Why the Steelers and Cardinals Can't Outdo Super Bowl XLII

Mike KentSenior Writer IFebruary 1, 2009

Both Giants fans and Patriot fans went nuts for two weeks waiting for the next game of there beloved teams in Arizona, and the game did not upset.

The game had the best back-round a NFL playoff game has ever had.

The 18-0 New England Patriots had the best season in NFL history, they came in to the Super Bowl with the best quarterback in the world and one of the best wide receivers.

Tom Brady who won his first NFL MVP and Randy Moss the Pro Bowler were unstoppable in the regular season and in the playoffs; they were the easy pick to win in the Super Bowl.

On the other side you had the resistant New York Giants coming in. After beating Tampa, Dallas, and Green Bay as the No. 5 seed, they where the underdog again in this game at Arizona.

The Giants were also known as the NFL "road warriors," after 10 consecutive road wins before the Super Bowl.

But this team could deal with it; it liked being the under dog.

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The buildup to the game was great, Plaxico Burress said the game will end 21-17 in a Giants win and Tom Brady did not like that at all.

At 7 p.m. the coin was tossed and the Giants got to start with the ball, and the rest is history.

But both Giants and Patriots fans will never let go of the great memories from that day. All the late-game drama, the David Tyree catch, Randy Moss touchdown in the last three minutes and Plax's touchdown as the last score of the game.

And even during pregame ceremonies, the halftime show and the commercials were great.

And at the end, the underdog and resistant Giants won, and New England ended its great season 18-1 without the cherry on top.

But even though the underdog Giants won at the end, 17-14, the Patriots were always in it, and both teams kept the fans on their toes until the end.

Best of luck to the Steelers and Cardinals in their game tonight, but there is no way they can put on a better performance than the Giants and Patriots did last year.

I don't mean to take anything from them, but it just cant be done two years in a row.

May the best team win!

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