WrestleMania 28: What We Learned from Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos' Win

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 2, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

At WrestleMania 28, the dynamic duo of Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos managed to defeat Eve Torres and Divas champion Beth Phoenix.

The finish came about after the Extra host managed to pin longtime enemy Phoenix, courtesy of a shocking roll-up.

While the match wasn't a show-stealer (not that anyone expected that going in), it was a perfectly decent Divas bout. All four women tried their best, with Menounos even battling through two broken ribs she sustained while undergoing the super-tough training for ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

A lively, fun scrap, the bout wasn't a disaster—like many other women's matches in WWE have been—and was a perfectly adequate time-filler. 

And, hey, if it's any comfort, the girls got considerably more time than the laughably short Sheamus/Daniel Bryan World Heavyweight Championship match.

So what does this victory at WM for Kelly and Maria mean, then?  

Well, embarrassingly for Phoenix, WrestleMania 28 marks the second time non-wrestler Menounos has managed to pin the Divas champion: She also defeated her as last December's Tribute to the Troops show with a sunset flip that also seemed to come out of nowhere.

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Since winning the title from Kelly Kelly last October at WWE's Hell in a Cell, Phoenix has struggled to remain relevant in the promotion, only making sporadic appearances on Raw and SmackDown over the past few months.

Her once-promising partnership with third-generation diva Natalya, with the two initially promising to revive the stale women's division in WWE, also flopped badly and the two quietly went their separate ways several weeks ago.

A loss here, to a non-wrestler like Menounos, certainly won't help her regain any of her lost credibility. She's still the Divas champion, sure, but what exactly does that mean when she remains a virtual non-entity in the company?

In recent times, it has often been suggested WWE brass don't think much of Phoenix or her championship reign; nothing that happened at Mania seems to debate that fact. 

The loss at WrestleMania 28 doesn't help Eve Torres' career, either.

Since she turned heel on love interest Zack Ryder two months ago, she's become one of the most hated characters in the company, with fans booing her vociferously in arenas wherever she goes. Her catty and obnoxious promos have been tremendous too, with the Diva Search winner clearly reveling in her new bad-girl role.

The talented and intoxicatingly gorgeous Torres had that rare thing for a Diva: momentum. 

A loss here makes us wonder whether WWE are losing faith in her new character and considering putting the brakes on her huge push. Or maybe not. We'll have to wait and see.

Of course, a won here should aid Kelly's career. But, really, she was just a supporting entity in what was Menounos' angle. Kelly could get a renewed push from this, sure. But, most likely, she'll just go back to being the afterthought she was before this angle started.

While the other women did benefit somewhat from being in this angle (and unlike most of the other Divas, they will be getting WM paydays, which has to be of great comfort), this was mainly about Menounos, who came out of the event looking like a plucky, inexperienced underdog who would fight against the odds and emerge victorious.

As a genuine mainstream star, the Greek beauty was always going to be given priority at Mania; the results should not surprise us. Hiring celebrities for angles, and booking them in an extremely flattering manner, has always been a priority for WWE.

Now, if they could only book the wrestlers under contract so well, they might just be on to something. 

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