4 Reasons to Believe Carson Palmer Will Improve in Bye Week

Justine BrownCorrespondent IIOctober 24, 2011

4 Reasons to Believe Carson Palmer Will Improve in Bye Week

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    After the Oakland Raiders fell to quick a 21-0 deficit to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, quarterback Carson Palmer was forced to make his black and silver debut a little prematurely.  

    With Palmer just getting acquainted to Oakland and having barely brushed the surface of the playbook, the Raider's coaching staff had no intentions of playing the quarterback in Week 7.  But when Kyle Boller threw three first half interceptions there was really no other option.

    Palmer's performance wasn't exactly notable, throwing three interceptions of his own and finishing with a passer rating of 17.3.  With just three practices under his belt with his new team and having not played in over a year, it's whats to be expected.

    Oakland has a bye in Week 8 and this is just what the doctor ordered for Palmer and the Raiders.  One week probably won't be enough for Palmer to shake all the rust off but it will definitely help

Time to Shake the Rust off

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    For the Raider faithful who have already thrown in the towel on Palmer after today, keep in mind that this is a guy who has not played a football game since January 2, 2011.  The rust is to be expected and is going to take at least one game to knock off.

    He had no preseason, no scrimmages and probably not a whole heck of a lot of football other than some toss and catch for nearly nine months.  Admittedly not in football shape, give Palmer the next week or so to run around, warm-up and get the arm oiled.

Opportunity to Study the Playbook and Spend Time with the Coaches

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    Carson Palmer went into Sunday's game virtually blind to the Raider's playbook.  Palmer admitted during his press conference that he was excited to be playing while the lack of knowledge of the playbook made him very uncomfortable.  

    Palmer had time to learn just a small portion of the teams plays and only a few protections.  With the bye, Palmer will have a full week to not only physically run through the playbook on the field, but also spend time in the film room with the coaches and study the plays without having to worry about a game plan and facing an opponent.

    It is in Palmer's and the Raider's best interest for the quarterback to eat and sleep in the practice facility this week.

Get to Know the Wide Receivers

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    Another thing to keep in mind about Sunday is not only did Palmer have no idea what routes his receivers were running, but chances are he didn't even know the names of the people he was trying to complete passes to.

    This bye week will give Palmer a chance to learn his wide receivers names and begin to learn their tendencies.  For a quarterback, being able to feel your receivers out and get acquainted with their habits, tendencies, strides and timing is just as important as knowing the actual plays.

Darren McFadden Will Have Healing Time

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    Raiders running back and top offensive weapon, Darren McFadden, left the Raiders game during the first quarter on Sunday with a sprained foot and did not return.

    Without McFadden, Palmer was missing his top pressure reliever.  With a running back as good as McFadden, opposing defenses are forced to focus on him, providing relief to the quarterback.  Not only did Palmer not have that luxury on Sunday, but he also didn't have McFadden as a safety release option for checkdowns.

    In the event that McFadden's injury is not overly severe, hopefully these two weeks will give the running back enough time to heal and be ready to play come Week 9.  This can only help Palmer.