The 5 Booking Changes WWE Fans Should Be Most Excited About in the Triple H Era

Erik BeastonAugust 17, 2022

The 5 Booking Changes WWE Fans Should Be Most Excited About in the Triple H Era

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    Just over three weeks into Triple H's role as head of WWE Creative, it has become clear fans are not watching the same Raw and SmackDown they had been subjected to under Vince McMahon.

    Gone are the repetitive matches and segments. In their place are fresh contests, new faces and stories that have substance rather than just happening for the sake of it.

    And that is just the beginning.

    These are the five booking changes Triple H has made to the presentation of the WWE product that should have fans excited about everything to come under his charge.

A Sense of Unpredictability

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    Beyond the surprise returns, the unpredictability of the WWE product under Triple H can be attributed to the freshness of it all.

    New matchups, stories and a greater emphasis on the things that went ignored during the previous regime has the tone and presentation of WWE television feeling a lot different than fans have experienced before.

    Because it's not the same, formulaic nonsense churned out by the old regime, fans are far less able to predict what they are going to see on Monday and Friday nights. That has made for a more enjoyable experience that is not hampered by the repetition that bogged down previous episodes.

    It makes for a more engaged fanbase and motivates the wrestlers to give more of themselves than they may have while competing against the same opponents each week.

    That unpredictability benefits all involved and gives fans a reason to be excited about the product in a way they may not have been in recent years.

Cycling Talent In and Out to Keep Them Fresh

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    Over the last two weeks of WWE programming, we have seen Alpha Academy, Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, Omos and Veer all utilized in different matches and not excessively, keeping them present on the shows but not overexposing them.

    This prevents both burnout on the audience's part and keeps the talent from being beaten down and sacrificed to bigger stars, thus rendering them enhancement talent in the eyes of fans.

    Alexander and Mustafa may not have beaten Ciampa and The Miz on Monday's Raw but they delivered a standout performance in what was an opportunity to remind fans of their talents. Performances like that will lead to more opportunities and wins.

    Ditto Gable and Otis, who have been one of the unsung acts in WWE this year but have been utilized in a way that reminds fans of how talented the former is as a singles star, too.

    Rather than weekly squash matches from Omos and Veer that lose their luster after weeks of repetition, Triple H has alternated between the talent, booking MVP's giant one week and the dominant force that is Veer the following.

    Little things like changing up the faces fans see each week helps freshen up a show that desperately needed it after a few years of seeing the same stars across multiple segments every week.

Forethought in Booking Rather Than Last-Minute Decisions

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    Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reported that most of the creative for the August 12 episode of SmackDown was completed by Thursday afternoon.

    The result was a show that had matches announced and advertised ahead of time and a more fluid broadcast.

    Those familiar with Vince McMahon's tendencies to tear up scripts the afternoon of the show, will look at that as a surprise. The chaos that reigned on filming days is no more.

    If Triple H and Co. can keep things that way and deliver television with forethought, storyline consistency will improve. Fans will also know what to expect from shows rather than tuning in sight unseen.

    That is one advantage All Elite Wrestling has had over WWE, with its cards being announced well in advance so fans have an idea of what to expect from show to show. Putting those pieces in place will create greater anticipation for Raw and SmackDown.

Repackaging Superstars Who Should Never Have Been Changed

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    It was clear from his first appearance that the Max Dupri character was not a fit for the artist formerly known as LA Knight.

    He was too over with the NXT audience to be stripped of his personality, shoved into a model gimmick from the early 1990s and forced into a managerial role.

    Similar can be said of Pete Dunne, who earned rave reviews for his in-ring work with NXT. Instead of being brought to the main roster and given a chance to shine as The Bruiserweight, he was repackaged as the rabid Butch.

    Butch? How ridiculous is that? Under Triple H, expect that to change.

    Dunne has already alluded to that happening across his social media, and fans have reacted favorably. As they should.

    Pete ‘BUTCH’ Dunne @PeteDunneYxB

    <a href=""></a>

    From the moment Dakota Kai entered Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee at SummerSlam on July 30, it was clear Triple H was determined to right the wrongs of McMahon's creative regime. And returning those two performers to the personas that earned them recognition in the first place will continue that trend.

Attention to Details

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    The above video shows the brawl between Theory and Dolph Ziggler on Raw, but it's the hand opening the rear door that catches the attention. It is just enough in the background to be potentially missed but it's there.

    Later, WWE crew members would rush to put out a burning trash can, apparently set ablaze by the same figure.

    We would learn that it was all part of Dexter Lumis' attempts to gatecrash the broadcast, which he ultimately did by attacking commentator Corey Graves. It was also the latest example of Triple H's attention to detail.

    He could have easily had Lumis pop up from out of nowhere with zero build and no explanation last week, but that would have felt too much like something McMahon would have booked. A surprise for surprise's sake.

    The burning of the trash can, the hand propping open the entrance and the car wreck from the week before were all hints of foreboding that teased something was afoot but what (or who) it was remained a mystery...until Lumis appeared.

    These moments underline Triple H's attention to detail while simultaneously giving fans a reason to care about a character that main roster audiences had no real familiarity with beyond NXT every Tuesday night.

    Details like that will only serve to help characters make a great first impression.


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