10 Tennis Players' Resolutions for the New Year

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10 Tennis Players' Resolutions for the New Year

Finally the much awaited New Year arrives in the form of 2009 and the Tennis season gets underway. Good, some live action, ultimately.

A very important tradition of the new year is making resolutions. We make resolutions, follow them diligently for some days then somehow "old habits die hard." In my case for at least five years, I have started making resolutions that I will not make resolutions and the best part is—I am sticking to that!

Thus keeping the resolutions in my mind, I decided to write an editorial about some of my favourite tennis players and what resolutions they can/may come up with. Since there are many who are my favourites, I went for only 10 players, who I felt needed resolutions badly.

So here's presenting my list of "Players Resolutionised":

1. Roger Federer: The former World No.1 kick starts his season very early this year i.e., on the second of January. Well, for starters he could resolve something from the short term point of view like winning the Capitalia World Championships against Rafa; going beyond the Semi-finals in the Oz Open.

From the long term range he can think of [trying] to win Roland Garros; a word to the wise: maybe the saying,"I can, I will, I have to" will work for him this time around plus trying to regain the Wimbledon crown plus create another milestone at Flushing Meadows. And if he achieves all this maybe, as an icing on the cake regain the World No. 1 tag for another four years!

2. Rafael Nadal: Rafa should resolve on winning a different Grand Slam this year. Everyone is well aware of the fact that victory at Roland Garros is implied. A bit of change will be surprising not to mention the phrase "to be caught unawares."

Also retaining Wimbledon will be an important agenda for him. Flushing Meadows, other Masters events also can/should be considered. I would also like to mention [I am being supremely selfish] please Rafa can you make a resolution to lose at RG for a change? I want somebody else's clothes to get soiled on the red clay...[please read between the lines].

3. Marat Safin: Lemme see...he can think about breaking into the top ten again and also since he wins Grand Slam after every five years [the two that he has won] he can try at the Oz Open...it's the most unpredictable of the lot.

Also he can resolve to be a good boy, not arguing, not breaking racquets, no shouting...can help him achieve his goal. C'mon Marat its not as difficult as it sounds.

4. Novak Djokovic: He can resolve to maintain consistency from the beginning to the end and not in parts. He can also try to resolve not to tap the balls too much [frankly, I get jittery], not berating, no digs at other players.

Resolutions to improve in the ranking can be considered plus defending the Oz Open and trying to win the others.

5. David Nalbandian: With immediate effect Nalby should set his eyes upon cutting down on those extra calories. Getting back in the top ten again, be given consideration too. Also importantly getting back the Davis Cup from the Spaniards and at least this year winning a Grand Slam.

6. Andy Roddick: Should try to resolve not to put extra burden on the serve alone. Try to rally for a change. Make a positive comeback by winning at least one Grand Slam [please Roddick]. Also reassuring the fan support [especially after FM2008] by winning important matches against important rivals.

7. Sania Mirza: As an Indian, her resolutions should include; playing in India first and foremost ignoring trivial matters and getting back in the top 100.

Secondly, resolving to keep a balance between playing and partying will help a lot and if possible, for this year thinking about winning a grand slam without Paes or Bhupathi's help will keep the Indians happy.

8. Maria Sharapova: First resolution should be defending the Oz Open after fighting a shoulder injury. Secondly, trying to win or at the most being the runner-up at Roland Garros.

Third resolution should be to not try out any unconventional outfits, which would prompt opposition to pass unnecessary comments. [courtesy: Alla Kudrayetseva Wimbledon Fourth round]. And most important of all, taking back the world no. 1 title. Best of luck Maria.

9. Jelena jankovic: Resolve to win a grand slam and justify critics. Then win more matches and competitions and support the argument and finally at the end of the new season rest because you would have justified and satisfied everyone [including yourself, I hope].

10. Williams Sisters: Consistently making more inroads into the top pile again after dominating the world initially. This is what they should resolve mainly. Serena is almost there, Venus I hope reaches...but for now try to perform well in the first half so that by the second half confidence and motivation will both be in their hands along with the racquet.

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