Hulk: 5 Reasons Chelsea's £38 Million Man Will Be a Huge Hit in the EPL

Dan Renfro@danrenfroCorrespondent IIIJune 1, 2012

Hulk: 5 Reasons Chelsea's £38 Million Man Will Be a Huge Hit in the EPL

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    Well, Chelsea did it again.

    Just a few days after Eden Hazard announced his decision to come to Chelsea, the Blues Hulk to Chelsea reportedly locked up the Brazilian star for £38 million. After rumours circled that he would cost nearly £100 million (buyout clause included), getting the winger for under £40 million is quite the bargain.

    He will be a part of a dangerous Chelsea attack that will make even Vincent Kompany shake in his boots (or something like that). The Blues were all about defense this past season, but not anymore.

    Hulk is a big reason the culture will change. Accordingly, you can be sure that he will have a big impact right away.

Great Pace

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    English Premier League teams are notoriously tough in the middle of the defense, but a lot of teams lack a strong left-back.

    More specifically, a lot of teams lack a left-back that is committed enough to defending consistently. With Hulk persistently tearing down the sideline, teams will have trouble containing him for a full 90 minutes.

    He's strong on the ball, and his speed is incredible. When Hulk gets in the open field, great things can happen.

    With Juan Mata on one side and Hulk tearing up the other sideline (with Ramires waiting as a substitute), Chelsea will have one of the best combinations of wingers in the league.


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    Unlike most Chelsea players, Hulk plays with a creativity that gives defenses headaches.

    While he has the ability to rely on athleticism alone, Hulk sometimes decides to embarrass defenders. With a traditional Brazilian flair, Hulk is able to maneuver around the sideline and find spaces invisible to the naked eye.

    Ramires was great on the right wing last year, but he used determination and pace to make most of his plays. Without the counter-attack, he was pretty much rendered ineffective.

    With Hulk, Chelsea have the option to build up slower and maintain possession. Furthermore, the Blues will be able to change styles without losing the effectiveness of a player.

Works Alongside Eden Hazard and Juan Mata

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    If there are any doubts about Hulk, just look at his attacking partners.

    Ideally, Chelsea will run a 4-2-3-1 with Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Hulk lining up across the attacking midfield. In one offseason, the Blues go from one of the least creative and stagnant attacking midfields to one of the most dangerous and creative.

    Chelsea will no longer have to rely on a target forward holding up the ball. With Didier Drogba gone, the team can move toward a more fluid, stylish version of attacking.

    With those three in the midfield and presumably Fernando Torres up top, Chelsea have one of the most dangerous attacking fronts in the entire world.

Can Score from Anywhere

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    When Hulk cuts inside and gets space, he unleashes a rocket with his left foot.

    With his speed and strength, Hulk will be able to burn defenders down the sideline. However, Chelsea may want to have him cutting in more often. His shots can be incredible, and the fear he strikes in goalkeepers is even better.

    His free kicks also tend to be spectacular. With his powerful shot, Chelsea add him to the list of dangerous set piece takers on the roster. Depending on the location or timing of the free kick, a handful of Chelsea players could step up and take it.

    With that said, my vote would usually go to Hulk.

Gives Chelsea New Life

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    Chelsea had a very successful year last year, but their league form was horrible.

    They finished in sixth place and needed a win in the Champions League Final to qualify for next year's competition. They got it done, making the season an instant success.

    However, that doesn't mean Chelsea should forget about the English Premier League. They need to do better next year, and Hulk is a great asset.

    He gives them more pace and attacking prowess, which is great. With that said, Hulk gives Chelsea added depth, which is something they haven't had on the attacking end. With more depth, Chelsea are more suited for the long season and the madness around Christmas.

    Hulk brings a lot to the table, but the biggest thing he provides is new life for the club. His flair, pace and scoring will make Chelsea a deeper, stronger team.