Spain Olympic Soccer Team 2012: 5 Things They Got Wrong in London

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IAugust 4, 2012

Spain Olympic Soccer Team 2012: 5 Things They Got Wrong in London

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    The Spanish national football squad for the 2012 Summer Olympics went to London with high expectations. The expectations were another series of victories after the 2008 Euro, 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2012 Euros.

    What went wrong with the squad that it had to return to Spain without glory? While it is a painful subject on a personal basis, the decision was made to do a slideshow on what went wrong and what mistakes were made.

    The reason is for the people to learn from mistakes to the point that they are not repeated. An invitation is made to sit back, relax and learn about what went wrong in the Olympics for the Spanish national football squad.

5. Loss of Temper in Defeat

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    The Spain versus Honduras matchup in the 2012 London Olympics was a disaster for both teams. While Spain was eliminated and Honduras able to advance, no one wins with a loss of temper.

    According to a report published by the AP with a h/t to FOX Sports, members of the Spanish national squad had a confrontation with Juan Soto, who was the referee. Soto's crime in the eyes of the squad was the rejection of appeals with regards to a penalty kick.

    There were other reports about confrontations between members of the Spanish national squad and Honduras after the match. FIFA does the right thing in disciplining Spain (as well as Honduras) for conduct unbecoming of an athlete.

4. Poor Playing

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    Spain was a disaster because of its poor performance on the field. It appears that they did not even attempt to play a decent game.

    The loss to Japan and Honduras, as well as the scoreless draw against Morocco was proof. Juan Mata admitted that what transpired was a "disgrace."

    According to an article by Michael Lewis of FOX News Latino, no goals were scored by Spain. The team was in the bottom of Group D behind Japan, Honduras and Morocco.

3. Underestimating Your Opponents

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    The worst thing that could happen to a team is when they underestimate their opponent. Spain underestimated all of their opponents during the 2012 Olympics.

    At least this is my personal opinion of what transpired. The Guardian reported that Spain may have underestimated Honduras in their encounter.

2. Lack of Experienced Players

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    There are times when players with more experience may be needed. The squad should have included experienced players such as Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta and Gerard Pique.

    Xavi Hernandez and Sergio Ramos would have been worthy candidates for the 2012 Olympics.

1. Wrong Goalkeeper

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    If it were not for the L.A. Galaxy versus Real Madrid match, maybe Iker Casillas could have been the goalkeeper. It is a thought that crossed my mind many times.

    At least, I would have Casillas in the Olympic team if it were possible. Casillas was praised by former Mexico great Jorge Campos as one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world.

    Casillas (according to ESPN Soccernet) is starting the 2012-2013 season with 11 games started and 25 saves. What a pity he did not play in the Olympics.


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    It appears that Spain will have to undergo a self examination to find out what's wrong and what to do about it. Spain has to make this decision and make changes in its habits and attitude if it wants to win the 2014 World Cup.

    It remains to be seen what will transpire. My thanks to all of you who took the time to see the slideshow.

    My best wishes to all of you this weekend and always.


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