chance to stand out among their peers.

    With over half of the ESPN 100 still unsigned, college basketball coaches across the country are evaluating, texting and tweeting the offseason away. Florida head coach Billy Donovan has been the most successful—you'll find two future Gators on this list of 10.

    So, what makes these 10 athletes so attractive? We're not talking about looks—we're talking about abilities—things that these players do on the hardwood that make them top-10 recruits.

    I'll be using the ESPN 100 rankings for this top-10 list.

10. Isaiah Hicks, North Carolina

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    Isaiah Hicks has an NBA body. His combination of length and athleticism makes him a force on both sides of the ball. 

    Landing in-state talent is always a win, especially in a state loaded with college basketball talent like North Carolina. Hicks committed to the Tar Heels just four hours after receiving a scholarship. Something tells me there's only one school he wanted to play for. 

    Roy Williams has another star power forward en route to Chapel Hill.

9. Keith Frazier, Uncommitted

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    Keith Frazier may be the best three-point shooter in the 2013 class. 

    He isn't overwhelmingly athletic like some of the players on this list, and his size won't stand out. But his shooting stroke is one of the most consistent in all of high school basketball.

    Off the dribble, on the catch, pull-up jumpers, you name it, Frazier can do it. Frazier is deadly from outside the arc.

8. Aaron Harrison, Uncommitted

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    Basketball Intelligence

    One thing to love about Aaron and Andrew Harrison is that they will attend the same school. The twins are a top-5 recruiting class by themselves, and they'll be one of the best guard duos in the country in 2013-14.

    Aaron tends to play shooting guard when both are on the floor. What stands out is his obvious knowledge of the game. He gravitates toward open spots on the court and always seems to find an open look.

    While he's not as highly regarded as his brother, Aaron is still a top-10 player. He's the better shooter of the duo as well.

7. Chris Walker, Florida

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    Chris Walker committed to Florida. He made his announcement on Youtube, and part of that announcement included a proclamation that he and Kasey Hill would be the best duo in the nation, as well as a guarantee of a national championship win.

    One thing is for sure: Walker is not lacking in confidence. 

    He's one of the most athletically gifted big men in the 2013 class. Billy Donovan has the top recruiting class thus far, and it isn't even close. Walker and Hill are two high school superstars.

6. Kasey Hill, Florida

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    Court Vision

    At 6'0", Kasey Hill has the standard "good, not great" height, but his court vision is along the lines of "great" rather than "good."

    Hill and Chris Walker will be connecting on alley-oops numerous times at Florida. Hill's vision and superb passing coupled with Walker's abundant athleticism will result in a multitude of thunderous dunks.

    Hill is also great at the "drive and dish"—pulling defenders towards him and then kicking the ball out to an open teammate.

    Billy Donovan will have another great collegiate guard in 2013-14.

5. James Young, Uncommitted

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    It pains me to say that the unique hairstyle James Young is known to sport is now gone. 

    Despite a haircut change, Young is still one of the best players in the 2013 class. Offensively, he's polished. He fills up the stat sheet with points, rebounds and assists.

    Don't believe me? Check out his box score from the Nike Peach Jam: six games, 21.5 points per game, 8.5 rebounds per game and 22 assists compared to just 11 turnovers. He hit 18-of-39 shots from three-point range and shot 54 free throws at a rate of 76 percent.

    Many words could describe Young. Versatile is certainly one of them.

4. Aaron Gordon, Uncommitted

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    Aaron Gordon might have first made a name for himself by being the brother of Drew Gordon, a UCLA transfer and New Mexico standout. 

    Now, Aaron is making a name for himself. 

    The brotherly comparisons will come, and Aaron seems to take the cake. He's a bit smaller, but has elite athleticism that his brother lacked. Both are fierce competitors. 

    Aaron showed his competitive drive in the Nike Peach Jam. His Oakland Soldiers won the event, but he wasn't at his best. He told Jeff Borzello of CBS Sports that he was "about 85 percent" at the start of the tournament.

    Playing with an injury is tough, but playing through it in an AAU tournament shows Gordon's desire to play the game.

3. Andrew Harrison, Uncommitted

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    The second twin to make this list, Andrew Harrison is the premier point guard of the two. What he gives up in shooting he more than makes up for in penetrating ability.

    Andrew can get into the paint at will. He can either dish to Aaron for an open three or finish in the paint. Defensively, he can lock down opposing point guards and force turnovers.

    His size is what makes all this possible. At 6'5", 210 pounds, Andrew has the size of an NBA point guard, and he'll be starting his senior year in high school this fall. Love it.

2. Julius Randle, Uncommitted

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    None of the aforementioned players are as physically dominant in the paint like Julius Randle. He's competitive like Aaron Gordon, versatile like James Young and uses his size to his advantage like Andrew Harrison.

    But what sets Randle apart is his physicality. He looks for contact. He can handle the ball better than any 6'9" power forward in this class (yes, he brings the ball up the floor) and can get to the free throw line at will.

    At the end of the day, Randle is a competitor. He fights for defensive rebounds just as hard as he fights for positioning on offense. His motor is always running.

1. Jabari Parker, Uncommitted

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    The hype surrounding Jabari Parker has quieted down significantly this summer—and for good reason. Parker has been nursing a foot injury since the FIBA U17 World Championships, according to the Chicago Tribune

    Parker has missed out on huge high school events that have given other top recruits a national stage. But he isn't worried. His father told ESPN that "We aren't in a hurry." The Parkers are taking their time with this decision, and for good reason. He's arguably the single most coveted recruit in the 2013 class.

    While that patience may drive some fans crazy, it shows that Parker has a good head on his shoulders. That patience also correlates to his play on the court. Parker rarely turns the ball over and can break down a defense in numerous ways. He can shoot over smaller defenders and blow by bigger opponents. 

    When Parker makes his decision, a school will be gaining a smart, savvy basketball player.