Thierry Henry: The Top 20 Goals of Striker's Brilliant Career

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIDecember 30, 2011

Thierry Henry: The Top 20 Goals of Striker's Brilliant Career

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    Thierry Henry may be returning to Arsenal soon, and this seems like a great time to look at some of his top goals.

    Henry was arguably the best striker in the world when he was in top form in England, and the quality of his goals for Arsenal exemplify his immense talent.

    The Frenchman also scored goals for France and Barcelona and currently plays for the New York Red Bulls. All these goals are from Arsenal days, and it just so happens some of his most important and most brilliant goals came in an Arsenal uniform.

    Lets take a look at the top 20 goals from Thierry Henry's brilliant career, so far.

20. Sublime Finish vs. Portsmouth

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    This goal is number 139 on this list, and it comes at the very end of the video. That gives people a good nine minutes of some great goals.

    Any one-time finish is hard to do, but to do it with such precision is even harder. It was hit with some pretty good power as well.

19. Henry Touch and Volley vs. Chelsea

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    Henry has always been able to finish well with his left foot, but I think this is the only volley he scored in that manner.

    Everything he does features such composure and skill, and this finish is no different.

18. Showing Some Patience vs. Inter

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    This goal showed Henry's quick turn of pace and his accurate left foot.

    I don't think he ever intended to pass as the commentators mentioned, but I think he was just sizing Javier Zanetti up.

    It was a great goal regardless.

17. Chipped Penalty vs. Newcastle

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    The actual goal is at the 1:40 mark. Henry scored a couple of these chipped penalties during his career, but I especially like this one.

    Henry had the confidence and coolness to do this with the possibility of missing and dropping points. That, along with the quality finish, makes this one of his top goals.

16. Thierry Henry vs. West Ham

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    This whole passage of play is typical Henry. He turned his defender while getting the ball under control with only one thing in mind.

    To do everything he did with such quickness, power and accuracy is quite astounding.

15. Volley vs. Charlton

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    Henry sure likes his volleys. The defenders did give him all the time in the world, but as usual, Henry seemed like he had his mind made up already.

14. Free Kick vs. Middlesbrough

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    Thierry Henry decided to go to the far side of the goal, and that isn't the norm for a right-footer in that position. The result was brilliant.

    At the very edge of the area, Henry got enough power, height and curve to settle the ball perfectly into the top corner.

13. Header vs. Manchester United

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    Of the very few headers Henry scored, this header was probably his best.

    The cross was undoubtedly a great one, but Henry had to come backwards a little and still got great power on it.

    I think it's safe to say it was his only match-winning header.

12. Control and Volley vs. Manchester City

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    This goal is number 105 in the video and is very similar to Robin van Persie's recent strike against Everton.

    Both strikers had similar thoughts, but Henry decided to take a touch. I don't think that takes away from it, especially as Henry used his weaker foot to score.

11. Venemous Strike vs. Manchester City

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    This shot was hit with tons of power and venom, but it was extremely accurate as well.

    The finish highlights one of the many ways that the French mastermind can put the ball in the net.

10. Free Kick vs. Manchester United

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    This goal shows that Henry had some great range to his free-kick abilities.

    It was hit with enough power and curve to settle into the net quite comfortably.

9. Back-Heel vs. Charlton

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    This was Henry's creativity at its best.

    His strength, a somewhat overlooked part of his game, is just as important as his ingenuity. He got some good power and accuracy on the back-heel.

8. Long Range Strike vs. Manchester United

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    Henry certainly saved some of his best moments for his strongest rivals.

    There was just too much power on this shot for the keeper to do anything.

7. Free Kick vs. Charlton

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    Thierry Henry was a great free-kick taker during his time, and this goal highlighted that quality emphatically.

    It showcased Henry's fantastic ability to curve the ball and had some great accuracy and power as well.

6. Strong Run vs. Real Madrid

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    Scoring at the Bernabeu is no easy feat.

    Henry did so in the Champions League knockout rounds while making the Galacticos defenders look a bit silly.

5. Outside the Foot vs. Sparta Prague

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    This goal had sublime control and a very creative finish.

    It doesn't hurt that this goal helped him equal Ian Wright's record as Arsenal's top goal-scorer.

4. Record-Breaking Goal vs. Sparta Prague

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    This goal is in the top five mainly because of its importance.

    It also has all the traits of a good Thierry Henry goal: close touches, good awareness and good finishing.

3. Thierry Henry vs. Tottenham

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    After a powerful run and side-stepping some defenders, Henry unleashes a well-struck and well-placed left-footed shot past the keeper.

2. Thierry Henry vs. Liverpool

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    The silky dribbling skill in this goal sets it apart.

    Add that to its importance in the title race as well as the Invincible's record, and it is certainly one of Henry's top goals.

1. Thierry Henry vs. Manchester United

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    I have already said why this is my favourite goal, and I also think its Thierry Henry's best goal. Tremendous stuff.


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