9 More of the Most Famous and Infamous Backstage Fights in Wrestling History

Mike Shannon@@DLman91Featured ColumnistFebruary 7, 2012

9 More of the Most Famous and Infamous Backstage Fights in Wrestling History

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    Part one of the best backstage fights in wrestling history (which you can read here) was a huge success, so I figured it was time for part two.

    Most fans agreed that the first list was rather comprehensive (with one very notable exception), so I hope to cover the rest of the bases here with 10 more of the most famous backstage fights between wrestlers.

    In a sport like professional wrestling, egos and personalities are going to clash and, when they do, the results can be explosive.

    Let's take a look at some interesting, tragic and sometimes funny backstage fights that happen in this always-entertaining sport of ours.

    Note: Please remember there is no way to actually know how these conflicts happened, so please don't take these stories as complete fact.

10. Buff Bagwell vs. Hurricane Helms

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    Buff Bagwell is the definition of a guy with a million-dollar body and a two-cent brain.

    In 2001, after WWE had purchased WCW, Bagwell and Shane "Hurricane" Helms were taking a break while working out for WWE officials.

    Bagwell, who has a reputation as kind of a pain in the ass, made a remark to Helms that Hurricane would never be a superstar because he was too short, had no muscle definition and didn't look like he could actually beat anyone up.

    Helms got a little tired of hearing Bagwell run his mouth, so he finally snapped and threw a frozen bottle of water at Buff, splitting his head open.  Helms followed that up by punching the back of Bagwell's head multiple times until other wrestlers pulled him off.

    Now, you have to remember that before this incident, Bagwell actually had his mother call WWE officials to tell them that he was sick and wouldn't be making a show.  Needless to say, this conflict with Helms broke the already-thin ice that Buff was skating on.

    In Bagwell's last WWE moment, Bradshaw stiffed the hell out of him and Powerbombed Bagwell on his head.  When Buff said his neck was broken, Bradshaw called him an extremely offensive word and Powerbombed him again.

    Winner: Hurricane Helms


8. Jim Duggan vs. Balls Mahoney

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    Balls Mahoney told this story on a shoot tape a couple of years ago.

    Jim Duggan and Balls were working an independent show and Mahoney was doing a fire-breathing gimmick where he would hit the baby face in the head with a fireball from his mouth.

    Duggan and Balls went over the spots in the dressing room and planned out that Duggan would duck when Balls spat fire.  They went out there and Duggan screwed up the first two spots so Balls just decided to get to the fire and be done with it.

    Balls got the fluid in his mouth, held his lighter and got ready to spit but Duggan simply knocked the lighter out of Mahoney's hands, causing Balls to just spit fluid and making him look like a total idiot.

    Balls flipped off Duggan in the ring and headed to the locker room to retrieve a huge hunting knife that he carried with him at all times.  The boys in the back were so scared that they lured Balls into a closet and barricaded him in until they could get Duggan out of the building.

    Winner: Balls Mahoney

7. Wendi Richter vs. Spider Lady

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    Many people don't know that Bret Hart was not the first person who Vince McMahon screwed out of a title.

    Wendi Richter was one of the WWF's hottest stars in the 1980s.  She was the women's champion during the Rock 'n' Wrestling period and even had Cyndi Lauper in her corner during the inaugural WrestleMania.

    A few months later, Richter was minutes away from a title defense at Madison Square Garden against Spider Lady (a jobber under a mask).

    Richter's contract was up and just before she headed through the curtain, Vince shoved a new contract under her nose.  In this new deal, a clause was included where Richter would sign away all her merchandising rights to McMahon.

    Obviously, Richter said she would have to think about it and would review the contract after the match.  McMahon loudly insisted that she sign it immediately but Richter headed to the ring anyways.

    Unfortunately for Wendi, Spider Lady was not being played by the usual female jobber that night.  Nope, it was the Fabulous Moolah under the mask.

    Moolah quickly rolled Richter up and hooked her tights for the pin and the title, sending Wendi packing from the World Wrestling Federation.

    Richter never worked for the WWF ever again and only recently reconciled with McMahon.

    For the record, Fabulous Moolah claimed she had no idea the fix was in and didn't expect the referee to count to three.


    Winner: Spider Lady

6. Jacques Rougeau vs. Dynamite Kid

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    This one started as a prank war and ended with some busted teeth.

    The Rougeau Brothers returned backstage from a match to find their clothes cut up and thrown all around the locker room.  While Mr. Perfect was the real culprit, the Rougeaus blamed the British Bulldogs who were notorious for their "pranks."  Dynamite Kid was a famous tough guy who was totally shot up with steroids, so the Rougeaus backed down when Dynamite started going crazy on them.

    A few weeks later, Jacques got his revenge against the Dynamite Kid.  Rougeau sucker-punched Dynamite in the mouth with a roll of coins in his hand, knocking out several teeth and sending him to the floor.

    World Wrestling Federation agents paid to get Dynamite's teeth fixed but Vince McMahon still wanted a sit-down.  During the meeting, Dynamite demanded that Jacques pay to have his teeth replaced, since Rougeau didn't know the agents already paid.

    In the end, Dynamite got some new teeth and an extra $1,800 from Jacques Rougeau.

    Winner: Dynamite Kid

5. Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Puder

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    This one actually isn't a backstage fight, since it took place in front of thousands of fans.

    During the 2004 edition of Tough Enough (which was aired during normal WWE programming), there was a challenge where contestants had to wrestle Kurt Angle.

    Daniel Puder volunteered for the challenge since he had MMA experience.  Angle and Puder started shoot wrestling and Puder managed to lock Angle in a kimura, an extremely painful submission hold which ends many MMA matches.

    The agents backstage started screaming for the referee to stop the match, which he did by counting a pin even though Puder's shoulders were not on the mat. 

    Fans who were not followers of MMA never even knew it happened since it was so fast but Angle knew how close he was to having a severe arm injury.

    Winner: Daniel Puder

4. Perry Saturn vs. Mike Bell

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    Usually, I have to describe these shoot fights for you because there is no video.  This, however, is not one of those times.

    During a dark match against jobber Mike Bell, Perry Saturn took offense to Bell accidentally dumping Saturn on his head/neck.

    Saturn went absolutely nuts and destroyed Bell, throwing shoot kicks and tossing him dangerously out of the ring on his head. 

    Winner: Perry Saturn

3. Brian Pillman vs. Sid Vicious

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    This brawl had one of the most famous weapons ever involved in a fight between wrestlers.

    Sid and Brian Pillman (one of wrestling's most famous party animals) were out drinking one night in 1991.  Sid and Pillman were rumored to have a storyline upcoming, so Sid started mouthing off about what he wanted to do and how Pillman should just listen to him.

    Pillman, a notorious tough guy, told Sid to shove it and basically embarrassed him in front of all the other boys in the bar.

    Sid went nuts and promised to return with a weapon that would make Pillman pay for what he said.

    Vicious went outside to search around but could only find a closed gas station.  Instead of leaving empty-handed, Sid returned to the bar with the deadliest weapon of them all: a squeegee.

    Sid will never, ever hear the end of that one.

    Winner: Brian Pillman  

2: Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels

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    Well, we all know the story behind this one so I'm not going to rehash Montreal for the 57,362nd time.

    Needless to say, tensions between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels had been brewing for months.  Hart made it no secret that he hated Shawn Michaels and thought he represented everything that was wrong with the wrestling business in the late '90s.

    Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels used his live microphone on Raw to embarrass Hart at any opportunity.  Infamously, Shawn made a comment in a promo about Bret experiencing a lot of "sunny days" lately, exposing the not-so-secret affair Bret was having with Tammy Sytch.

    It finally came to a head backstage at Raw when Bret finally had enough of Shawn and punched him in the head.  They both rolled around on the ground and Bret ripped out a clump of Shawn's hair.  HBK grabbed his stuff and left the arena, laying the groundwork for Montreal.

    Winner: Bret Hart but not in the long run

1. Sid Vicious vs. Arn Anderson

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    This is the fight that I left off the last list (had to have something for part two, right?).  There are a couple different versions of this story, so I'll relay the one I've heard the most.

    Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious were out drinking with a bunch of WCW wrestlers.  Sid started running his mouth about how he was going to be the next huge star of wrestling and the Four Horsemen better get out of his way before he runs through them.

    Anyways, Arn Anderson was a little less than impressed with Mr. Vicious and started telling Sid he's never drawn a dime in his life and he's nothing but a big goof.  Words were exchanged and a few beers may have been thrown but both return to their hotel rooms.

    However, a little later in the night Sid burst into Arn's hotel room while Anderson was sleeping and started beating him with an object while Arn is in his bed.  Anderson got to his feet and the two really started going at it, battling throughout the room.

    Eventually, Sid got hold of a pair of scissors and started stabbing Anderson all over his body.  According to reports, the entire hotel hallway was smeared in blood.  Ric Flair later said that it looked like a murder scene because of all the blood on the floor and walls.

    Finally, 2 Cold Scorpio stepped in and saved Arn's life.  This incident got out very quickly and pretty much embarrassed the company to no end.  Thankfully, Anderson recovered although this could have turned into another Bruiser Brody situation.

    (Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)