Philadelphia Sports: Best Sports Quotes in Philly History

Eddie Ravert@@eddie_rageContributor IIJanuary 7, 2012

Philadelphia Sports: Best Sports Quotes in Philly History

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    Philadelphia has had its fair share of interesting athletes throughout the years. Along with interesting characters, Philly sports figures have also been known for their infamous quotes.

    Whether it was directly after a loss, or a miraculous fourth down reception or at a World Series parade, some Philly sports stars really knew how to blow a gasket or pump up a crowd.

    No matter if it's the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, 76ers or Big 5 basketball, these quotes will definitely bring back some memories.

    So without further ado and/or eloquence, here are the best/most ridiculous/most passionate quotes in Philadelphia sports history.

    Warning: Some quotes have rather distasteful language

No. 10: Dream Team

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    "Dream Team"

    Ah, who could forget this past offseason when Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Vince Young proclaimed the 2011 Eagles were the, "Dream Team."

    Well not only was he utterly wrong, as the Eagles finished with an 8-8 record and failed to make the playoffs, but Young also opened the floodgates for the media to mock and make fun of him and the Eagles.

    Maybe next time Young will think before he makes outlandish statements before the team even plays a preseason game.

No. 9: I'm Gonna Kill You!

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    "I'm gonna kill you. I'll kick your ass!"

    Ah, legendary Temple University basketball coach John Chaney's blow out to then-University of Massachusetts head coach John Calipari.

    This blowout happened after a February 13, 1994, match up between the two schools, where Chaney thought Calipari was manipulating the refs.

    This goes down as one of the most famous quotes not only in Big 5 basketball history, but in sports as a whole.

    But don't worry, anyone who knows Chaney realizes this was just a minor speed bump in his otherwise Big 5 Hall of Fame career.

No. 8: Ass Hammer

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    "When you get that nice celebration coming into the dugout and you're getting your ass hammered by guys—there's no better feeling than to have that done."

    Arguably one of the most famous home runs in Philadelphia Phillies history, followed by arguably one of the weirdest quotes in sports history.

    Matt Stairs has been known to hit some mammoth home runs in his career, but his dinger against the Los Angeles Dodgers on October 13, 2008, in the NLCS was definitely his most famous and even earned the title of, "moon-shot."

    It put the Phils ahead and ultimately led to them winning that game, that series and the 2008 World Series. 

    Oh yeah, he hit the bomb off of fire-ball pitcher Jonathan Broxton.

    Then came his press conference, where he said he enjoyed getting his ass hammered by guys. Now, anyone who knows anything about baseball, or sports in general, knows it's a sign of respect when you slap a teammate on the butt. 

    No one, however, has said it the way Stairs did. 

No. 7: Next Question

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    "Next Question"

    The Terrell Owens drama was not entirely self induced. The ex-Eagles wideout once allowed his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, to do all the talking during one interview.

    Owens is known to be a talker, but he is nothing in comparison to what his agent does in this video. Rosenhaus diverted questions that were asked to him 13 times by responding with, "Next question."

    This is the shortened video to save everyone from reliving that horrid moment, but at the very least, it can refresh your memory of this classic and pathetic moment. 

No. 6: The People Who Listen to WIP...

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    "The people who listen to WIP are in South Philly f---ing their sisters, and the people who work for WIP are f----ing their mothers."

    This may just be the most malicious and down right most awful thing any Philly sports figures has ever said. Phillies manager Jim Fregosi uttered these words to Phillies beat writers in a bull session during the 1994 season.

    Well, many of the writers opted not to discuss it until it got in the hands of the loud mouth/very opinionated Howard Eskin.

    Fregosi coached the Phils for six years and only produced one winning season. Needless to say, he was not very liked in Philadelphia. 

    During a press conference apologizing for his remarks, Fregosi said he was only going to answer questions about the team. Another Philly radio voice Glen Macnow sarcastically asked, "So how's the team?"

No. 5: I'd Like to Thank My Hands...

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    "I'd like to thank my hands for being so great."

    If there is one thing Freddie Mitchell did right in his disappointing four-year career as a Philadelphia Eagle, it was the ever so famous 4th-and-26 play.

    The first-round draft pick certainly talked the talk, but didn't even come close to walking the walk.

    However, on January 11, 2004, with the Eagles losing to the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, it was Fred-Ex who came up with the clutch catch on fourth down with 26 yards to go.

    He went over the middle and grabbed the ball out of mid air for the first down. The Eagles would tie the game up and win it in overtime.

    After the game at the press conference, Mitchell uttered his famous quote.

    Eagles fans alike wish his hands could have been so great for more than that one play.

    P.S.: The video is of the play itself, not the quote.

No. 4: World F---Ing Champions!

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    "World Champions, World f----ing Champions"

    Anyone who was at the Phillies 2008 World Series parade will know how awesome this quote from Chase Utley was.

    The whole scene was great. Harry Kalas introduced Chase, the usually quiet and well mannered, professional ball player. He gets up and emphatically says, "World Champions," and paused while all the fans cheer.

    What came next, no one in Philadelphia could have predicted. Chase has always been a fan favorite, but after this debacle on live television, Utley became a hero.

    Warning: Video says actual quote 

No. 3: Win Today and We Walk Together Forever

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    "Win today and we walk together forever."

    In the golden age of Philadelphia Flyers hockey, head coach Fred Shero was known for leaving his team inspirational and philosophical quotes prior to games.

    His most famous quote was written on a chalk board right before the 1974 Stanley Cup finals, "Win today and we walk together forever." And that's exactly what his club did, becoming winners of the Lord Stanley's Cup in 1974.

    In the heart of the Broad Street Bullies era, this quote offered a fine understanding of what it truly meant to be a Flyers player, and most importantly, a Flyers fan.

No. 2: Practice!?

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    "Practice?! We're talking about practice! Not a game! Practice!"

    If you have ever lived in Philadelphia, or are familiar with the city, than you have most likely heard of Allen Iverson’s “practice” rant.

    The Answer’s rant about practice came after the 2002 season, when a reporter questioned him about missing some practices.

    Anytime someone says the word “practice," you can’t help but to quote Iverson for a second or two. It has been mocked, ridiculed, rapped, loved etc.

    A.I. was a fan favorite and was loved in the city of brotherly love, but unfortunately, he will most likely be remembered for his famous “practice” press conference.

No. 1: World Champions of Baseball...

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    "The Philadelphia Phillies are 2008 World Champions of baseball"- Harry Kalas

    Along with the Chase Utley quote before, everyone remembers where they were when Harry Kalas announced the Phillies were the 2008 World Champions of Baseball.

    Also, take notice of Chris Wheeler celebrating as Harry makes the call.

    This call isn’t great just because it’s the Phillies winning the World Series, it’s great because of the man who called it.

    Harry was the voice of the Phillies for numerous years, and he will always be the voice of the Phillies.

    He personified what it meant to be a genuine legend.

    Although he passed away suddenly in 2009, Harry will always be in the hearts of Philadelphia fans. We will always remember not only his voice, but more importantly, his love for this city.

    This call is a picture perfect example of what it means to be a Philadelphia sports fan, hence why it is, without a doubt, the best quote in Philadelphia sports history. 


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