20 Great Two-Footed Players in World Football History

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIFebruary 15, 2012

20 Great Two-Footed Players in World Football History

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    Genuine two-footed players are generally among the most extraordinary in the history of World Football.

    There are still many great players, like Diego Maradona, who did spectacularly with primarily  one foot, but doing things with two feet gave these guys a different dimension to their game.

    These aren't just the players who could take the occasional shot with their weaker foot. They could dribble, shoot, cross and pass on each foot in a comfortable fashion.

    As is the case with all the greats on this list, they were among the most skillful players during their era and being two-footed was one reason why.

    To go along with the idea of history, there are no players on this list who are currently playing.

    Here are some great two-footed players in World Football history.

Johan Cruyff

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    Cruyff was certainly among the greatest in the game and there are many reasons why. His vision, speed and dribbling were all a major part of who he was.

    Everything was probably a lot easier due to his ability to use both feet.

Zinedine Zidane

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    The countless amount of great goals Zinedine Zidane scored with both his feet are testament to his two-footedness.

    Zidane was definitely not just a scorer, though and you could see in his graceful dribbling and passing how effective he was with either.

Glen Hoddle

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    Glen Hoddle had very natural ability with both feet and that was part of the reason why he was probably England's most skilful player during his time.

Alfredo Di Stefano

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    Alfredo Di Stefano has been described by other greats as "the most complete player to have graced the game.

    There is no secret that one of the reasons for this was his two-footed ability.


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    Socrates was a tall, elegant play-maker who used his abilities well. One of these abilities was the use of his two feet. This enabled him to score a good number of goals and make his exquisite passes.

Paolo Maldini

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    Paolo Maldini was a one-club man but he certainly did not use just one foot on the field. Though Maldini is well known for his play as a left-back, he is actually naturally right-footed.

    This fact may or may not incite some debate, but there are sources here, here, and here that present Maldini as naturally right-footed.

George Best

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    It definitely seems that a lot of the more sublime players in the game were good with two feet. George Best was certainly a sublime player and used two feet with great effect.

Michael Laudrup

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    Michael Laudrup was an excellent play-maker as well as a fine dribbler.

    He was great with both feet and mesmerized opponents and teammates alike in Spain, Italy and on the international stage.


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    The Ronaldo. No slicked back hair or petty whining here. Ronaldo was an explosive player in his prime and was still pretty effective after that. He was great dribbling and shooting with both feet.


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    Pele was a very, very complete player. He had a great header, he was fast, powerful and clinical in front of goal.

    He had a pretty powerful shot with either his left or his right foot, and that helped make him the great player he was.

Pavel Nedved

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    Pavel Nedved was certainly one of the greatest players in the modern era. He could play on either wing and possessed a ferocious shot with either foot.

Marc Overmars

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    Marc Overmars was a speedy winger with very direct dribbling skills. He could confuse defenders with his use of either foot on either wing, and he scored a good amount of goals with both feet as well.

Michel Platini

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    Michel Platini was predominantly right-footed but he used his left to good effect countless times.

Roberto Baggio

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    "The Divine Ponytail" had a plethora of skills in his arsenal. His two-footed ability helped him become one of Italy's greats. With stints at three of the biggest clubs in the country—Milan, Juventus and Inter—Baggio had no shortage of fans to display his talents to.

Carlos Valderrama

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    Carlos Valderrama is undoubtedly Colombia's greatest player.

    His hairstyle made him unmistakable on the pitch but what really counted was his play-making skills. He was able to use both his feet to find his teammates with his exceptional passing.

Bobby Charlton

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    Bobby Charlton used both his feet to fantastic effect. He possessed great passing range and a considerably strong shot on either side.


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    Zico was another excellent two-footed player from Brazil, and his goal-scoring attributes as well as his play-making skills were credit to this.

Tom Finney

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    Tom Finney was one of England's greats and a Preston North End legend. Finney was highly rated amongst his colleagues for his ability, and part of that was his effective use of both feet.

John Barnes

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    John Barnes could dribble, pass and shoot equally well with both feet. He had the ability to play on either wing or through the middle and made things very different for his opponents with all his skills.

John Charles

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    The name John Charles may or may not ring a few bells for most people. He was considered one of the greatest all around British players and he was a legend for both Leeds and Juventus.

    In fact, he was the first non-Italian to be inducted into Azzurri Hall of Fame, even before the likes of Diego Maradona and Michel Platini.