MLS Teams Clash: Rogers Centre to Host Toronto/LA Galaxy CONCACAF Matchup

Kyle DegabContributor IIIDecember 27, 2011

The hotly debated topic regarding a venue for Toronto FC's leg of the CONCACAF quarter-final match on March 7, 2012 has finally been resolved.

Paul Beirne, Senior Director of Business operations to the club, announced Wednesday that Toronto would move this all-important game indoors to the multipurpose Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays.  

This decision has been heavily scrutinized by Toronto supporters for months. However, as reported by, this venue change was a necessity due to the unpredictability of March weather in Southern Ontario. Bernie said of the decision:

"A lot of thought went into selecting the home site for this very important match.  While we would have loved to host our quarterfinal match at our home, BMO Field, ultimately the decision came down to our ability to deliver a safe and enjoyable event in a venue that could withstand the unpredictability of March’s weather conditions."

Obviously, an important and very difficult process, Toronto management made a very tough decision on this occasion. But, it was the proper choice. 

Although some supporters may still yet feel disappointment, there are definite positives going forward with this venue—which I have outlined in a previous article.

Toronto has the opportunity to make this game memorable. With an improving squad, TFC should put on a show for their fans in this, the largest game in Toronto FC's 5 year existence.  

However, with such a large potential capacity, this could very well be not only the biggest game in club history, but if tickets are priced appropriately, this could also be one massive crowd.  

Rogers Centre has the potential to hold 50,000 screaming fans in red on this day. Although for this, the public will have to wait till ticket information is released in January.  

This clash will potentially host some of the largest names in Major League Soccer. Robbie Keane, Torsten Frings and, if he decides to resign with LA Galaxy, David Beckham will all grace the pitch on this history making day.  

Landon Donovan will not, however, as he is headed to Goodison Park in January on loan to Everton F.C..  

Regardless of individual opinions or wants, Toronto management took the safe and responsible route in naming Rogers Centre the temporary home of Toronto FC.

Wherever the game will be played it is likely to live up to the very high expectations.