Dolph Ziggler Can Alter His Legacy, Dominik Mysterio Turn, More WWE Raw Takes

Kevin BergeJuly 12, 2022

Dolph Ziggler Can Alter His Legacy, Dominik Mysterio Turn, More WWE Raw Takes

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    Monday Night Raw continues to push toward WWE SummerSlam 2022. The July 11 edition of the red brand featured several major angles that could be important to the rest of the summer.

    Dolph Ziggler returned to interject himself in the match of Bobby Lashley and Riddle vs. Theory and Seth Rollins. He got in A-Town's way, which could mean he has turned face, but nothing is clear yet on The Showoff's future.

    Dominik Mysterio got an interesting offer from The Judgment Day after Finn Balor defeated his father, Rey Mysterio. This could be Dominik's chance to escape his father's shadow.

    Alpha Academy got a major beating from Brock Lesnar. Otis was even sent through a table while Chad Gable was laid out near him. The two seem to be on the wrong path.

    Sasha Banks and Naomi may be gone from WWE for good, but the company is still trying to build women's tag teams. Alexa Bliss found a new ally in Asuka, helping her defeat Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H.

    It was a night that may not have been exciting on paper but continued to push WWE toward one of its biggest nights of the year.

Dolph Ziggler Has Rare Chance to Redefine His Legacy with New Face Run

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    Dolph Ziggler has had one of the most disappointing runs in WWE without ever leaving. He has seemed destined to keep rising at every stage, but he has hit many hurdles.

    He is a two-time world heavyweight champion, but that title has been discontinued with much of its legacy ignored. He recently won the NXT Championship but lost it just as quickly.

    Outside of that NXT run, he has barely factored into recent television programming. He and Bobby Roode got a short SmackDown Tag Team Championships reign and barely anything else.

    With his return to Raw, The Showoff has a chance to again rise up the ranks. His mysterious arrival was in the main event, and he got in the way of Theory cheating to win.

    The last time Ziggler was a face, he was at the highest point of his career. He was a multiple-time champion and played a key role in some of WWE's biggest angles. He just never got to benefit with a true rise in station.

    While he may never be a world champion again, he is still more than talented enough to add a final chapter to his legacy and make sure he is a true WWE Hall of Famer.

Alpha Academy Has Lost Every Last Shred of Credibility

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    Alpha Academy has gone from the Raw Tag Team Championships to repeat embarrassments. Chad Gable and Otis have lost repeatedly to Bobby Lashley. Otis has thrown up all over Gable.

    This week, Brock Lesnar threw around both without a care. It did not mean much beyond showing what everyone already knew The Beast Incarnate can do.

    While Gable and Otis have been stuck in worse situations, they are on a troubling trajectory. Before long, both will likely join the 24/7 Championship scene when this should have been an opportunity to build up Otis into a singles title contender.

    At a time where WWE has limited star power, tearing down talent for the sake of a laugh is completely counterproductive.

Dominik Mysterio Needs a Fresh Start with the Judgment Day

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    Dominik Mysterio wrestled his first match in August 2020. Two years later, at just the age of 25, he comes off as a forgotten part of the roster. He and Rey Mysterio have struggled for television time beyond the occasional one-off storyline.

    Dominik's father is a WWE Hall of Famer, but he does not have much left to give WWE. Since he is no longer a top contender, he and Dominik lose far more than they win.

    While Rey may want to continue building his son up, he is not helping him. Dominik must take a new path, and there is not a better option than The Judgment Day.

    Finn Balor took over Edge's group only to lose a key star in Rhea Ripley. Until The Nightmare returns, The Judgment Day looks far less imposing. A young star like Dominik who has the talent to shine but lacks a clear gimmick could shine while improving the stable.

    Edge will return soon to challenge the stable, and it will be important to make the most of that spotlight. Dominik is 14 years younger than either Finn Balor or Damian Priest, and he can make this story last long past the older members.

Women's Tag Team Division Needs Complete Rebuild Before Bringing Back Titles

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    When Sasha Banks and Naomi left Monday Night Raw abruptly without the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships, WWE's women's tag team division was thrown into disarray. However, even at that time, few teams stood out.

    WWE has built up and lost several women's tag teams just in the past two months. With Liv Morgan's move to Friday Night SmackDown, Alexa Bliss is now teaming with Asuka. They defeated Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop already, a rare established women's team.

    There are no strong stories or characters built for the division, but there is enough talent to create them.

    If WWE is going to continue lumping together women in pairings, at least remain consistent. Bliss and Asuka are former WWE women's tag team champions separately and could be a strong foundation to build from.

    Queen Zelina should return soon and team with Carmella again. Natalya and Shayna Baszler, Xia Li and Shotzi and Raquel Gonzalez and Ronda Rousey all have some story to build on. It is time to truly begin that build.

    Once there are at least four established tag teams across Raw and SmackDown, the titles can return, even if Naomi and Banks have left WWE.


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