Chicago Bears: 5 Bears Who I Would Cut

Max Bertellotti@@maxbertellottiCorrespondent INovember 17, 2011

Chicago Bears: 5 Bears Who I Would Cut

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    Before I start, I absolutely love the Chicago Bears. They are easily my favorite NFL team by a mile.

    This article is pure 100 percent opinion. There is very little statistical data to back my opinions up. These players are purely those I dislike most on the Chicago Bears. Most of the reasons I dislike these players are silly, some are replacements of players I liked, some get injured too much and some I just plain don't think are good.

    Simply put, these are the members of the Bears that I instantly cut when I play with Chicago in Franchise Mode in Madden. But all of these people are current members of the Chicago Bears.

    By ALL MEANS disagree. This is my stupid opinion. Feel free to leave malicious comments of my intelligence explaining why one of the players on my list is vital to the Bears' success. To all of you who do disagree, make a list of your own, it is fun trust me.

    I'm sorry to any Chicago Bears whose feelings I hurt with this article. You're a professional in the NFL you are far more talented than I. But without further ado we begin with...

5. Frank Omiyale

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    Frankly (excuse the pun) I could have put any Chicago offensive lineman in this spot (short of Gabe Carimi who I think will be a tackle-of-the-future), but I decided to go with Frank Omiyale.

    Why Omiyale, one might ask, instead of say Chris Spencer or Lance Louis?

    It is because Omiyale had played in his career every single spot on the Bears' offensive line short of center and has failed at all of them. Originally brought in as a guard from Carolina, Omiyale was supposed to provide the Bears offensive line with depth and some semblance of stability.

    Instead he bounced around from guard to tackle back to guard on both sides of the line. How has he performed at each stop? He ranges from sub-par to terrible.

    Here is a great article trashing Frank Omiyale, and that was only six weeks into his career as a Bear! He is even worse now!

    Oh, did I mention that Omiyale's contract is for $14 million over four years?

4. Craig Steltz

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    Is Craig Steltz good?

    That question is honestly the main reason Steltz ends up on this list. Steltz is an extremely average special teams player and a very sub-par safety.

    Originally drafted in the fourth round by Jerry Angelo, Steltz was supposed to be the Bears starting free safety in 2008 but failed to even be the back-up. Steltz is now the Chicago Bears' third-string safety and is simply holding a roster spot.

    With Major Wright, Chris Conte and even Brandon Meriweather, Steltz doesn't really seem to have a spot at all.

    Steltz is so particularly average on special teams that he drives me crazy.

3. Adam Podlesh

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    When the Chicago Bears cut one of their team's best leaders and one of the fans' favorite players to be replaced by you, you will tend to be disliked.

    That would be the situation with Adam Podlesh. Now before any of you think that I am just one of those people who hates punters, kickers and the rest of the special teams players, I'll stop you. I think they are vital.

    Two of my favorite Bears are special teams players and one of my old favorites, Brad Maynard (who Podlesh replaced hence why he is on this list) was a punter as well. I'd vote Ray Guy into the Hall of Fame.

    Anyways when Jerry Angelo released veteran Maynard, I instantly knew I would dislike whoever the next punter would be. So I apologize, Adam Podlesh, but you should not be the Bears punter, Brad Maynard should.

    But play for 10 years, throw a touchdown to Brian Urlacher on fake and then we'll talk.

2. Chris Williams

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    Here comes a nice little rant.

    To me Chris Williams embodies everything that the Bears offensive line has been over the last few years: injured, weak, afraid and overall useless. I think that Jerry Angelo does a pretty bad job at drafting, because with a few notable exceptions, his first-round picks (or lack of first-round picks) haven't turned out at all. Chris Williams is the perfect example.

    Drafted in the first round, Williams was thought to be our left tackle for the next seven or eight years. A stud out of Vanderbilt, Williams landed in Chicago. He first started out at tackle but after being bit multiple times by the injury bug never seemed to be able to work as a starting tackle.

    Now he is working guard and is having a hard time being a consistent contributing member of the Bears offensive line. With his most recent season-ending injury, I hope the Bears organization realizes that they can no longer rely on Chris Williams like they had. He is not turning out.

    Putting him at another offensive line position will not miraculously make him a Pro Bowl caliber lineman.

    End the Chris Williams experiment.

1. Jerry Angelo

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    And finally to the mastermind behind it all, Jerry Angelo.

    When the Bears decided two seasons ago to keep Lovie Smith, I praised the organization thinking that they had made a great move. When they decided to keep Jerry Angelo, I knew that Bears fans would be in for the same old situation. A team with few star players, experimenting on washed-up players, filling in our old weaknesses with sub-par replacements.

    Free agency has been a mess for Angelo. From signings like Chester Taylor to Chris Spencer you just have to wonder what he was thinking. Where is the potential he sees? How was he ever qualified to judge on who should be playing for the Bears?

    The draft is another issue altogether. First off Angelo has mortgaged off our future by trading draft picks for washed-up players like it's not an issue. And then when we do have decent draft picks, we spend them on players like Cedric Benson and Rex Grossman.

    Jerry Angelo is a living, breathing what-not-to-do guide on being a general manager and scout in the NFL.

    What has frustrated me the most is the recent contract situation with Matt Forte. Angelo drafted Forte, he groomed him, he watched as he put up numbers no Bear has put up since Walter Payton. How does he respond, by leaving him with a rookie contract that he has CLEARLY outplayed.

    Pay Forte, he has earned it, and despite how some media has portrayed him, has been very mature and contributory this season.

    Angelo needs to get some scouting ability, managing skills or even just common sense and people skills. If he can't do this, he needs to be off of our team.