New Stars Primed to Bail Out Injury-Riddled WWE SummerSlam 2022 Match Card

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured Columnist IVJuly 23, 2022

For most WWE fans, the upcoming 2022 SummerSlam match card looks pretty great.

The company, after all, has been forced into the seemingly uncomfortable position of pushing a new wave of Superstars in the wake of an injury bug and shrinking talent pool of part-time legends who can come in and put on good matches.

While fans might be excited for the match card, WWE might be a little shakier on the outlook. According to WrestleVotes, some within the company "really don’t like the SummerSlam card.”

It's time for WWE to change its thinking and get in line with the fans.

WWE might not love that it doesn't have a ton of celebrity involvement or part-timers who will make the social media numbers go wild. Those numbers can be important, and there's an outside chance they lure more casual viewers to check out the event or product as a whole.

But this SummerSlam is about something bigger.

This SummerSlam can and should be about the next wave of Superstars, especially those stars who will carry the company on their backs when the likes of Roman Reigns fade to part-timer status.

Viewed through that lens, the card looks downright amazing. Riddle gets a shot at Seth Rollins in what could easily be the match of the night. The Street Profits, perhaps the hottest thing running in WWE right now, get the prime tag slot against The Usos.

Don't forget Bianca Belair in a spotlight against Becky Lynch and Theory again putting on fun character work, if nothing else, against Bobby Lashley. And even the most hardcore of fans can't pretend Pat McAfee hasn't been entertaining when given a chance, and Logan Paul dramatically exceeded expectations during his in-ring debut at WrestleMania.

None of this has mentioned the title scenes, either. Liv Morgan gets the spotlight defense against Ronda Rousey. She's the unquestioned fan favorite and future of the women's division if handled well.

And while WWE has botched the main event between Reigns and Brock Lesnar, at least in part due to injuries to the likes of Cody Rhodes, there's Theory hanging in the background with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Theory might not cash in, and he might not win if he does. But the simple fact that he's there lurking and can throw an unpredictable element into a main event that has been done far, far too many times is a good thing. And who knows? Maybe WWE shocks us all and lets him win anyway. Either way, he'll get to keep working that persona that has him so hot with fans already.

Especially due to injuries, this is the perfect SummerSlam to give the next wave the spotlight. Doing so at the second-biggest event of the year, which means more casual eyeballs than usual, can only help WWE dig itself out of a long-term problem faster than previously thought.

It's not as if their opponents will suffer with a loss on such a stage either. Rollins isn't going to hurt at all from a loss. Rousey is still going to be Rousey. Ditto for Lynch and The Usos' status in the tag division. Can anyone even name the last time Miz won a serious feud?

This is the chance for WWE. Silver platter stuff. We've seen far too many shows with a mediocre celebrity or part-timer be criticized because of the young Superstars who didn't appear.

It's downright impossible for this current SummerSlam card to get a similar reaction. All WWE has to do is let the Superstars do their thing on a giant stage and the reaction from hardcore and casual fans alike is darn near guaranteed to be unanimous praise.

WWE has long hoarded the best roster in pro wrestling but pushed only a few performers and sidelined many for a chance at outside attention.

Some within WWE might not love the current SummerSlam card. But the near giddy anticipation from fans should tell the company it's got something great on its hands.

All WWE has to do? Finally let that next wave of top Superstars do their thing without interfering or changing up what looks like a superb event.