Highlights from Every Cleveland Browns 2012 Draft Pick

Derrick GContributor IIIMay 1, 2012

Highlights from Every Cleveland Browns 2012 Draft Pick

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    Whether you loved or hated what the Cleveland Browns did in the 2012 NFL Draft, what's done is done. It is time to get excited about the Browns newest players!

    I thought it would be a good idea to gather highlights of all the rookies in the same place, so here are some college highlights of each and every Cleveland Browns 2012 draft pick, as well as one undrafted free agent I feel could make the team. The point of this article is to get pumped up about the 2012 Browns and give fans the opportunity to see players they may not yet have been exposed to. Watch, enjoy and GO BROWNS! 

No. 3 Overall, Trent Richardson

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    If you liked Peyton Hillis' style, you are going to love Trent Richardson. Watch the way he looks for contact and sends defenders bouncing off of him. He also has vision, speed and that cutback ability that makes him the best RB prospect in a long time. Easily the best non-QB in this draft, if you can't get excited over this pick, forget about the guy you wanted instead, you will end up more than happy with Richardson.

No. 22 Overall, Brandon Weeden

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    Love the pick or hate it, there is no denying Weeden has a strong arm and nice touch on his passes. He also leads his receivers well, which is perfect for the Browns offense. He may be 28 years old, but he has all the talent and potential necessary to do well in the NFL.

No. 37 Overall, OT Mitchell Schwartz

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    The Browns new starter at right tackle. Watch as he finds a defender and goes after him to keep the running lanes clear. He should also be a better pass blocker than recent RTs Tony Pashos and John St. Clair.

No. 87 Overall, DT John Hughes

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    Hughes is a player most fans were unfamiliar with before his name was called on draft day. As a run-stuffing DT, there aren't and real "highlight" videos of him. But you can see here how he fills the running lane and forces the back to try to go around the line instead of straight through. Watch as much or as little of this video as you need to get a feel for the Browns third-round pick (he is lined up in the left DT position most or all of this video).

No. 100 Overall, WR Travis Benjamin

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    Browns fans looking for an upgrade to the WR corps finally got their wish in the fourth round, when the Browns added speedy wideout Travis Benjamin from Miami. Watch as he gets behind defenders on his routes or runs right by them on a punt return.

No. 120 Overall, LB James-Michael Johnson

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    While not a highlight video, you can see throughout this video how James-Michael Johnson reads the QBs eyes and always ends up near the ball. Watch how quickly JMJ gets into the backfield at 1:28 and 2:46 and how he read the QB at 4:55.

No. 160 Overall, OG Ryan Miller

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    Finding highlights of offensive linemen can be difficult, so this is a great video. You can see how Miller finds the nearest unblocked man, and makes sure he isn't going to tackle his running back. Not to put too high of an expectation on a late pick, but this guy looks like he may eventually start.

No. 204 Overall, LB Emmanuel Acho

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    Watch here as Acho makes his way to the ball. Notice how he rips the ball out on the play at 00:27. Let's hope to see more of that in a Browns uniform! 

No. 205 Overall, DL Billy Winn

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    As much outcry as there was over the Browns picking John Hughes too early, there was very little kudos given for getting this steal. In fact, If Winn had been picked in the third round and Hughes here in the sixth, I get the feeling many would have given the Browns a much higher grade for drafting the same players.

    You can see here Winn can get to the QB, and at 1:34 the running back doesn't even stand a chance. This guy is going to look good as a part of the defensive-line rotation.

    0:51-2:54 are the highlights. 

No. 245 Overall, CB Trevin Wade

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    After watching this video, one thing is for sure; Wade certainly knows how to jump a route. He's a seventh rounder, but he looks really good here. Also, watch at 4:22 as he never gives up on the play and ends up saving a touchdown.

No. 247 Overall, TE/FB Brad Smelley

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    There aren't a ton of highlights of Smelley, who's main role will be as a blocker, but this is a nice catch I doubt former TE Robert Royal or former FB Lawrence Vickers would be able to make.

Smelley No. 2

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    The first highlight was only 11 seconds, so here's another one in case you want a little more. Here he shows some good awareness.

UDFA WR Josh Cooper

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    Cooper was Weeden's slot WR at Oklahoma State.  I'm including him because he has a real shot to make the team. Last season, the Browns brought in Chris Ogbonnaya in part because of his familiarity with Colt McCoy, Cooper will fill the same role for Weeden. Whether that is for longer than just training camp has yet to be seen.


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    So there you have it, the Cleveland Browns 2012 rookies. Hopefully you are as excited as I am!

    Personally, I can't wait to see Trent Richardson and James-Michael Johnson play. Which Browns rookies are YOU most excited about?

    I appreciate any comments, positive or negative.

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