FC Barcelona: The Top 10 Celebrity Fans

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IFebruary 7, 2012

FC Barcelona: The Top 10 Celebrity Fans

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    FC Barcelona is known as the universal club secondary to its appeal for many. The fanbase of La Blaugrana extends to every corner of the world including artists.

    The subject has been discussed many times about fans who are artists. I have decided to take the slideshow to a different level from previous ones.

    The invitation is extended for those who read BR to sit back, relax and enjoy the slideshow.

1. Ranbir Kapoor

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    Ranbir Kapoor is a famous actor of the Bollywood movies and a fan of FC Barcelona. Kapoor is also the FC Barcelona Ambassador to India.

    Kapoor (in an interview with Barca TV) considers it an honor to be associated with FC Barcelona. He is promoting the club and its values at schools in India.

    Kapoor talked about his support for the club since the early 1990s and how they play great world football. He was seen in a video with Gerard Pique during a visit to FC Barcelona.

2. Joan Manuel Serrat

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    Joan Manuel Serrat is a Catalan/Spanish singer/songwriter who is famous worldwide for his music dealing with everyday life. Serrat is also a fan of FC Barcelona and is seen in this video singing the Barca hymn.

    Serrat sang the hymn to celebrate the centenary of FC Barcelona.

3. Gisela

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    Gisela is another Catalan/Spanish singer whose rise to fame came from a Spanish reality TV show and the Eurovision contest. Gisela is seen in this video showing her loyalty to La Blaugrana by singing the FC Barcelona hymn.

4. Shakira

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    Shakira is a fan of FC Barcelona and it is not because of her relationship with Gerard Pique. Shakira's foundation, Pies Descalzo, recently partnered with FC Barcelona and the Miami YMCA.

    The partnership was created during the match between FC Barcelona and Chivas of Guadalajara at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida in the summer of 2011. The purpose is to create opportunities for the communities in Miami, Florida to grow and thrive.

    It is this program that provides proof that world football (like other sports) unite people. I hope that this program continues for a long time.

5. Justin Bieber

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    Justin Bieber is another FC Barcelona supporter who is an artist. Bieber is present in a video training with players from FC Barcelona.

    I am tempted to comment about Bieber playing world football with La Blaugrana. My final decision was to remain silent.

6. Kobe Bryant

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    Kobe Bryant is not only famous with the NBA team LA Lakers, he is also a Barca fan. Bryant was interviewed by Barca TV and expressed his gratitude to Barca for wearing the colors of La Blaugrana.

    Bryant said in the interview that it was not the first time he wore the Barca colors. Bryant went on to say that he was glad to wear the FC Barcelona shirt.

7. Salvador Dali

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    Salvador Dali may have been an FC Barcelona supporter. According to the FC Barcelona website, Dali and fellow Catalan painter Joan Miro participated in the 75th anniversary of Barca's founding by submitting their paintings with the theme.

8. Manu Chao

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    Manu Chao is a Spanish French contemporary singer who has included rumba in his repertoire. He wrote and dedicated a song to FC Barcelona which is one of his favorite teams.

    The song is called "Rumba de Barcelona" (Catalan Rumba) and it captures the essence of La Blaugrana in my opinion.

9. Jose Carreras

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    Jose Carreras is a Catalan/Spanish opera singer who supports FC Barcelona. His support brought benefits to those who need a bone marrow transplant.

    The Jose Carreras Leukemia Foundation collaborated with the FC Barcelona Foundation to promote donation of cord blood and bone marrow for the immigrant population in Spain.

10. Drew Carey

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    Drew Carey is an entertainer from Ohio/USA who is part owner of the Seattle Sounders. Carey has expressed his admiration for FC Barcelona.

    Carey considers FC Barcelona a model for Seattle in the hopes that the Sounders could be a fan-owned team. I also support the proposal by Drew Carey about fan ownership and participation in its team.


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    I have attempted to present to BR readers a different perspective on the fans of La Blaugrana. I wanted the slideshow to show celebrities that support FC Barcelona that have not received publicity outside of Spain or Europe.

    It is hoped that the BR readers enjoy this perspective on celebrity Barca fans. It is also hoped that the BR readers could find more celebrity fans of La Blaugrana which may or may not have received publicity.

    Thank you for your time and patience with this slideshow.