Cristiano Ronaldo: An Example for Every Aspiring Footballer

Zaakir HoosenAnalyst IJanuary 25, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo: An Example for Every Aspiring Footballer

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    While the bar has been raised every season by the likes of Lionel Messi, Xavi and company, one player that has been able to keep up is the Portuguese captain, Cristiano.

    Criticized for his lack of team effort, for his arrogance and gloating, the former Manchester United man has every reason to be proud of his achievements.

    While he struggles to shrug off the mighty Argentinian to the throne of World Footballer of the year, having come second for the past three years and once wearing the crown himself not so long ago, Ronaldo has been praised by his peers for his professionalism on and off the pitch.

    In today's age, where so much of what happens outside of football characterizes a footballer, a player with so much influence away from the pitch has remained true to himself once he steps onto the field.

    Known for his well-paying endorsement deals with the likes of Armani, Nike, Coca Cola and Castrol, Ronaldo has an estimated net worth of around $160 million.

    But what has gotten him to where he is...??


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    There are few players in the world that have confidence in themselves and their ability consistently—the confidence that will see them at the top right through the season.

    Naming a few players who have similar qualities is like naming the top five nominated players for the Ballon d'Or award.

    Ronaldo has been able to believe in himself throughout his career, which has enabled him to perform week in and week out whether it was for Manchester United or Real Madrid.


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    When you perform at the highest level, whether it be in sports, business or even in government, you require a sense of arrogance to keep you at the top, to gain some respect and to be reminded of where you are.

    Ronaldo might go overboard at times, but it's his ability and success that have made him like that. Every player requires some level of arrogance; it's a way of ensuring they keep their confidence level at an all-time high.

    Examples of this can be found in the likes of Usain Bolt, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho even the master himself, Leo Messi.

Ability & Performance

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    Wanting to be recognized  and remembered won't happen if you make all the noise and fail to deliver. Most important is how you perform on the pitch.

    Scoring goals, creating chances and taking the opportunities is what makes good players great.

    Very few can doubt the talent that Ronaldo has, having won league titles, the Champions League and World Club Cup with Manchester United.

    Ronaldo has now set his sights on success at Real Madrid.


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    Many players have the looks, the ability and even the opportunity, yet they eventually fail.

    A key to success in anything you do is simple: How much you put in will result in how much you get out.

    Ronaldo is known amongst his peers for being one of the most professional footballers in the modern game, having been praised by some of the most recognized faces in sport. 

    "He is the first to arrive and the last leave training. I see him and say to myself, ‘I have to train harder.' He’s a wonderful guy, a total leader," says Madrid legend Raul to AS (ESPN Star).

    Patrice Evra said to L'Equipe (h/t "Cristiano was training more and more each time—every time he had more hunger. He wanted to be better every day." 

    Another former Real Madrid start, Zidane said to AS (h/t "People need to realize who is Cristiano Ronaldo. He's a truly remarkable professional football player, who works like no other athlete."

    Many have ear-marked these traits of him working tirelessly in training, adding extra time to his schedule despite being better than anyone else in the current squad, yet he feels the need to put in the time.

    In today's world where so much emphasis is put on the final result, little is known about how much effort is put into preparation.

    Ronaldo, like many stars, has been able to keep himself in the best shape both physically and mentally, in order to challenge at the highest level.

    Dedication is the most important fundamental when chasing success.


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