Updated B/R Staff Predictions: Celtics vs. Warriors 2022 NBA Finals

Bleacher Report NBA StaffJune 13, 2022

Updated B/R Staff Predictions: Celtics vs. Warriors 2022 NBA Finals

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    The 2022 NBA Finals make their way back to Golden State on Monday, with the Warriors and Boston Celtics tied at two games apiece.

    In honor of the three-game series set to decide this year's champion, here are three updated predictions from some of our NBA experts.

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Sticking with Celtics, but Curry Threat Looms

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    The Finals have lived up to expectations through four games. As predicted, given the talent on display, both teams split on the road.

    The initial call of Boston in six games was based on the notion that the Celtics can field their best offensive and defensive lineups with the same players. The Warriors cannot do the same, as their most potent scoring teams have significant defensive deficiencies.

    The pick doesn’t change, but confidence in that selection is certainly shaken by that singular threat in Steph Curry.

    Champion: Boston Celtics

    Finals MVP: Jayson Tatum

    Eric Pincus

How Can You Pick Against Stephen Curry?

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    Robert Williams occasionally appearing to play at less than full speed has to be concerning for the Boston Celtics, but for much of the series, their stifling half-court defense has looked unsolvable.

    That was at least until Game 4, when Stephen Curry had one of the greatest individual Finals performances we've ever seen. It was the 34th 40-10 game in Finals history. And of course, Curry's seven is the highest mark for threes on that list.

    For long stretches, it's felt like Boston has the better team, but Curry is undoubtedly the best player. With possibly three games left, this really feels like a coin flip, but I'll default to going with one of the 10 greatest players in NBA history.

    Champion: Golden State Warriors

    Finals MVP: Stephen Curry

    Andy Bailey

Warriors' Peaks Have Been Higher Than Boston's

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    Golden State in seven games was my initial pick, and the ebbs and flows of this series since have made me reconsider that prediction approximately nine kabillion times.

    In the end, though, I'm sticking with the Warriors in seven. Their peaks within this series, while less frequent and more abridged, have been appreciably higher. The Celtics may, in fact, be the better team. But the Dubs have this series' best player, in Stephen Curry, and it isn't even kind of close.

    Combine this with Boston's propensity for short-circuiting its own offense later in games, opting to play like it's protecting a lead or trying not to fail rather than attacking and going through their usual actions, and I continue to feel good about my Golden State-in-seven forecast. For the most part. I think.

    Champion: Golden State Warriors

    Finals MVP: Stephen Curry

    Dan Favale


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