Brazilian Beauties Give Enough Reason to Attend the 2014 World Cup

Zaakir HoosenAnalyst INovember 9, 2011

Brazilian Beauties Give Enough Reason to Attend the 2014 World Cup

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    The 2014 FIFA World Cup is amongst the most anticipated sporting events in modern sports, as the beautiful game returns to the lands where it's beauty is personified. 

    It's been many years since Brazil last hosted the event—61 years to be exact—in 1950. Back then, it was a sad end as Alcides Ghiggia scored the winner in the 79th minute to give Uruguay a 2-1 victory in the finals.

    Now many years later, Brazil is set to host the competition once again, with renewed hope and five titles under their belt.

    But, this slideshow will preview some reasons away from the actual game that will influence the success of the tournament.

    One aspect is the massive support that the national team gets, and in that support we especially focus on the beauties that Brazil has to offer.

Sounds of Braseeel

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    Amongst the key ingredients to support is the sounds and moves that come along with the beauty.

    Brazil is not short of either, they have the most amazing heritage and culture that promotes loving life and celebrating that life.

    No doubt this will be visible at Brazil 2014.

Well Represented...

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    One thing for sure is that Brazil will attract the support of men, women and children regardless of their national backgrounds.

    You can expect the ladies to come in all sizes wearing the green, yellow and blue.

The Most Famous Picture....

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    If there was ever a need to have a singular picture to represent Brazil, this picture—one of the most famous fan images—does that.

    Beautiful and sexy yet very tasteful. It embraces everything a country should represent.

Sometimes a Moment of Silence Is All We Need...

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    This picture illustrates natural beauty.

It's Not About the Size...

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    In this picture we shift our focus a little to the bottom, and ask does size matter?

Never Disappointment

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    There's little doubt that you could walk into a stadium and not find a beautiful Brazilian women.

The Football Is Important as Well...

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    Amongst the amazing attributes of this beautiful country is the appreciation of the sport by both men and women at large. Maybe the fact that they so good at it, explains why the interest is always there.

And Just to Avoid Any Female Arguments...

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    Something for the ladies, chew on this....

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