Matthew Butler NFL Draft 2022: Scouting Report for Las Vegas Raiders' DL

BR NFL Scouting DepartmentContributor IApril 30, 2022

COLUMBIA, MO - NOVEMBER 23: Defensive lineman Matthew Butler #94 of the Tennessee Volunteers tackles running back Larry Rountree III #34 of the Missouri Tigers at Memorial Stadium on November 23, 2019 in Columbia, Missouri. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

HEIGHT: 6'3 7/8"


HAND: 9 1/4"

ARM: 33 1/4"

WINGSPAN: 6'9 5/8"

40-YARD DASH: 5.00

3-CONE: 7.89



BROAD: 9'4"


— Powerful hands. Plays with a good punch.

— Uses his length effectively to pry open gaps. Can split double teams.

— Does well to cross face against blocks in the run game. Effective arm over move.

— Good leverage. Comes off the ball low and maintains a square base.

— Violent player. Always looking to fight and work for better hand positioning.

— Smooth mover in space. Effective on twists and stunts.


— First step is average, at best.

— Below average ability to settle and anchor immediately upon engagement.

— Lacks juice in his lower body. Not particularly explosive.

— Pass-rushing effectiveness is mostly limited to stunts and twists right now.


13 G, 47 TOT, 8.5 TFL, 5 SK, 1 FF


— 3-star recruit in 2017.

— Two and a half year starter.


Matthew Butler is not a flashy prospect, but he has all the makings of a stalwart interior defender that sticks around for a long, long time.

Butler's effectiveness in the run game is the result of upper-body strength, leverage and smooth movement skills. Butler packs a mean punch when engaging with opponents and does well to continue fighting for advantageous positions. His strong, quick hands also prove useful when he crosses face in the run game, showcasing a nice arm over move. Likewise, Butler has the upper body strength and length to pry open gaps between double teams and when working laterally down the line of scrimmage. Pair that together with his smooth movement and redirection in space, as well as his ability to keep his pads low and square, and you have a player with enough tools to make plays versus the run.

On the other hand, Butler has some deficiencies that primarily stem from his lower body. For one, Butler does not come off the ball. He will not be the type to crash the backfield instantly. Butler's anchor also wavers despite his quality technique and scrappiness. Part of that is related to his 297-pound frame being on the lighter side, but his anchor is still a little underwhelming at times even with that in mind. Lastly, Butler does not provide much as a pass-rusher by himself right now. He is effective when moved around as a twist or stunt piece, but not as a standalone weapon.

Butler's lack of explosion and consistent anchor may bar him from holding a starting position in the NFL. However, as a steady rotational player, Butler's feistiness, technique and smooth movement skills will get good value. Butler could fill in anywhere between three-technique to five-technique, though the former should probably be his home.

GRADE: 6.8 (Potential Role Player - 4th Round)

PRO COMPARISON: Khyri Thornton