MLS All-Star Game: More Exciting Ideas Than Chelsea

Ken Mack@Ken_Mack35Contributor IIIMay 17, 2012

MLS All-Star Game: More Exciting Ideas Than Chelsea

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    I will start this off by saying this is not an anti-Chelsea article, but rather an article about what would be more exciting than another English Team. If you look at the past All-Star games, they have had a decidedly English flavor to them. While the EPL is arguable the most popular league in America, it's time for something different, something that will add a little more flavor to the game.

    American soccer fans deserve a little diversity in their All-Star game.

East vs. West

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    Call me old fashioned, but I enjoyed when we got to see the best of the league play against each other. If the league really wants to grow it self, then why not showcase your best players? If casual fans tune in, they will see the best of MLS, and MLS fans will be able to see players they normally wouldn't get to see.

MLS All-Stars vs. USMNT

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    While it is great for the national team that more players are heading overseas to play, the American fan loses the ability to see our country's best play in person. A great idea would be to have the MLS All-Stars play against the USMNT. While there might be some crossover on the teams, it will be a small price to pay to see someone like Oguchi Onyewu, who never played a minute of MLS soccer.

MLS vs. Mexican All-Stars

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    Who wouldn't want the MLS to take on the best that Mexico has to offer? It would be another chance to stick it to our neighbors to the south, as well as getting a look at some of the young Mexican talent.

MLS vs. Santos FC

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    The picture above is the main reason why the MLS should play Santos. It would be great to be able to watch the next big thing out of Brazil before he makes his move overseas. Also, It would expose the fans to the flair of the Brazilian league, and it might rub off on some MLS players.

MLS vs. AZ Alkmaar

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    For one, we would finally get to see Jozy Altidore. On top of that, we would bring in a new nation to the All-Star game and get a taste of the free flowing football that the Netherlands is famous for. 

U.S. MLS vs. World MLS

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    It worked in hockey so why not soccer? Having the U.S. MLS take on the world MLS would show off American players and allow fans to see international players. Also, it could serve as a point of pride if the U.S. is able to beat its counterparts.


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