What Did the Fighters Do After UFC 1?

Tim McTiernan@tmt2393Correspondent IJanuary 18, 2012

What Did the Fighters Do After UFC 1?

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    On Nov. 12, 1993, the UFC had its first event ever.

    That night, in Denver, Colorado, a sport was born to see which fighting style would reign supreme over all the others.

    On that night, Royce Gracie, and Gracie Jiu Jitsu reigned supreme over all other forms of combat, including boxing, wrestling and catch wrestling.

    Now, 18 years later, let's take a look at where all 10 fighters went after that night.

The Alternates

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    Jason DeLucia: went on to have one of the more active MMA careers. His first career fight was at UFC 1, where he earned the victory over Trent Jenkins. He returned for UFC 2, where he won his fight in the first round, and then lost to Royce Gracie in the second round.

    DeLucia finished his career in 2006, with a record of 33-21-1. He had three notable fights with Bas Rutten, the last of which left him with a ruptured liver.

    Trent Jenkins: went on to have an 0-4 professional record in MMA. After his loss at UFC 1, Jenkins fought at Ultimate Ultimate 95, where he lost to Mark Hall.

    Then, he had two more fights outside of the UFC, both of which he lost inside of five minutes. Overall, Jenkins had four fights over a seven-year period, and had his last fight in 2000.

Gerard Gordeau

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    Gerard Gordeau came into UFC 1 with prior MMA experience, and he had gone 1-2 in his first three career fights. However, he didn't lose due to his opponent—his two losses were both DQs.

    At UFC 1, he defeated Teila Tuli and Kevin Rosier as he advanced to the finals against Royce Gracie.

    In the fight against Gracie, he was submitted with a rear-naked choke in 1:44 of the first round.

    After that, Gordeau had one more pro MMA fight in 1995, which he lost via heel hook.

    Since his retirement from MMA, Gordeau has taken part in several Japanese pro wrestling matches, most recently in April 2010.

Teila Tuli

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    You probably know Teila Tuli as the guy who got kicked in the face, lost a tooth and lost the fight due to doctor stoppage in just 26 seconds.

    That was Tuli's only pro MMA fight, and his last fight of any type.

    Some people may recognize Tuli from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where he played a hotel worker who befriended Peter Brenner, played by Jason Segel.

    For those that can't remember him right away, he was the guy who Jason Segel's character killed the pig with.

    Now he has a recurring role on Hawaii Five-0.

Kevin Rosier

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    Kevin Rosier came into UFC 1 with a pro boxing record of 2-3, and a kickboxing record of 66-8, with 66 knockouts. Needless to say, he was one of the more experienced guys.

    At UFC 1, he defeated Zane Frazier in the quarterfinals. He then advanced to the semifinals and lost to Gerard Gordeau.

    He returned at UFC 4, where he lost via armbar in just 14 seconds.

    After that, he had five more pro MMA fights, going 1-4, and losing twice to Dan Severn.

Zane Frazier

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    Zane Frazier came into UFC 1 with professional kickboxing experience, and he was 17-0 when he made his UFC debut.

    UFC 1 was his first MMA fight, and he was TKO'd at 4:20 of round 1.

    Frazier then went to fight in Shooto, just one fight which he won, then returned for UFC 9, a fight which he lost.

    Frazier went on to have a 15-fight MMA career, going 4-11 overall. Also, after his fight at UFC 1, he went back to pro kickboxing, and lost the last two fights of his career.

    He finished professional kickboxing in 1996, and retired with a 17-2 overall record.

Royce Gracie

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    Any MMA fan should know the name Royce Gracie.

    Gracie was the winner of UFC 1, UFC 2 and UFC 4. Gracie went 11-0 in his first 11 fights in the Octagon, and he submitted all 11 opponents.

    At UFC 5, he faced Ken Shamrock in a fight that ended up being a draw due to lack of judges.

    Then after leaving the UFC, Gracie fought in Pride and K-1, where he went 2-1-2, with the only loss coming to Kazushi Sakuraba in a special rules match.

    Then in his return to the Octagon, he was nearly submitted, and finally TKO'd, by the welterweight champion at the time, Matt Hughes.

    After that, Gracie fought Kazushi Sakuraba in a rematch, and won via unanimous decision.

Art Jimmerson

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    Art Jimmerson was the first man to face Royce Gracie in the Octagon, and you may notice that he is wearing one boxing glove.

    Jimmerson entered UFC 1 as a boxer, and he didn't want to get his jab hand hurt, so he fought with the lone glove.

    Gracie got him to the ground, and achieved full mount, at which point, Jimmerson tapped out.

    That was Jimmerson's only MMA fight, and he went back to boxing soon after.

    Nowadays, Jimmerson is the head boxing trainer at the UFC gym in Las Vegas.

Ken Shamrock

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    If you know the name Royce Gracie, it is very likely that you also know the name Ken Shamrock.

    At UFC 1, Shamrock won his quarterfinal fight, and was then submitted by Royce Gracie in the semifinals. However, that wasn't the last you'd see of these two.

    In the meantime, Shamrock went back to Pancrase, won several fights, and reappeared at UFC 3, where he won two more fights. He dropped out of the finals after hearing that Gracie had pulled out.

    At UFC 5, Shamrock finally earned his rematch with Gracie, which ended up as a draw due to lack of judges.

    From that time on, Shamrock fought in several promotions, including Pancrase, UFC, Pride, and several others. Then when he was cut from the UFC in 2006, he fought five more times, going 2-3.

    Shamrock is not officially retired, but has not fought since 2010.

Patrick Smith

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    Patrick Smith made his debut at UFC 1, losing his first fight to Ken Shamrock via heel hook.

    Then he returned at UFC 2, where he made it to the finals, only to lose to Royce Gracie.

    After that, Smith fought once more for the UFC, and twice for K-1.

    He went on to fight for several smaller promotions, and the Bas Rutten Invitational, where he never advanced past the quarterfinals.

    Smith currently has a record of 20-15, and last fought in 2009. It is unclear if he is retired or not.

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