WWE 2K22 Trailer Showcases Redesigned Gameplay, Improved Graphics and More Features

Mike Chiari@@mikechiariFeatured Columnist IVNovember 18, 2021

Photo credit: 2K and Visual Concepts

Several additions and improvements to the upcoming WWE 2K22 video game were announced by 2K Games on Thursday.

As part of a trailer running down the top 10 features and innovations in the game, 2K gave wrestling fans and gamers their first in-depth look at WWE 2K22:

Arguably, the most notable addition to the game compared to its predecessors is MyGM mode, which allows the player to draft Superstars, sign them to contracts, book matches and do everything a general manager or booker would do.

Gamers have long called for the return of GM Mode to WWE video games due to its popularity in the SmackDown vs. Raw series. Reports suggested the wait was finally over, and 2K confirmed that fact Thursday.

It was also announced that MyFaction and MyRise will be included in WWE 2K22 as game modes in addition to MyGM.

MyFaction is a mode that will put the player in control of building a faction or stable of Superstars through weekly events and updates. MyRise is a take on 2K's career mode, as gamers will build a male or female Superstar from the ground up and attempt to take them to the top of WWE.

The open-ended Universe Mode will also make its return and allow players to book WWE in a less-structured way than MyGM, plus an expanded Creation Suite will give gamers more customizable options than ever before.

WWE 2K Showcase is another returning game mode, which will focus on the most iconic matches and moments of some of WWE's top Superstars. Specifically, Rey Mysterio was attached to WWE 2K Showcase in the trailer.

Aside from new and returning game modes, 2K is touting new and improved gameplay, controls, graphics and presentation in WWE 2K22.

It was noted in a press release that WWE 2K22 players will "feel the difference" and be treated to "an authentic WWE feeling throughout the game."

While there was no WWE 2K21 released last year with WWE and 2K instead focusing on WWE 2K Battlegrounds, all signs point toward the WWE 2K series returning next year in a big way.

The game remains scheduled for a March release, and additional details for WWE 2K22 will be shared by 2K in January.