NFL Power Rankings: The Most Tradable Asset on Every Team

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2012

NFL Power Rankings: The Most Tradable Asset on Every Team

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    NFL trades involving stud players are about as rare as unicorns. And when they do go down, they're usually the result of some wishful thinking by a slightly deranged general manager.

    That's why it felt necessary to provide them with the proper guidance.

    The players on this list won't necessarily be moved. But they were selected because of many moving parts.

    Whether it is a contract disagreement, depth at a certain position, or a rebuilding situation, these players make sense as trade chips. 

32. Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver James Jones

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    Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb would bring in a nicer haul, but the Green Bay Packers have actual impetus to trade James Jones, according to Lance Zierlein of the Houston Chronicle.

    There simply aren't enough balls to go around in the Green Bay offense. Aaron Rodgers can't ration his throws based on targets per player. 

    Jones is 28 years old and itching to find an expanded role on a new team. Green Bay can use this opportunity to build more depth and allow Cobb to get more action. 

31. Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson

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    The Seattle Seahawks have a glut of quarterbacks with starting experience or capability. The best move would be to turn one of them into depth for another position right?

    Matt Flynn isn't going anywhere. He was just signed to be the headliner.

    Russell Wilson isn't either. He was drafted with an eye toward the future.

    This leaves Tarvaris Jackson. He isn't the "prettiest girl in the room," but he does have a few qualities worth checking out. 

30. Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Earl Bennett

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    There don't appear to be many great trade candidates on the Chicago Bears roster. Many of the players who would bring something nice in return are too central to the operation of the franchise.

    Earl Bennett is the Bears' best bet. His defection would open up some playing time for recently signed Eric Weems and Devin Thomas. 

29. Arizona Cardinals Quarterback John Skelton

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    There's not a lot of depth in the desert, which makes this decision quite difficult. 

    In a slightly odd call, the best trade asset for the Arizona Cardinals is John Skelton.

    He may or may not be a better quarterback than Kevin Kolb.

    He has some value as a project signal-caller, and it would give Kolb the confidence boost he so badly needs. 

28. Dallas Cowboys Cornerback Mike Jenkins

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    Last year was brutal for the Dallas Cowboys' secondary. So, the Boys spent the offseason adding talented cornerbacks in rookie Morris Claiborne and veteran Brandon Carr.

    That knocked Orlando Scandrick and Mike Jenkins out of the top corner spots. 

    Jenkins has made a Pro Bowl and showed better flashes than Scandrick. Neither player has much consistency, and there's the concern regarding Jenkins' expiring deal.

    However, a contender might part with a late-round pick to rent a talented-yet-inconsistent corner for a Super Bowl run. 

27. Buffalo Bills Linebacker Nick Barnett

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    The Buffalo Bills are going to have a knock-out-worthy front seven. There's so much depth that the loss of Nick Barnett wouldn't hurt too much. 

    Rookie Tank Carder should surprise many who would laugh at this selection.

    Adding another receiving threat would complete an on-the-cusp offense. 

26. New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Devery Henderson

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    Drew Brees can seemingly make any wide receiver into a star. So why would the New Orleans Saints need to worry if they jettisoned one pass-catcher for some secondary help?

    Additionally, according to Jacques Doucet of WAFB 9 News, Nick Toon has had some good moments in his limited time in the Big Easy, and Nakia Hogan of The Times-Picayune reports that Adrian Arrington has been a solid addition.

    To complete the roster, this would be their best chip. 

25. Tennessee Titans Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck

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    Jake Locker is ready. If he isn't, then, it's time to let him fall on his face.

    However, he certainly seems like a man ready to take charge.

    Therefore, the Tennessee Titans should grab something for veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck if possible.

    Some team would be willing to take the risk. It worked out pretty well for the Minnesota Vikings with a certain Wrangler gunslinger. 

24. New York Jets Cornerback Kyle Wilson

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    The New York Jets are not shipping off Darelle Revis regardless of how many new contracts he demands.

    They also aren't getting rid of Antonio Cromartie no matter how many kids he sires. 

    That makes the obvious choice Kyle Wilson. The kid has talent but not the opportunity in the big apple. 

23. Cleveland Browns Quarterback Colt McCoy

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    Maybe Colt McCoy can play the good solider and accept his backup role.

    Maybe he can't. It doesn't matter.

    He's become expendable after the Cleveland Browns drafted Brandon Weeden in the first round. 

    Depth at the quarterback position is crucial. There will certainly be competing offers. 

22. Oakland Raiders Running Back Mike Goodson

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    It would make little sense to flip a player a few months after acquiring him. 

    But it's the Oakland Raiders. All bets are off.

    New management seems to have a better handle on reality than the previous regime.

    Regardless, Mike Goodson would make the most sense, considering the flashes he's showed and the fact that Darren McFadden is ahead of him—assuming McFadden can stay healthy. 

21. Washington Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley

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    Fantasy football owners know Chris Cooley well. For years, he was the only Washington Redskins player worth drafting. 

    His talent hasn't waned, but he has only one complete season in the last three years. Cooley missed 20 games in 2009 and 2011.

    The tight end is under contract through 2013 for just under $4 million a year. The price tag is reasonable considering his skill level, and the Skins will be forced to pay starter Fred Davis this offseason.

20. San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree

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    Last year's NFC championship game might have turned out differently had the San Francisco 49ers had more talent on the outside.

    The front office didn't miss that point.

    They added Randy Moss, Mario Manningham and drafted A.J. Jenkins. In order for all of these guys to see significant time, the best move would be to move Michael Crabtree.

    The sales angle to other teams would be that he's the perfect change-of-scenery guy—and he may very well be. 

19. St. Louis Rams Running Back Steven Jackson

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    This pick is as much about flipping a veteran for rebuilding pieces as it is about giving a loyal workhorse a chance at a title. 

    Steven Jackson has been with the St. Louis Rams for the better part of a decade. Most of the time has been spent miring in mediocrity. 

    Isaiah Pead would benefit from more playing time, and the Rams are not going to contend for the Super Bowl this year or the next.

18. Kansas City Wide Receiver Dexter McCluster

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    The Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in an enviable position. 

    They have too many playmakers.

    Dexter McCluster is a player without a role. He's nowhere close to the field as a receiver, and the addition of Peyton Hillis ensures that he won't be coming out of the backfield.

    To make matters more difficult, Javier Arenas appears poised to handle all return duties.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Running Back LeGarrette Blount

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    LeGarrette Blount cannot be happy. 

    According to Will Brinson of CBS Sports, the big back boldly proclaimed that he'd be salty if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Trent Richardson. They didn't.

    But they did select scout favorite Doug Martin. 

    Blount has plenty of talent, so it would make loads of sense to unload him before his value went down. 

16. Atlanta Falcons Cornerback Asante Samuel

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    Asante Samuel has made a few moves over the years. What's one more?

    This trade wouldn't—and shouldn't—happen. But is there is some method to the madness.

    The Atlanta Falcons have three talented cornerbacks in Samuel, Brent Grimes and Dunta Robinson. However, Samuel's contract is the most favorable of the three, according to Pat Yasinskas of ESPN. 

15. Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas

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    Demaryius Thomas was involved in one of the most important plays of the 2011 NFL playoffs. After catching a short pass from Tim Tebow, Thomas turned it into a game-winning sprint to the end zone versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    The kid has talent—no doubt.

    But can Peyton Manning truly utilize his skills? According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, reports out of camp and from Manning himself seem to indicate the he won't be slinging the rock 60 yards downfield.

    That makes for some serious trade bait. 

14. Miami Dolphins Middle Linebacker Karlos Dansby

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    By the time the Miami Dolphins have enough talent to contend, Karlos Dansby will no longer be under contract.

    His deal isn't unfavorable. He's owed roughly $24 million over the next three years.

    Dansby could shore up a questionable run defense. 

13. Carolina Panthers Running Back DeAngelo Williams

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    The Carolina Panthers have the most stacked backfield in the league, and it's not even close.

    Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, DeAngelo Williams and recent addition Mike Tolbert can all deliver the ball to the end zone. 

    Trading Williams for some defensive help wouldn't hurt considering the other fellows that can tote the rock. When you consider Williams' deal and the fact that Stewart is in a contract year, this move would make plenty of sense. 

12. Detroit Lions Defensive End Cliff Avril

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    The Detroit Lions did not get Cliff Avril inked to a multiple-year deal this offseason. 

    Avril has yet to show up to camp, according to WXYZ Action News 7.

    The Lions do not lack depth along the defensive line with Willie Young and Lawrence Jackson. 

    Perhaps, a team more needy at the defensive end position would be willing to give Avril the money he desires.

11. Houston Texans Running Back Ben Tate

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    Arian Foster makes this pick much easier than it should be.

    Ben Tate is a solid running back. He averaged 5.4 yards a carry last year.

    Foster recently signed a big-money contract and has proven himself durable enough to handle the load.

    It doesn't hurt to have two talented backs, but he would bring back somebody in return who could fill another need. 

10. Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin

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    Moving Anquan Boldin wouldn't be as ludicrous as it sounds. 

    There wouldn't be a top receiver on the squad if they did, but there isn't one right now.

    He's only caught 57 balls for three touchdowns in 14 games. That's not No. 1 material.

9. San Diego Chargers Outside Linebacker Shaun Phillips

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    My apologies to all NFL general managers not named A.J. Smith.

    Shaun Phillips isn't available. At least, I'd imagine he isn't.

    The drafting of Melvin Ingram makes Phillips a little bit more expendable. But the San Diego Chargers have a promising chance of finally cashing in on their talent.

    That will require Phillips. 

8. Indianapolis Colts Outside Linebacker Robert Mathis

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    The recurring theme throughout this slideshow is aged pass-rushers on rebuilding teams.

    The theory is sound. Their value is outstanding, and there's little reason to keep them on the roster when your squad won't be Super Bowl worthy for a few more years.

    Robert Mathis fits the mold for the Indianapolis Colts. He edges out Dwight Freeney because he's under contract for the next few years while Freeney is not. 

7. Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Trent Cole

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    This one is a bit of a gamble.

    Trent Cole is an established defensive end who's under contract until 2018 for a rather large sum of money. Conversely, Jason Babin is signed through 2015 for much more reasonable compensation.

    Babin benefited from Cole's presence and put up seven more sacks last year. If the Eagles believe that Brandon Graham can become the player they drafted, moving Cole would free up sacks of cash and give a former first-rounder a chance to shine. 

6. Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Tackle Geno Atkins

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    This trade will happen as soon as you see pigs with wings.

    Geno Atkins has turned into a top-notch interior defender.

    The only reason that he would be remotely expendable? The selection of Devon Still.

    Domata Peko is a nice player, but he wouldn't bring the return that Atkins would. 

5. New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez

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    I'm aware this seems crazy. But trade Aaron Hernandez maybe?

    The big dog on the tight end block for the New England Patriots is Rob Gronkowski. That's not debatable.

    With the addition of Visanthe Shiancoe, the Pats added a quality second-stringer. 

    Hernandez would bring plenty in return. 

4. Minnesota Vikings Defensive End Jared Allen

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    The Minnesota Vikings won't be contending anytime soon. The NFC is just too loaded, and the Vikings need to add more talent before they can be taken seriously.

    Therefore, why not dump one of your highest salaries since Jared Allen is 30. 

    He still has plenty to offer, and it wouldn't be a mistake to retain him. However, Allen would pull a nice haul that would aid in the rebuilding process.

3. New York Giants Defensive End Osi Umenyiora

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    Osi Umenyiora finally has put his contract situation behind him.

    Well, at least for one year

    The New York Giants have been butting heads with their standout defensive end for the past decade. Maybe, it just seems that long, but the point remains that it's unlikely they'll give him the long-term deal he seeks.

    Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck prove that the Giants have an excellent history in identifying and developing pass-rushers. Perhaps, it's time to cash in.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew

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    Yet another selection that has to do with the status of the franchise. 

    The Jacksonville Jaguars could do worse than dealing their best player. Maurice Jones-Drew is coming off a decent season where he happened to lead the league in rushing.

    He isn't happy with his contract. Additionally, the Jags have made no bones about stating that they won't rework his deal.

    On the right team, Jones-Drew could make all the difference. 

1. Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Mike Wallace

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    Let's be clear, the Pittsburgh Steelers aren't likely to part with their stud wideout. But he's still the most tradeable player on the team.

    Mike Wallace is young, explosive and sure-handed. Now that teams are passing the ball at a record rate, these attributes cannot be more highly valued.

    Helping the argument was the recent extension of opposite receiver Antonio Brown. Thus, the Steelers already have a significant piece of their passing game locked up for another five years. 

    There certainly wouldn't be a shortage of teams that would vie for Wallace's services.