NBA Free Agents 2012: 5 Underrated Players the Utah Jazz Should Consider Signing

Drew K. Bingham@DKBing52Contributor IIJune 23, 2012

NBA Free Agents 2012: 5 Underrated Players the Utah Jazz Should Consider Signing

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    The Utah Jazz don't have a history of being able to attract top-tier free agents, and that's likely to remain the case this off season. However, there are a few underrated players the Jazz should consider signing at a reasonable price. None of these players are superstars, but all have the potential to have a positive impact on the team. 

    In no specific order, here are five players that could help improve the Utah Jazz next season.

Mickael Pietrus

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    Unrestricted Free Agent
    2012 Salary: $854,389

    Being in the league nine years, Mickael Pietrus has veteran experience that could prove valuable to a young Utah Jazz team. While Pietrus has never been outstanding, he has always been reliable. He's definitely not a starter at this point in his career, but he could bring a solid effort off the bench. The Jazz should be able to sign him at a bargain price.

Rudy Fernandez

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    Restricted Free Agent
    2012 Salary: $2,180,443

    Rudy Fernandez may be a bit of a wild card, but the benefits may be worth the risk. After a few years with the Portland Trailblazers, Fernandez was fined $25,000 for publicly demanding a trade. He was subsequently fined an additional $50,000 for similar statements.

    After his disgruntled stay with the Trailblazers, Fernandez had a fairly successful season with the Denver Nuggets. Signing Fernandez could give the Jazz someone to bring energy off the bench. He's a three-point shooter, shoots a good percentage at the free throw line and can be good for the occasional awesome long as he keeps his ego in check.

Steve Novak

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    Unrestricted Free Agent
    2012 Salary: $854,389

    Most of America didn't even know who Steve Novak was before last season. Though he's been in the league for six years, he's bounced around from team to team, and his performance has been underwhelming at best. This past year, however, he had a breakout season with the New York Knicks

    Aside from great free-throw shooting, Novak is a one-trick pony, but he does his one trick VERY well. He's an amazing three-point shooter, leading the league last year by shooting 47.2 percent. The Jazz need a three-point threat, and Steve Novak fits that description perfectly.

Carlos Delfino

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    Unrestricted Free Agent
    2012 Salary: $3,500,000

    It may have taken a few years for Carlos Delfino to hit his stride, but he did exactly that with the Milwaukee Bucks. Over the past few years, his production has increased, and he's been able to best his career averages in all the major categories. Delfino plays great defense and is known to be a good three-point shooter, both of which the Jazz need desperately. 

    With seven years in the league, he brings a bit of veteran experience to the table as well. He's 29 years old, but his best years may be yet to come. The Jazz have a need at his position, and Carlos Delfino could be a productive, fiscally viable option for them to consider.

Landry Fields

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    Restricted Free Agent
    2012 Salary: $762,195

    Landry Fields had a solid rookie campaign during the 2010-2011 NBA season. After earning a starting role on the New York Knicks, he was also selected to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. He wasn't nearly as successful this past year, and his numbers took a hit.

    The reason for that? Carmelo Anthony being traded to the Knicks. With Carmelo controlling the ball, there were less touches to go around. The addition of Tyson Chandler and the emergence of Jeremy Lin didn't help the matter either.

    Signing Fields to a contract would give the Jazz a solid, hustle player. He can be successful without needing the ball every possession. This would also give him a new environment and a better opportunity to reach his potential. A win-win situation.

    Plus, he seems like a fun guy! Even if there aren't any Modell's in Utah.


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