The 6 Most Cliche Tattoos in MMA

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistMay 15, 2012

The 6 Most Cliche Tattoos in MMA

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    One thing that is commonly associated with mixed martial arts and tough guys is tattoos. Fighters are plastered in tattoos, for the most part, which goes along with the martial arts aspect.

    Fans and fighters alike have very "common" or cliche tattoos that are seen in MMA. Sure, there are unique tattoos that each fighter possesses, but there are definitely common variants that are seen among a community of people.

    Here are the six most cliche tattoos in MMA.

The Japanese Symbol

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    There are numerous fighters and fans alike who have Japanese symbols tattoos on their bodies, mostly on the pectoral muscle but also elsewhere.

    Georges St Pierre, Jon Fitch and Dustin Poirier are among the fighters with Japanese symbols on their chest. I mean, if St Pierre has a tattoo, it must be a tattoo that is popular.

    Other fighters tend to have this tattoo as well. Patrick Cote has one in the middle of his back, and Kid Yamamoto has them in sequence around his chest and shoulders.

    Even I myself have a Japanese symbol tattoo on my chest, showing the popularity of the tattoo among fighters and fans alike. 

The Tribal Mark

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    The tribal mark tattoo is extremely popular in any sport, but it is a mainstay in MMA. Whether it be Hawaiian or some other random tribal marking, it seems that almost every fighter you see has one.

    Travis Browne (pictured) has two large ones on his shoulder and leg, showing his Hawaiian background. Other fighters who have the tribal tattoo include Kendall Grove, Renato Sobral and Roger Huerta.

    I am sure there are fans all over with tattoos like these, whether they be large like Travis Browne's or on a smaller scale.

The Gym Logo

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    If you look closely, you can see Cole Miller's allegiance to American Top Team tattooed on his arm. He is not the only one, as other fighters have shown their loyalty to their gyms through ink.

    It is a pretty common tattoo. In addition to Cole Miller, Phil de Fries has an Alliance Jiu-Jitsu tattoo, and Chuck Liddell has "The Pit" tatted on his arm. There are more, but just these three exemplify the commonplace for these tattoos in MMA.

    Hopefully, none of these guys have a falling out with their gyms.

The (Nick) Name

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    Maybe all the knocks to the head in MMA make fighters forget their own names, but the last name tattoo is a common tattoo in the MMA community.

    Josh Neer (pictured), Cristiane Cyborg and Rampage Jackson all have either their name or nickname inked on their body. It seems like a silly tattoo, but it is popular (who am I to judge?).

    There are a number of fighters with these tattoos, and I even know fight fans who have their names tattooed on their bodies, making it a popular marking.

The "Martial Art" Tat

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    There are many martial arts in the world, and those who practice it show their respect by getting it tattooed on them.

    Diego Nunes has "Muay Thai" tattooed on his forearm, Godofredo Pepey of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil has "jiu-jitsu" tatted on his back and Jeff Curran has "jiu-jitsu" with two men grappling on his chest. 

    Fans alike even have these tattoos if they practice the martial art. I personally know at least one, showing the commonplace for these tattoos in the MMA community.

The Bible Verse

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    The Bible verse tattoo is universally popular among religious people, whether they be MMA fighters/fans or not. That being said, a lot of fighters are spiritual, which explains the variety of Bible verse tattoos in the UFC.

    Off the top of my head, Jon Jones and Justin Lawrence both have Bible tattoos in MMA. Jones (pictured) has a "Philippians 4:13" tattoo, while Lawrence has a "2 Corinthians 2:14" tattoo.

    Fans and fighters are spiritual alike, which can be the explanation of how these are cliche tattoos in mixed martial arts.