Nick Saban's Daughter Faces Lawsuit for Reportedly Beating Up Sorority Sister

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 12, 2012

Photo Credit: Big Lead Sports
Photo Credit: Big Lead SportsKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Kristen Saban is reportedly facing a lawsuit following an alleged violent altercation with one of her Alabama sorority sisters. 

The Big Lead spotted quite the interesting post over at SECRant.com, and it includes what appears to be a copy of a civil suit levied against the daughter of famed Crimson Tide football coach, Nick Saban

We have to take this with a large grain of salt, as it's merely posted on a comment board. However, we now see FOX WBRC in Alabama has an electronic file of the lawsuit, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution has a report. 

A quick read through the lawsuit tells a violent tale of one sorority sister taking an emotional night a great many steps too far. 

The Build Up  

Note: Quotes and specifics taken from Fox WBRC transcript. 

Kristen Saban joined friends for a rousing game of "power hour" one night, a game where you take a shot of beer or another beverage once every minute for an hour—a great way to binge drink effectively. 

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After that, Saban and friends, including plaintiff Sarah Grimes, went to a local bar called Rounders. That is where they met up with a person Saban was dating, and the meeting made Saban rather angry, "because he was not paying enough attention to her."

The sorority sisters went back home, and Saban spoke with her boyfriend over the phone, getting even angrier. Transcript piece follows: 

15. Kristen was lying on the floor next to McKinnon and Hannah saying how everyone did not understand "how it was" for her and Kristen became emotional.

When she mentioned that, Grimes issued, "Kristen, please just shut up. We're all sick and tired of hearing it."

That is when the altercation became violent. 


The two exchanged barbs and Saban went to her room, where she posted on Facebook, "No one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!" 

That was enough for Grimes to get up and go confront Saban, despite warnings from fellow sisters. 

Among a myriad of accusations, Saban is said to have shoved Grimes, forcing her head to slam on a door, punched her in the face and pulled her hair. 

As you can see from the transcript, the outcome was severe:

57. The physician diagnosed Sarah with an elbow contusion, a concussion, cervical strain, and headache. Later, Sarah would be diagnosed with a deviated septum. 
58. The emergency physician informed Sarah that her injuries were very serious and could have been life threatening.  

Again, these are mere allegations at the moment, but they paint a vivid picture of a young woman who has no grasp on perspective, and would rather resort to violence to appease her emotions. 

The point that grabbed me was the sisters warning Grimes about confronting Saban as if she were a ticking time bomb. 

As we can gather from the reports, she finally exploded in a terrifying rage. 

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