Philadelphia Eagles: Please Fire General Manager Howie Roseman

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2011

Howie Roseman's incompetance should lead to him being fired, but it likely will not
Howie Roseman's incompetance should lead to him being fired, but it likely will notHandout/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles in 2011 underachieved and many people want to blame Andy Reid or Juan Castillo.  They want to blame the lockout or the players themselves.

In reality, there is one person who should definitely be fired heading into 2012, and that is GM Howie Roseman.  Since taking over two years ago, Roseman has done nothing in the draft. 

The Eagles spent their 2010 first round pick on DE Brandon Graham, who barely saw the field this season.  Their second-round pick was Nate Allen, who underperformed.  Their next two picks, Te'o-Nesheim and Trevard Lindley already got cut and are not on the team. 

Let's recap.  Of the top four picks the Eagles made in 2010, two are not on the team and one has been inactive most of this season.  The one who has played has not done very well. That's pathetic.  

It has to be among the worst in the NFL.  Compare that to teams who are going to the playoffs and almost all of them are getting significant contributions from at least one or two, or sometimes all of those players.

If you keep going through the 2010 draft, the Eagles did get Kurt Coleman, Riley Cooper, Keenan Clayton, Clay Harbor,and Mike Kafka in the draft, all of whom are still with the team. 

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However, if the best you did in a draft was a backup WR, a third-string QB, a backup LB, a backup tight end, or a mediocre safety, that's a terrible draft. 

Perhaps Roseman did not realize that it is okay to try to get some starters in a draft, and not just backups.  His first draft in 2010 was pathetic.  His 2011 draft is not looking much better.

See the guy sitting down, that's free agent Jarrad Page, a familiar site this season, Page on the ground missing a tackle
See the guy sitting down, that's free agent Jarrad Page, a familiar site this season, Page on the ground missing a tackleRich Schultz/Getty Images

His personnel decisions have been questionable as well.  I will give him credit for the signing of Jason Babin, although they overpaid for him, and Cullen Jenkins.  Other than that, the rest of his moves seem to have missed.

Roseman made the decision to swoop in and sign Nnamdi Asomugha for $60 million, despite already having Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and despite Asomugha being a physical, man defender who contrasted with Samuel's style. 

The Eagles could have used that money somewhere else, like linebacker, safety, or to re-sign a certain disgruntled wideout.  Instead, they used it to have a third cornerback, when they already had two solid corners, plus Joselio Hansen, an underrated nickel back.

At safety, Roseman went out and signed Jarrad Page, who couldn't tackle my grandmother.  Page missed so many tackles in such a short period of time, it was impressive.  For someone to play that bad that consistently was impressive.  Page was released by the team halfway through the year. 

Roseman also made the decision to spend money on WR Steve Smith, QB Vince Young and RB Ronnie Brown.  On those three players, the team spent roughly $9 million. 

What did they get out of those deals?  A ridiculous "dream team" proclamation (Mr. Young), the strangest looking option-fumble play at the one-yard line ever (Mr. Brown), and a dive to the ground a yard short of the first down because he did not want to take a hit (Mr. Smith).  That's it.

If they would have not signed those three players for that much money, the team would have been able to re-do Jackson's deal, and probably gotten a lot more production out of DeSean Jackson.

Another Roseman gem, Ronnie Brown, other than a key fumble, has done nothing all season
Another Roseman gem, Ronnie Brown, other than a key fumble, has done nothing all seasonJonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Roseman also made the decision to let David Akers go, and he just led the NFL in points this year and made the Pro Bowl.  Good call on that one, Howie.

Finally, the largest piece of evidence against Roseman is DeSean Jackson.  First, the Eagles did not give him his contract extension in the offseason.  They told him to report to camp and they would take care of him.  Jackson did, and the Eagles did nothing.  They lied right to his face.

Jackson was largely a good soldier after reporting until the November deadline to extend players for this season passed, which is when Jackson missed a meeting, and was suspended for the game.  The Eagles had told him if he came in and did his job that they would take care of him, and they did not. 

Who is to blame for that?  It's not Andy Reid; it is the man in charge of the contracts, Mr. Howie Roseman.

The next chapter in the Jackson saga will play out in the offseason, and I am not sure what will happen, but if Roseman's incompetence tells me anything, it is that he will screw it up.

So if you are looking for a change to be made, there is no need to look any further than general manager Howie Roseman, whose incompetence in two short seasons on the job is mind-boggling.  I did not think it was possible for someone to get so many things wrong in such a short amount of time.

Roseman continues to defy the odds every year, and I am sure 2012 will bring more missteps and blunders from the front office. 

So instead of chanting "Fire Andy" on Sunday, if the crowd was smart, it would be chanting:  "Fire Howie!"