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  2. Predicting Biggest Offseason Storylines

  3. Report Cards for NASCAR's Top Stars

  4. Chase for the Sprint Cup Grid Set

  5. Winners and Losers from 2015 NASCAR Season

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  9. Truex's Finish Serves as Motivation for Next Year

  10. Awards for 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season

  11. Drivers React to Busch's Win, Gordon's Last Ride

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  15. Truex: 'It Wasn't in the Cards for Us'

  16. Hamlin Wins NASCAR Pole at Miami

  17. Gordon: The Man NASCAR Fans Love and Hate

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  21. Chase Final Four at Homestead Set

  22. Dale Jr. Wins Shortened Race in Phoenix

  23. Johnson Wins Pole at Phoenix

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  27. Predicting Last 3 Drivers for Homestead Finale

  28. Johnson Steals Sprint Cup Race in Texas

  29. Keselowski Wins Pole at Texas

  30. Watch: @MartinTruex_Jr is excited about the future. He talks w/ @FS1's @kaitlynvincie. #NASCAR #VictoryLane https://t.co/kjew3glgaB

  31. Watch: MartinTruex_Jr is excited about the future. He talks w/ @FS1's @KaitlynVincie. #NASCAR #VictoryLane https://t.co/2fJMNarBV2

  32. Complete Preview for the Chase in Texas

  33. Updated 2015 NASCAR Title Odds for Week 34

  34. What a year for @FR78Racing! @MartinTruex_Jr says @HomesteadMiami serves as motivation for 2016. #NASCAR #TheChase https://t.co/DxR3FyNsF0

  35. Complete Guide to NASCAR at Martinsville

  36. NASCAR Unveils 2016 Sprint Cup, Xfinity Schedule

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  39. NASCAR Unveils 2016 Sprint Cup, Xfinity Schedule

  40. NASCAR to Blame and Will Pay for Talladega Finish

  41. 46 laps to go, #Championship4: 2: @KyleBusch 4: @KevinHarvick 10: @JeffGordonWeb 12: @MartinTruex_Jr #NASCAR https://t.co/mG39cumZZz

  42. Kyle Busch consistently has the best car tonight. Kevin Harvick is in the ballpark. Meanwhile, Jeff Gordon and Martin Truex Jr. need help.

  43. Logano Wins at Talladega, Completes Sweep

  44. Winners, Losers from CampingWorld.com 500

  45. 106 laps to go. #Championship4: 1: @KyleBusch 2: @KevinHarvick 10: @MartinTruex_Jr 11: @JeffGordonWeb

  46. #Championship4 (Lap 146 of 267): 2: @KyleBusch 5: @KevinHarvick 11: @MartinTruex_Jr 12: @JeffGordonWeb #NASCAR https://t.co/mG39cumZZz

  47. Truex's Motto of 'Never Give Up' Is His Rallying Cry

  48. Watch: Truex Jr. Stunned After Qualifying Time Erased

  49. Considering his car caught on fire while it was being refueled, it’s easy to see why Truex Jr.’s crew didn’t completely fill up the No. 78.

  50. #Championship4 at lap 70 of 267: 1: @KevinHarvick 2: @KyleBusch 8: @MartinTruex_Jr 11: @JeffGordonWeb #NASCAR https://t.co/mG39cumZZz

  51. Truex Jr. Wants to Finally 'Strike Gold' at Kansas

  52. Best Tweets NASCAR Sprint Cup for 2015

  53. #Championship4 after 40 laps at @HomesteadMiami: 1: @JeffGordonWeb 2: @KevinHarvick 4: @KyleBusch 7: @MartinTruex_Jr #NASCAR

  54. Lap 31 of 267: Competition caution is out at @HomesteadMiami. @KyleBusch leads! 3: @KevinHarvick 4: @JeffGordonWeb 8: @MartinTruex_Jr

  55. Truex Jr. Stays Strong in Chase

  56. Paint Schemes Unveiled for Charlotte

  57. Lap 30: P1: Kyle Busch P3: Kevin Harvick P4: Jeff Gordon P8: Martin Truex Jr.

  58. #Championship4 (as they run): 1: @KyleBusch 3: @JeffGordonWeb 4: @KevinHarvick 6: @MartinTruex_Jr #NASCAR https://t.co/mG39cumZZz

  59. Truex's Crew Chief Placed on Probation

  60. Chase Standings: Who's In, Who's Out Post-Dover

  61. Lap 10 of 267: @joeylogano leads. #Championship4: 3: @KyleBusch 4: @JeffGordonWeb 11: @KevinHarvick 13: @MartinTruex_Jr #NASCAR

  62. Lap 4: P3: Kyle Busch P4: Jeff Gordon P11: Kevin Harvick P13: Martin Truex Jr.

  63. Qualifying at Dover Canceled, Kenseth on Pole

  64. Drivers Favor Lengthening of Restart Zone at Dover

  65. #Championship4 starting spots: 3rd: @KyleBusch 5th: @JeffGordonWeb 11th: @MartinTruex_Jr 13th: @KevinHarvick https://t.co/mG39cumZZz

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  67. Controversial Restart Zone Doubles at Dover

  68. Controversial Restart Zone Will Be Doubled at Dover

  69. Every playoff has an underdog and in NASCAR’s Chase, Martin Truex Jr. and Furniture Row Racing are playing that role https://t.co/BebxRdi42Z

  70. Playoff-Clinching Scenarios for Dover

  71. Blaney Wins Xfinity Race at Kentucky

  72. ICYMI: The story of @MartinTruex_Jr and @SherryPollex: https://t.co/w8gWqH0QkH https://t.co/fxnimaZb39

  73. Truex Jr. Extends Contract with Furniture Row Racing

  74. Truex Jr.'s Pit Crew Has New Tire Changers

  75. "It's not about me having cancer." A touching look at @MartinTruex_Jr and @SherryPollex: https://t.co/w8gWqH0QkH https://t.co/oQ4PoAJLsF