The 20 Most Ridiculous Names in Pro Wrestling History

TC VreelandCorrespondent IIINovember 4, 2011

The 20 Most Ridiculous Names in Pro Wrestling History

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    The names of professional wrestlers play an important role in their characters.  Sometimes you can tell if a superstar is a heel or face just by their name.  

    Other times the name can tell you if the superstar is a powerhouse who dominates his opponents or a joke of a character who is only out there to entertain and look silly.  Sometimes the names can even make or break the career of a superstar.

    Regardless of how important a superstar's name may be, there have been plenty of names in pro wrestling history that are just over-the-top absurd.  Whether we realize it right away or need to take a while to notice it, they all eventually stick out like sore thumbs.

    So what are the most ridiculous?  This list takes a look at 20 of the silliest, most hilariously absurd names in professional wrestling history.

    Now, I may have missed some of your all-time favorites, so take a look and sound off in the comments below.  The list is in no particular order, so let me know which one you think is the worst. You can also follow me on Twitter (@TheOneTC) and leave me your comments there as well.

    Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Beaver Cleavage

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    Charles Warrington is a former WWF Tag Team Champion, having held the belt as a member of The Headbangers while known as the superstar, Mosh.  In 1999 after his tag team partner, Thrasher, suffered a knee injury, Warrington was repackaged with a new gimmick.

    That gimmick was Beaver Cleavage.

    In a reference to the late '50s/early '60s television show, Leave It to Beaver, Warrington appeared in several black and white vignettes alongside his "mother," Mrs. Cleavage.  The vignettes were full of sexual innuendos that would never see the light of day in today's WWE.

    Heck, I'm not even sure if the name Beaver Cleavage could make it onto WWE programming today.

Virgil the Kentucky Butcher

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    John Quinn was a wrestler who wrestled through the '60s, '70s, and '80s under a variety of names.

    At times he was known as The Butcher, "Mighty" John Quinn, and Little John, all seemingly normal names for a wrestling superstar, but when Quinn debuted in the World Wide Wrestling Federation in 1965, he was announced as Virgil the Kentucky Butcher.

    Not only does the name make you think of a southern redneck who has married his cousin, it's just too long as well.  Maybe the name wasn't as absurd back in the '60s, but it sure sounds silly now.

    Despite the name, Quinn fought in many matches with WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino, including a main event at Madison Square Garden.

Amish Roadkill

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    I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed, the Amish or the organizations who allowed Michael Depoli to use this name.

    Depoli usually dressed in traditional Amish attire, and even sported the sweet beard to complete the outfit, which makes me wonder where the "Roadkill" part of his name comes in.

    The Amish don't drive, unless you're talking horse and buggy, and I don't think those go fast enough to create any roadkill.  

    Though his name and gimmick were quite absurd, Depoli is a former ECW World Tag Team Champion.

Misfits in Action

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    Take your pick of names from the WCW stable known as MIA, the Misfits in Action.

    You've got Bill DeMott as General Hugh G. Rection, Booker T as G.I. Bro (which Michael Cole has been frequently bringing up on commentary), Chavo Guerrero as Lt. Loco, and even Nitro Girl Tylene as Major Gunns.

    All puns were intended, and the group didn't even last a year.  They will also go down in the history books as the tag team (Lt. Loco and Cpl. Cajun) with the shortest reign as WCW World Tag Team Champions.


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    Before he was a TNA X Division Champion or one-half of the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick got his start in WWE as Spanky.

    Kendrick has stated that the name comes from one of his, uh, activities that he would do in order to keep himself awake on late-night drives while on the independent circuit.

Balls Mahoney

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    Jonathan Rechner is one of the most memorable characters from ECW.  His outlandish outfits, tattoos, piercings and of course, his name, keep him stuck in your memory.

    Thought his ring name is sometimes censored in some wrestling publications, fans would often chant "Balls! Balls! Balls!" while he delivered punches to his opponents.  He was a perfect fit for the original ECW.

    But I guess you can't write "Balls" in some magazines.


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    Before he was speaking out against the conspiracy and blaming spiders and Little Jimmy for his downfalls, R-Truth had a brief stint in WWE as K-Kwik and even held the Hardcore Title on several occasions.

    Though his current and other past names, including K-Krush and K. Malik Shabazz, are crazy as well, he does have a good wrestling name that he has used in the past.  His real name, Ron Killings.

    Why he doesn't still use that is beyond me.  But hey, he's continued to move up the ladder in WWE, so maybe R-Truth is good for now.

Mr. Ass

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    Though he was most famous as "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, a member of the New Age Outlaws and D Generation-X, Mr. Ass was probably the dumbest name he ever used.

    Though it narrowly edges out Rockabilly, the name he used when he became the protege of the Honky Tonk Man, Mr. Ass wins because it is slightly more memorable.

    Hey, it could of been worse.  His real name is Monty Sopp.

Brutus Beefcake

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    Ed Leslie was a prominent superstar in the mid to late '80s.  He had prominent feuds with the likes of Greg Valentine, The Honky Tonk Man, Randy Savage and he was the first wrestler to pin Mr. Perfect on a televised event.

    Even if you take out his nickname "The Barber," Leslie still has one of the craziest names in WWE history.  Heck, taking out his nickname might even make it worse.

    Though Beefcake is a term used to describe a physically fit and muscular male, it sounds much dirtier than that.

Samoa Joe

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    Okay, before anyone gives me heat for this one, just hear me out.

    Sure, it's not as silly as something like R-Truth, or as crude as Spanky, Samoa Joe is still a stupid name.

    Think about it, what if Stone Cold had used the same naming method as Joe?  Would we have ever cheered for Texas Steve?  I don't think so.  Besides, he was born in California.


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    Though he is much more family friendly than when he was debuted as Little Bastard, Dylan Postl's character is still just as irritating as trying to spell his name correctly.

    Hornswoggle has been a recurring character in WWE for over five years.  He was the partner of Finlay, thought to be the illegitimate son of Mr. McMahon, and an honorary member and mascot of D Generation-X.

    Though you may not believe it, Hornswoggle is a former WWE Cruiserweight and NWA Wisconsin X Division Champion.

Sugar Dunkerton

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    Chikara is a independent promotion that has its fair share of gimmicks.  So I went and picked out the one with the craziest name, and that is Sugar Dunkerton.

    Dunkerton appears from time to time alongside Dasher Hatfield, a masked wrestler with a baseball gimmick, as The Throwbacks.

    If the gimmick looks familiar, it's also a character played by Andre 3000 in the movie, Semi-Pro.


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    Now known as Sinn Bodhi in Chikara, Nick Cvjetkovich spent a few months on SmackDown as Kizarny, a carny who spoke in carny talk (adding z's in the middle of words) and came to the ring while creepy carnival music played.

    He described the character saying it would be like "if Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and Doink produced a lovechild."  I guess Kizarny is better than combining those two names.  Doink Roberts anyone?

Grizzly Redwood

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    Grizzly Redwood wrestles for Ring of Honor and Chikara.  He has the gimmick of a lumberjack, complete with beard, jeans, flannel vest, and suspenders.

    What he doesn't have is the build of a lumberjack.  Standing only 5'3", he's far from anything resembling a redwood.

    Sure, it's irony, but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

Carlito Carribean Cool

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    Carlos Colon Jr. made a big splash in WWE when he first arrived, defeating John Cena for the United States Championship in his first televised match.  Though he never amounted to what many thought he could become, Colon was a relatively successful mid-card superstar.

    Luckily, he was known for most of his career as Carlito, even though he debuted as Carlito Caribbean Cool.

    Yeah, that's a mouthful. 

Michael McGillicutty

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    Michael McGillicutty seemingly has everything it takes to be a future WWE Champion.  He's got the look, the physique, and even the legendary heritage, but I would be shocked to see anyone with that name become a World Champion in WWE.

    He's the son of Mr. Perfect, and his real name is Joe Hennig.  What's wrong with that? Michael Cole has informed the viewers on several occasions that McGillicutty took his mother's maiden name as his ring name.


Bastion Booger

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    One of the most disgusting wrestlers of all time also has one of the most disgusting names of all time.

    How can you make a name more gross than by putting the word "booger" in it?  

    I guess they could have went with "Vernon Vomit" or something to that extent. 

Too Cool

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    I know they were a joke, and I know that they were also somewhat entertaining (especially when Rikishi was thrown in the mix) but nobody could come up with anything better for these guys?

    Too Cool consisted of Grandmaster Sexay (Brian Christopher) and Scotty 2 Hotty (Scott Garland).  

    Before that they were known as "Too Sexy" and "Too Hot" which isn't nearly as ridiculous. However, they probably never would have been remembered if it wasn't for the name change.

    That and "The Worm."

Dolph Ziggler

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    Nick Nemeth has finally caught his break and is a former (albeit a very brief) World Heavyweight Champion.  First he was a caddie for Chavo Guerrero's abomination of a character, Kerwin White, and then he was Nicky, a member of The Spirit Squad.

    When he debuted as Ziggler in 2008, it was supposed to be a play off of Mark Wahlberg's character, Dirk Diggler, from the movie Boogie Nights.

    The reference was neither relevant or appropriate, as the film was released in 1997 and Dirk Diggler was a porn star.

Gobbledy Gooker

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    Okay, so the Gobbledy Gooker never really wrestled, but the man who was under the chicken suit, Hector Guerrero, certainly did.

    How can you take anything named the Gobbledy Gooker seriously?  It sounds like some Thanksgiving cooking gadget that you could buy off of the Home Shopping Network at 3 a.m. for three easy payments of $19.99.

    Even WWE has lived up to this mistake and makes jokes about it from time to time.