DeAnthony Arnett Tennessee Transfer: The 5 Most Likely Landing Spots

Randy ChambersAnalyst IDecember 30, 2011

DeAnthony Arnett Tennessee Transfer: The 5 Most Likely Landing Spots

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    This season has already been hard enough for the Tennessee Volunteers. They finished the season 5-7 and didn't make a bowl game. They've also had recent coaching changes and players acting up.

    Now more bad news is hitting the Volunteers as once top recruit wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett wants to transfer.

    Arnett who is a freshman wide receiver and finished the year with 24 catches for 242 yards and two touchdowns. His father is sick and would like to transfer somewhere in the Michigan area so he can be with his ailing loved one. The problem is Tennessee is willing to transfer him, but not to a top program that the Volunteers recruit against.

    Here are a few of the programs at which Arnett will likely end up.

Michigan Wolverines

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    Arnett would like to transfer to a Michigan program. Well, it doesn't get much better than the Wolverines at this moment.

    With Brady Hoke taking over as head coach, they appear to be on the rise and will be competing for national championships in no time.

    The Wolverines could also use a top wide receiver with Junior Hemingway on his way out.

    The question now is, will the Volunteers let him join forces with Big Blue?

Michigan State Spartans

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    If it's any Michigan program that could use Arnett's services, it's the Michigan State Spartans. Their top receivers this season in B.J. Cunningham, Keshawn Martin, Keith Nichol and Brian Linthicum are all seniors this year.

    A top receiver that has the potential to be great would fit in very nicely right about now. The Spartans would consider it a late Christmas present and leave the Volunteers a fruit basket for their appreciation. 

    When Arnett was recruited, he attended camp at this university, but once again it all comes down to whether or not the Volunteers will allow the transfer.

The Rest

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    These are programs Arnett could end up at if he isn't allowed to transfer to a top program.

    Western Michigan

    The Broncos could always use a talented wide receiver and Arnett would really fit the bill. They had one of the top passing games in the country this season, but wide receivers Jordan White and Chleb Ravenell are seniors.

    Arnett would start right away for this team.

    Eastern Michigan

    The Eagles struggled as much as anybody to score points this season as they averaged 21 per contest. They could really use a receiver like Arnett, as they averaged less than 130 passing yards a game.

    A receiver with his talent, combined with their running game, could really open the offense up and result in a much better season for Eastern Michigan.

    Central Michigan

    The Chippewas already have a solid young receiver in Titus Davis, but teams in the MAC could always use more talented offensive weapons. Especially teams that focus on the passing game due to lack of success running the ball.

    Adding Arnett wouldn't fix the defensive troubles, but it would improve an offense that only averaged 22 points per game.

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