Extreme Reunion 2012: Why New Jack Should Never Be Allowed to Wrestle Again

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 13, 2012

Photo from wrestling911.com
Photo from wrestling911.com

At the upcoming Extreme Reunion show in Philly, ECW fans can relive the glory days of hardcore wrestling. 

New Jack is scheduled to appear, but he shouldn't be allowed to wrestle, there or anywhere.

Throughout his career, New Jack has proved that he is a dangerous, sadistic maniac.

An ECW icon, New Jack was famous for a stiff, high-risk wrestling style that utilized chairs, tables and whatever weapons lie under the ring. 

He has long been a controversial figure, unafraid to use racial issues as a part of his angles. 

But it's not controversial promos or gimmicks that should have him blacklisted from wrestling; it's his callousness and history of violence. 

Wrestlers should be afraid to step in the ring with New Jack. There have been too many times where his matches have devolved into a legitimate attack. 

In a match against Gypsy Joe in 2003, New Jack was angered by Joe's refusal to sell his moves. The match quickly turned into a real fight.

As New Jack pounded Joe, the disturbed fans began to become unglued. Some left the building; some began to shout at New Jack.  

This wasn't about entertainment or sport, but New Jack's pride.

New Jack's matches have often blurred the line between hardcore and criminal. 

Did he try to kill Vic Grimes when he threw him off the scaffold? Was he concerned at all with Eric Kulas’ well-being when he cut into his head during what is dubbed the Mass Transit Incident?

One could argue that these events, as violent as they were, were a part of the scripted action. 

There is one incident, though, that is indefensible. 

In 2004, he stabbed a wrestler. 

This was not a prop knife theater stabbing, but an attack that had New Jack receive aggravated assault charges. 

William Jason Lane challenged New Jack at a Thunder Wrestling Federation event. Lane was a green wrestler who hit New Jack with stiff shots to the head once the bell rang. 

New Jack's temper flared within a matter of seconds.

He jabbed Lane with a blade in his back and neck. Lane crumbled helplessly to the mat. 

What's even more disturbing is that in an interview after the incident, New Jack shows no remorse. 

He speaks coldly and calmly about slipping a knife out during the match and stabbing his opponent.

New Jack has wrestled several times after this attack.

Despite knowing what brutality New Jack is capable of, bookers continue to hire him. He clearly doesn’t care about the well-being of the people in the ring with him.

Photo from obsessedwithwrestling.com
Photo from obsessedwithwrestling.com

Hiring New Jack is endangering the men on your roster.

If attempted murder doesn't get him banned for life, then what will?

Wrestling is a sport where, even though they may be beating the hell out of each other, opponents look out for each other. It’s dangerous enough without some psycho trying to kill you. 

No one should ever cheer for New Jack.

He doesn't deserve another chance to bloody another wrestling mat or receive another paycheck from an industry he has defiled. 

At Extreme Reunion, his opponent needs to approach with caution. New Jack is capable of anything. 


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