UFC 137 Results: Will Nick Diaz Actually Fight Georges St-Pierre?

Adam OsterkampContributor IIIOctober 31, 2011

At the UFC 137 post event press conference Dana White told everyone that Nick Diaz was going to be next to fight Georges St-Pierre, not Carlos Condit.

When taking into account Nick Diaz’s past performance and anxiety about being in the UFC limelight for a main event, wondering whether or not he’ll show up is a perfectly reasonable concern.

Hopefully Diaz will have learned his lesson and he’ll play the game just a little more, although probably not entirely.

But there’s a long time between now and Super Bowl weekend, and anything could happen.

With the UFC now appearing on a larger scale than ever before, all eyes will be on Diaz as he prepares to face off against the current champ. He’ll need to be on his best behavior—or at least have someone who can help him stay on course.

Clearly Diaz wants the fight with St-Pierre. He wants to fight the best and he wants to get more money for himself and his partners. A fight with GSP would accomplish both of those things.

If Diaz does everything right, if he shows up to press conferences, if he can keep himself under control at the wiegh-ins, there is no doubt that when he gets in that cage he will bring the fight to GSP.

Still, Diaz seems to have a major self destructive streak in him. It’s one of the reasons he can be so entertaining to watch, he just can’t seem to help himself from speaking his mind.

That being said however, the UFC is also going to do everything in its power to get Diaz to the main event, because along the way, Diaz is going to be a gold mine, a cash cow. They’ll be able to pull all kinds of great quotes and amazing clips for their ever expanding fan base.

Losing this fight would not only be a huge loss for Diaz, but it would be a huge loss for the UFC as well. Diaz will make it to the fight. That’s a sure bet.