10 of the Best Physiques in MMA History

Dwight Wakabayashi@WakafightermmaCorrespondent IIMarch 7, 2012

10 of the Best Physiques in MMA History

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    When you think of the physique of a professional fighter, a certain ripped and muscular picture is sure to come to mind. There are some fighters that can shake an opponent's confidence simply by stepping into the cage looking like they want to distribute a severe pain clinic.

    Newly signed UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem is one perfect example of a fighter whose sheer look and physique may cause the man across from him to shake at the knees and consider backing out. 

    Overeem is not alone in this sport with that ripped look of an Adonis. Here are 10 Of The Best Physiques in MMA History.

    You must have a minimum of five professional fights to qualify, so chiseled fighters such as Bobby Lashley and Mariusz Pudzianowski do not qualify.

    Honorable mention: Ryan Ford, Melvin Guillard, Jeff Monson, Thiago Alves

10. Hector Lombard

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    Hector Lombard has been a chiseled and feared mixed martial artist for some time now, and is one of the most imposing fighters outside of the UFC.

    Fans have been calling and wishing for his debut in the top promotion for a while now based on his impeccable physique and his aggressive style.

    The American Top Team fighter has always had the fighter physique, and is one of the most imposing fighters because of it.

9. Shane Carwin

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    I will certainly admit that the larger and original version of heavyweight Shane Carwin is a much more impressive physique than Carwin 2.0. The dehydrated and drawn Carwin of UFC 131 is not as bulky or imposing a look.

    Loss of mass aside, Carwin's size, shoulders and mitts are extremely intimidating to stand in front of and have to fight. At 6'2 and 254 pounds, Carwin remains one of the best physiques the sport has ever seen.

8. Melvin Manhoef

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    Melvin Manhoef is a little on the short side at 5'9" but this 185-pounder is made of muscle and has one of the most impressive physiques of fighters currently outside of the UFC.

    Manhoef's skills have not been as imposing as his look, as he loses his share of fights, but one look at him and you can see why he has become such a marketable fighter outside of the UFC.

7. Randy Couture

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    Randy Couture will always be known more for his fighter make-up inside his shell, but he can also hold title to one of the best physiques in the history of MMA.

    Couture was always in great shape and the minimal body fat and ripped muscle helped him defeat larger, unsuspecting foes throughout his career.

6. Cheick Kongo

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    Cheick Kongo is a heavyweight and has a look that you would never want to have to encounter inside a closed caged area. At 6'4" and 235 pounds of solid muscle, Kongo just looks the part of athlete and fighter.

    Along with the muscular frame, Kongo has long, cut limbs that are riddled with veins and muscle mass. His look is one of the best a big man can achieve.

5. Brock Lesnar

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    Complete mixed martial artist or oversized bully, one thing that is crystal clear about heavyweight Brock Lesnar is that he has one of the most physically imposing statures in the history of the game

    I would not want to look or deal with the sheer size and mass that Lesnar brings in his 6'3", 265-pound frame.

    He is also incredibly agile for his size, and who can forget the fright that a frothing-at-the-mouth Lesnar can bring to his opponent?

4. Anthony Johnson

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    It has been said that Anthony "Rumble" Johnson walks around at a normal weight of 225 pounds, and he once competed in the 170-pound division.

    Needless to say, that is a very serious and significant weight cut for Rumble to make, but once he is done making weight, he can boast one of the most impressive physiques of all time.

    Johnson is also an absolutely huge and ripped 185-pounder once his training and cutting is all said and done. The result is a very imposing and quick man for his size.

3. Ken Shamrock

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    Ken Shamrock can claim to be the first chiseled man of the UFC. He competed long before the time of the sophisticated, sculpted athlete but achieved a great physique through natural training.

    His muscular physique was the model for the early UFC, and Shamrock attracted many fans to the early show with his look alone.

2. Georges St. Pierre

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    Georges St-Pierre is a freak-of-nature athlete with the physique made for the cover of fitness magazines.

    You know when the ladies can't stop talking and looking and guys want to emulate that body, that the man is doing something right.

    His physique is perfectly proportioned, and at 170 pounds, he makes the common man strive for no body fat. Aside from being one of the best fighters in history, GSP also has one of the best physiques of all time.

1. Alistair Overeem

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    Fans all around the world waited a long time for Alistair Overeem and his perfectly imposing physique to come in and challenge the big boys of the UFC.

    At 6'5 and 260 pounds, Overeem's physique has gone through an evolution the sport has never seen before.

    He started his career at light heavyweight with a long and lanky frame, and filled out through the years to become the heavyweight beast that he is.

    Overeem takes the title for the best physique in MMA history.

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